Well, let’s try it out.

So yeah,

I decided to pick-up (and revived?) Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou as my side-project. RTD is not related on this project, so if you have any complains you can send directly it to me.

As for my progress, I’ve already worked a bit of it and it’s really monstrous.
I’d say if Takami no Kago translation difficulty is 6, the Arifureta is 8 (max.10).
The author somewhat really love to write long and detailed paragraphs. But, that what made Arifureta is good read.

Thus, if there is no new chapter posted on this month, then you can think this ‘announcement’ post as a mere April Foolz from me.
If, somehow I made it finished it, I’ll try to work for ch.130 in the future.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


41 thoughts on “Well, let’s try it out.

  1. Yes, those skipped earlier chapters have been driving me nuts. I can’t bring myself to read those other translated chapters skipping them even if they may not have much going on in them. It’s been what feels like forever, so if you really are picking them up I beg you to go back and do the skipped ones first and then continue from where it was left off.

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  2. THANKS~ ^^
    way~ if you can get that image~ then you have LN ver? please give me all Novel Illustrations~
    m(_ _)m
    129-130 huh… if you really pick-up Arifureta, after that (129/130) can you working on 87-99(?) >.<


  3. I really hope u translate ch 97,98 first cause that the only leftover ch till the latest ones translated ,no news from dura in 2whole month about that 2 ch


  4. *Insert 9001 “thank you’s” here* OMFG someone did it :DDDDD This is one of my favorite WN and i don’t know how to express how happy i’m now!


    1. + Thanks a lot of the picture that shows the MC cast πŸ™‚ The previous illustrations and stuff have been rather poor so far.


  5. I just want to confirm, are you going to pick up Arifureta, or are you not?

    I am planning to retranslate the entire series from chapter 1 and I’m already done with the prologue.

    If you are going to pick this up, then I’m not going to bother with this project anymore, I do not want to waste my time.


    1. Yeah, but the very “translator” has warned of the (lack of) quality. it says right there that he fed the text to two machine translation engines and then used his own intuition and imagination to piece back something with a sliver of sense.


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