Info & Update

Thanks for everyone who apply as editors/TLCrs on RTD.
I got two editors/TLCrs for project TnK and MotoYuusha/Return of Former Hero.

You can expect a new chapter for TnK and MotoYuusha soon.
So, stay tuned!


The translation progress of this week:

1. Takami no Kago:

Chapter 34 – 40 : TL is done.

Chapter 41: TL in-progress

2. Katte Kita Motoyuusha/The Return of Former Hero:

Chapter 55-57: TL is done

Chapter 58: TL in progress.

3. Shinka no Mi:

Chapter 29: Translated

Chapter 30: A new translator taking over the project, so I won’t make any update start for this week.


That’s all,




5 thoughts on “Info & Update

    1. I think I’ll pass for now.
      I’m already full with TnK and Motoyuusha, both have hundred chapters need to be done.

      I might pick-up another title as side-project, but it probably another 15+ novel with the MC who is not dense. 😀

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