Info & Update

Hello everyone, Raizu is here.

Just want to brought you some info and updates.

First, the good news is both Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago got each new editor/TLCr.
Whey30 who previously working on MoM, decided to help me on Motoyuusha project, while the new editor, Darknari did a good job on TnK.

We also got 2 new translators for Takami no Kago, Vaen who is originally TLC/editor, had evolved to be translator! Yay! Also, the newcomer translator, SaintChris slowly able to adapted well on TnK project.

And then, the bad news, since the new editors did a great job, my stocked chapters slowly reduced, and it means I need to begin restocked the new chapters soon. orz.

Recently I’m starting reading WN Skeleton Knight in RAW and playing PSO2 SEA, I guess my schedule will get really tight now.

That’s all,
Have a nice day everyone!


The translation progress of previous and this week:

1. Takami no Kago:

Chapter 41-43: TL is done.
Chapter 44: TL in-progress

2. Katte Kita Motoyuusha/The Return of Former Hero:

Chapter 67-69: TL is done.
Chapter 70: TL in progress.


Oh yeah, in case you missed it.

The banner in my blog is Celes taken from the latest cover of the Motoyuusha LN.




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