Return of the former hero ch.60

Sorry for the late update.

The editing phase is took forever (+ my 2nd editor is very busy so we’re going ahead posting it after my 1st editor gives his seal of approval).

I hope they can have free time soon during next week, or the stocked-up TL’d chapters gonna pill-up again. Fufufu…

You can read it on here: Chapter 60.

Enjoy the chapter.


Info & Update


I just want to give update for those who curious about the projects progress.

It’s busy week for me due business trip on last weekend and on incoming weekend. Oh God… orz

But worry not, I’m already stocked-up several chapters ready to be TLC/Edited. :>


The translation progress of this week:

1. Takami no Kago:

Chapter 37-40: TL is done ( ch. 37 is on editing).

Chapter 41: TL in-progress

2. Katte Kita Motoyuusha/The Return of Former Hero:

Chapter 58-62: TL is done. ( ch.59 is on editing).

Chapter 63: TL in progress.



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