Takami no Kago ch.50

Well… The end of this month comes closer.
Expect my announcement about my trial project soon.


Enjoy your chapter 50 here: RTD RTD RTD


Takami no Kago ch.47

Sorry for the late chapter.

Motoyuusha is on editing phase, sadly there is no news from scythal yet. Well, let’s wait patiently for his comeback.

I’ll posting the latest chapter on RTD site later. The site is alive and back to normal now. (Hopefully 😀 )

Anyway, enjoy your chapter!

Translator: Saint Devil
Editor/TLC: Darknari
Proofread/Cleaner: Raizu

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Progress Updates?


Love barrier is so stronk between them.

Since several people asked for it.
Here is the current progress for ch.130:

Roughly 30% translated

It can’t be helped because I’m busy with both work and PSO2 SEA.

As for Takami no Kago and Motoyuusha, I already hoarded 5 translated chapters ready on editing so you don’t need worry about them.
Unn, maybe I’ll release a new chapter today. Wait for it, okay?