Takami no Kago ch.46 (Edited vers.)

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Chapter 46

Author’s Note: It seems I continuously made the same sentences. It is corrected.


I, Frey Kokusu, have grown up always being bullied by my elder brothers since I was small.
Father, whose aristocracy was declining where only the family name remains, has accepted the new livelihood as a knight that was awarded to him for distinguished military services on combating monsters several times.
I am the youngest child of 4 siblings and also the eldest daughter of the household. My older brothers have always said that they wanted to become knights when they were still kids. When there was an examination to enlist as Knight corps in the town, they took it as soon as they grew up.
Mother sent off my older brothers with a smile, so when I was growing up, I wanted to become a knight too, I kept repeating that to myself.
I was timid from childhood, so I was unable to express my opinion nor my intention to my surroundings, I could only bow my head to my mother.
After my elder brother who was 4 years older than me entered the Knight corps, my body grew up steadily.
There were no more older brothers who bullied me, but even though my body grew, I was still timid.
Everyday, although I was not suitable to be a knight, I kept doing my daily practice of sword swings.
While continuously doing sword swings in my indecisive state, I was invited to take the enlistment examination when I came of age, I passed it even though I believed it was a mistake.
After that, training, I did training everyday. So I can become even more stronger.
I was undefeated in sword sparring against everyone that was at my rank. Before long, I was being called the most promising young knight and it made my ego rise.

[Anyone come at me if you dare!!]

The next day, I was beaten-up by my senior knights. None of my techniques were able to reach them.
Afterwords, whenever I met any of my senior knights, I was made fun of, even those in the same lower rank as me started to ridicule me.
My spirit broke. I was originally a timid person. After being big-mouthed, I lost all of my confidence.
As a result, everything I did was useless.
I was defeated by my opponent who won due to my spirit being broken.
I was unable to move on when there was pitfalls due to my worry.
In the end, I began to cry during combat practice. And, my blunders finally reached the limit.
At last, I got the nickname [Crybaby Frey].

[As I expected, I am not suitable to become a Knight.]

I didn’t join the training and shut myself inside my room in the lodging house the day after I cried during combat practice.
At first no one noticed me, but after three days everyone who shared the room with me became worried.
After two weeks passed, I was still not coming out of the room, the instructor came to the room and shouted at me.

Several months passed, it’s another season for the apprentice knight graduation.
No one worried about me anymore because of the apprentice knight graduation. There was also no free time during the graduation either.
Half of the apprentice knights were assigned to the knight corps in this town. And the remaining half have already decided where they will go before they had enlisted.
I, planned on the former, but after my my instructor had abandoned me, most likely I’ll be driven out from this room at the same time as the graduation.
Most likely I can still lived in this lodging house until today because my father had pleaded for it. Because the title “Knight” can be obtained as long as you’ve graduated, he had asked the teachers for this.
And on the day of graduation, I was given minimum luggage by my older brothers, who I don’t know why father gathered them today, and then I was taken on a carriage.
I stayed obedient, I still don’t know nor have heard of the destination, and after three days passed in the shaking carriage we have arrived.
The carriage stopped in front of a big mansion and left after dropping me and my luggage off.
When I had begun to worry, a maid showed up from inside the mansion and pulled on my hand.

[This way, Frey-sama.]

I was guided into the mansion and put into a bath at once. I certainly smell bad because I hadn’t taken a single bath for three days.
When I came up from the bath, I was dressed in high quality underclothes and armor. Will they make me fight after this?
After the clothes were changed, I was again lead by the maid and taken in front of a certain room.
When the maid knocked with a *knock-knock*, a man’s voice from inside the room prompted us to enter.

[Welcome, to the Caprice household. Are you Frey?]

Inside the room, there was an uncle around the age of 50. Is he and my father from the same generation? I was being welcomed with a radiant smile.

[I have heard about you from your father. You will guard my daughter, rather I want someone who can be her companion.]

A companion. If it’s like that I can do it. However, it’s unnecessary to provide me, a companion, with armor.

[My daughter has always admired a knight’s armor. But because I can’t allow a male knight to be near her, I decided on a female knight.]
I see, so a decorative knight. This might suit me well.

[But my daughter is a little bit strange, so I hope you don’t mind it?]
[I-I understand. I’ll accept the task of guarding your daughter.]

It had already become a habit to express the gratitude of a knight when I was still in my apprenticeship. Lord Caprice nodded, and brought me to his daughter which I will guard.
The daughter, was drinking tea in the mansion’s garden. When she noticed Lord Caprice calling her, she smiled brightly when she saw me.
Just like a Goddess, I had honestly thought so. This fleeting atmosphere encourages my expectations.

[Good afternoon, are you my Knight?]

[Ye-yes. I am Frey Kokusu. I have been tasked to guard Lady Flora from now on.]

I gave a greeting while being tense.

[Please take care of me, Frey.]

My life started to be like an event in a fairy tale after being appointed as the Knight of Lady Flora.
In the morning, after finishing breakfast, I went to Lady Flora’s room, she was still sleeping surrounded by petals on her canopy bed.
This fantasy-like situation made me hesitate to wake her.
She always woke up when I’m preparing myself to call her name.

[Good morning, Frey.]
[Good morning. Lady Flora.]

The chamberlain in charge of her care immediately appears in the room and began to help change her clothes. There was not one blemish on the exposed skin of Lady Flora, it was as smooth as silk.
After Lady Flora had her clothes changed, we moved to the dining room.
I stood by her side until lady Flora finished eating. I don’t get tired at all by watching over her.
Usually, I feel deplorable when her meal ends.

When she finishes her breakfast, Lady Flora usually spends the day enjoying tea in the garden. Sometimes, she gives a greeting to the guests visiting the mansion.

[Hey, Frey. You are very strong, right? I-I want to see you fight.]

To realize Lady Flora’s wish, several swordsmen were called to the mansion. Lord Caprice is very affectionate towards Lady Flora. (TN: Doting father~)
I, who kept showing a calm face when facing the swordsman, secretly wanted to run away from this place.
My hand which was holding the sword was trembling. But, it was only a matter of time before everyone surrounding me knew the truth.
My throat dried-up. I forcefully swallowed my saliva but an unpleasant feeling got stuck at the back of my throat.


It’s starting at last, but why is Lord Caprice treating me like this despite saying I’m just a decorative knight?
The swordsman swings his sword slowly. He might be holding back. Because it’s not gonna be a show if the duel ended at once.
I avoided the sword attack without any difficulty and I swung my sword gently. The swordsman noticed my sword, but it was already too late to avoid it.
It was not necessary to make slow movements to avoid it. When I was thinking that, I changed the sword’s trajectory to show off a little bit.
The swordsman’s posture got thoroughly destroyed. Precisely while I was thinking it turned out okay my sword had drew across my opponent’s throat.

[I-I give up!!]

I won the duel just like that. From the surroundings, I heard voices raised in praise.
Eh? Did he lose on purpose?
I am certainly a Knight of Lady Flora even though it’s just a decorative. It might have been already decided that I’ll win the duel from the beginning.
When I looked towards Lord Caprice, he looked at me with a surprised face. There was no way a high noble would act that improperly.

The next swordsman also did not show any impressive movements either, so I ended the duel by sending him flying with my swordplay.
The spectators gave a thunderous applause. Is this really my ability?

[Awesome, Frey. There is one person left. Good luck~]

Lady Flora is cheering me on. I will show her my full strength. I requested the next opponent at once.
The third opponent was stronger than the previous two people.
My attacks were repelled with his sword, and he aimed for my vital points when I relaxed my guard.
But, I have regained my combat sharpness after the previous two duels. I countered his attack without any difficulty.
When we had clashed our swords maybe around ten times, his steps wavered due to fatigue.
I immediately took advantage of it and because I still had some physical strength left, I flicked the opponent’s sword away.
I heard applause and praise from my surroundings again.

[Whoa, awesome. Frey, you are in no way inferior to your father’s swordsmanship.]

Lord Caprice was very excited and clasped my hand. The firm grip on my hand was only a little bit painful but I was happy above all else.

[Frey. That really was an amazing performance. As expected from my Knight-sama.]

Lady Flora praised me.

[Ye-yes. Thank you very much!!]

Today, At last I have become a true Knight. [Crybaby Frey] cried in joy that day.

Several days have passed after I fully became like a Knight.
After that day, the time when I accompany Lady Flora has increased more than before.

[Frey, there is an unusual flower blossoming in the garden. Let us go see it together.]

[Frey, take a bath together with me.]

[Frey, let us have breakfast together.]




I have decided in my heart that I’ll be of further use for the sake of Lady Flora.
I made an effort to become a Knight whom Lady Flora desires.
Lady Flora’s Knight, stronger than anyone. Who doesn’t run away from the enemy.
Lady Flora’s Knight, always fights fair and square. Always becomes the winner.
Lady Flora’s Knight, who guards her master no matter what happens.

And then, passing various trials with the aim of becoming the knight who Lady Flora wanted.
Being the winner against a horde of monster alone.
To challenge for duels with many knights, and always gain victories.
Give food to the poor children in the slums.

Accepting lady Flora’s dangerous requests. I did it with pleasure.

When about two years had passed since I worked as a knight for Lady Flora, there was an instruction from Lord Caprice to leave the town for awhile.
Apparently, a large horde of monsters was approaching the town.

[I understand. I’ll guard Lady Flora without fail.]

Even though I already said that, 4 adventurers were prepared as guards along with the wagon coachman.
Lord Caprice sure is a worrywart father. Even though it’s annoying, but to save the Lord’s face I accepted the guards.

The first several days after leaving the town went well. The guardsmen have the necessary skills needed for the forest.
Because Lady Flora stayed obediently in the carriage, we were able to get through 70% of the dangerous journey safely.
However, the guards made a commotion when we almost reached the town of Welburg which was our target.

[Knight-sama. There is a crowd of monsters around here. It will be impossible to continue on for awhile.]

[This, we should change the route.]

The guards made a plan.

[I see, so how much will the schedule increase?]

[Let’s see, the schedule will increase a day because of the detour.]

[Is the food and water sufficient?]

[Yes, it’s safe. We have prepared a lot.]

Thus, we made a detour to reach Welburg.
Although we were attacked several times by monsters, we managed to repel them without damaging the wagon.

[During this detour, to what extent is the source of monsters?]

A man starting to say something.

[This, isn’t Welburg also dangerous?]

It seems the guards began to consider to run away. I called them.

[You guys, what are you saying.]

[But, Knight-sama. This is nearby Welburg you know? If we run we can arrive tonight.]

[Will you be leaving us here!?]

[Not that. It’s because it’s weird that there are monsters appearing in this place.]

[Is there any possibility there is a large crowd of monsters nearby?]

I laughed at their opinions. (EN: Her ego strikes again)

[If it’s a large horde of monsters, they should be heading towards Bureto. There is no way that another horde will appear.]

[I-it’s as you say.]

Though several hours after this conversation, we met a large horde of monsters, no one saw it coming.

[Ha, ha, ha, Lady Flora, are you alright?]

[Ha, yeah, ha, I am, ha, alright.]

Lady Flora’s answer was blended into her panting. She might be reaching her limit soon.
We were attacked by a large horde of monsters, we abandoned the wagon and ran away. As for the adventurer guards, I saw two of them died. The other two ran away leaving us, but honestly we will most likely be unable to escape because we’re completely surrounded.
The coachman, he was the first person who died when the monsters attacked.
We alighted from the wagon while the adventurers were attacked by the monsters, we then ran away desperately.

[For the time being, there seems to be no monsters in the surroundings.]
[I see, I feel tired after running suddenly. Is there not a place to rest somewhere?]

There seems to be no tension in Lady Flora. To begin with, don’t you understand the current situation is dangerous to your life?

[I am very sorry. All of your luggage is on the wagon.]

[Well, that is terrible. Can we not do something about it? My favorite tea set is in there.]

To mention a tea set at this moment. No, this is probably a joke to calm me down in this extreme situation.

[I am sorry. To recollect them is impossible.]

[I see, it can not be helped.]

It seems it was a joke after all. Her interest was lost immediately.

[Today, let’s take a rest in a place somewhere.]

[Yeah, if there is a house nearby.]

[Yeah, right.]

This one too, must be a joke.
A little bit, it’s been noisier ahead for some reason. When I listened attentively, it doesn’t seem to be a person.

[Gi, gi, gi—.]

There were 50 goblins in there.
I endured to not scream for a moment and used my hand to cover my mouth.
When I was worrying if lady Flora was gonna scream like me, I saw her eyes were sparkling.

[Amazing, a real goblin.]

[Milady, please lower your voice a bit.]

[Huh, oh yes. I beg your pardon.]

Apparently, the goblins seem to be going somewhere. A goblin who was bigger than the others was leading them towards somewhere.
The goblin villages became quiet at once.
When I was watching the surroundings, Lady Flora entered the village.

[M-milady. It’s dangerous. There might still be a goblin.]

[Hey, that house seems to be suited for a human to live. Can we stay and rest there for today?]

Certainly the house, which was pointed by Lady Flora, was way too big for a goblin. Is it for someone human? Does someone whose race appears human live here?

[We should not do it. We don’t know what is inside.]

[It is alright, because Frey will defeat it if there is something.]

After she said that, Lady Flora walks into the house. I’m surprised the house is not locked.

[There is no one here. Frey, I am famished.]

Lady Flora began to search for something in the house.

[Look, there is food. Frey, is it possible to cook it?]

[Don’t. We shouldn’t do it without permission.]

[But, I, am very hungry, you know?]

In the end, I was defeated by milady’s appeal and I took the food. We apologize and accept it gratefully.
As for the rest of the day, we fell asleep on the bed that’s in the house.
Recently, because we’ve been often sleeping out under the open sky, our fatigue might have already accumulated.
It was already morning when I woke up. For a moment I didn’t recognize the surroundings.
When I looked at the windows, there was someone looking into the house.
I wonder who it is. I stand up from the bed and looked through the window, there was a pair of goblin eyes outside the window.


Most likely surprised by my voice, the goblin outside the window ran away.

[Ha, Lady Flora!!]

I suddenly remembered our current situation, I can’t find Lady Flora in the house.
Don’t tell me, did she go out?
I put my armor on in a hurry and went out from the house with my sword in hand.
When I checked around, I found her.
I was running when I saw that milady seems to be surrounded by several goblins.


Startled when they heard my voice, the goblins ran away in various directions.

[What is it, Frey?]

[Are you alright?]

[Yeah, I was playing with the goblins-san.]

[It’s dangerous. Let’s return to the house.]

I, who took Lady Flora’s hand, turned around and went back to the house.
After that, I calmly understood after observing.
Apparently, it seems the goblins are not gonna enter this house.
Because, when I prepared myself, opened the door, and saw their appearance, I understood. Even though they were looking inside, they never came in.
Also, it seems they’re not gonna harm us.
This one also, I confirmed it after I tried to approach the goblins.
Our safety seems temporarily secured.
However, I was unable to confirm how we can get out from here. I decided that it would be safest if we stay in this house.
I’m eating today’s food while bearing in mind how guilty I feel. I went to sleep at once after the meal to recover my physical strength.
Tomorrow, I want to somehow leave for Welburg, perhaps we will immediately reach it. Or perhaps we’ll need a day because we don’t know the direction.

[I want to wash away my sweat.]

On the next day, Flora-sama said that.
Fortunately, there was a space for a bath in this house. I prepared the hot water for Flora-sama’s bath.
I also want to wash my body with the remaining hot water too. Flora-sama finished bathing quickly to avoid catching a cold.
There was no change of clothes so we endured and wore the same clothes again.

[I want to wear my favorite dress.]

I want to apologize when I heard that. During that time, why am I not able to escape while gripping hold of one of the bags.
When I was about to apologize to Lady Flora, the door which never opened, opened.

[Oi, I want to remind you, don’t touch anything that’s inside the luggage.]

I, as the Knight of Lady Flora must look strong. So I made a determination, and asked the man who suddenly appeared.

[Yo-you, who are you!?]


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