Return of the former hero ch.68

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Chapter 68

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Takami no Kago ch.41

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Chapter 41

This is also the first work of our new editor, Darknari.
There is slight change on how Zir’s speaking, if you find it uncomfortable, feel free to comment on here.

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Info & Update

Hello everyone, Raizu is here.

Just want to brought you some info and updates.

First, the good news is both Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago got each new editor/TLCr.
Whey30 who previously working on MoM, decided to help me on Motoyuusha project, while the new editor, Darknari did a good job on TnK.

We also got 2 new translators for Takami no Kago, Vaen who is originally TLC/editor, had evolved to be translator! Yay! Also, the newcomer translator, SaintChris slowly able to adapted well on TnK project.

And then, the bad news, since the new editors did a great job, my stocked chapters slowly reduced, and it means I need to begin restocked the new chapters soon. orz.

Recently I’m starting reading WN Skeleton Knight in RAW and playing PSO2 SEA, I guess my schedule will get really tight now.

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The translation progress of previous and this week:

1. Takami no Kago:

Chapter 41-43: TL is done.
Chapter 44: TL in-progress

2. Katte Kita Motoyuusha/The Return of Former Hero:

Chapter 67-69: TL is done.
Chapter 70: TL in progress.


Oh yeah, in case you missed it.

The banner in my blog is Celes taken from the latest cover of the Motoyuusha LN.