Takami no Kago ch.45

Hey everyone, Raizu’s here.

I have no excuse, I’m kinda addicted with PSO2 atm.
And RTD site is also living in database either.

There is also additional “trial” project that I’m working now atm. Don’t expect this one since it’s really monstrous.

Anyway, enjoy your chapter!

Translator: SaintDevil
Editor/TLC: Darknari

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Takami no Kago ch.44

Hi everyone, Raizu is here.

Apparently, RTD site is down again atm. We’re apologize for the inconvenience.

But, hey, as far as I know, we made a good amount of progress for the new site!
I love the bigger size of chatango xD. Feel free to stop by to say hi there later.

Well, enjoy your chapter!

Translator: SaintDevil
Editor/TLCr: Darknari & Light

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Takami no Kago ch.43

Today seems a good day to post a new chapter.

As I said on my previous post, RTD is still living on database atm, so please be patient until everything get solved.

To make it clear, TnK is still RTD project, thus, I’ll also post the chapter on RTD site too later. 😀

Enjoy your chapter~

Translator: Vaen
Editor/TLCr: Darknari

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Return of the former hero ch.69

Sup, everyone. Raizu is here.

As you are know, currently RTD site is still undergoing an evolution. This, you might gonna get “Error establishing a database connection” a lot when trying to access the site. We’re apologize for the inconvenience.

To make it easier for you readers reading the latest chapter, I’ll post the chapter of Motoyuusha and TnK in both of my blog and RTD site. Hopefully, next week everything can be solved back to normal.

Well, enjoy your chapter!

Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLCr: Scythal

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