Progress Updates?


Love barrier is so stronk between them.

Since several people asked for it.
Here is the current progress for ch.130:

Roughly 30% translated

It can’t be helped because I’m busy with both work and PSO2 SEA.

As for Takami no Kago and Motoyuusha, I already hoarded 5 translated chapters ready on editing so you don’t need worry about them.
Unn, maybe I’ll release a new chapter today. Wait for it, okay?


7 thoughts on “Progress Updates?

  1. If you are really going forward with this project, how about joining us on Silva’s Library?

    I already got permission from Japtem to retranslate/paraphrase the former chapter, and invited the guy who Machine Translated Chapter 97 and 98.

    If we can’t stop people from translating, then might as well invite them all.

    P.S. But seriously though, what’s with all the hype regarding Arifureta lately. when on one was translating it, nobody pick up the baton, when one was thinking of picking it up, the rest join the fray XD


    1. That’s interesting offer. I’ll consider it later if I really want to continue with the project or not. As I said on my pinned post, I haven’t decided about it yet.
      I’ll make another announcement in the future about my decision later on.

      I’m sorry, although I just recently learned about your group, but I believe everyone on your group will do their best to work on Arifureta.
      Since Arifureta is a big project, you did a correct decision to invite translators as much as possible.

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