Decision… Decision…

I’ll make it simple.

After discuss this with my editor, I decided to deliver ch.130 and 131 first before make real decision whether will keep continue with the project or not.

As Durasama said on his pinned post, each chapter of Arifureta is really long, which is 15-20 pages/chapter. It’s as same long as 2-3 chapter of Takami no Kago. I do love Arifureta, but I’m also love both Motoyuusha nor Takami no Kago too.

So, yeah, you can expect ch.130 and 131 from me in the future.
If, somehow Durasama deliver ch.130 faster than me, probably I’ll make another announcement again… Maybe gonna pick-up ch.132 as replacement.

Have a good day everyone!

Note: Ch.131 is 60% TL’d
(The progress is slow because Majikoi A-5 and Sankai Ou no Yubiwa)


5 thoughts on “Decision… Decision…

  1. Ohh well, I hope you keep translating it.
    This novel is very good to be dropped, but then again I love takami no kago.
    Well, may you pick the best option.


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