Return of the Former Hero ch.72

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Chapter 72: Former Hero – Entrusting Sacred Treasures to the Royal Family

Let alone a simple break, I decided to relax for a while.

To my surprise, this inn has a bath. . . But for 5,000 cols, I felt it was a little too high. Considering the circumstances, though, I felt it was appropriate.

It’s rather small, but it’s not built for pleasure. The purpose of this bath is for cleaning yourself.

At best, the bath can fit two people.
I’m not pleased, but it’ll just have to do.

Today, I will be devoted to Mina for the entire duration.
For all the help she gave me, I will give her a thorough service.

*Licking noises* (ED: whatever floats your boat reader) I licked her body thoroughly.
Her tail, just above her butt, stuck straight out and shook in delight. . . I couldn’t get enough of it.

Afterwards, in the tight bathtub, we soaked while gently embracing each other.
The hot water is made from burning firewood, and gives an experience similar to an outdoor hot spring.

[Nyaa . . . . Haruto-sama . . ] (Mina)

While we were in the tub, Mina started caressing my neck with her tongue.
Her voice has already started to melt beautifully.
Such a lovely girl.

Normally, she speaks in a firm, upright manner. . . but when she starts “Nyaa”-ing, I can no longer help myself.

It’s impossible not to cherish Mina.

While stroking Mina’s head, I came across something which piqued my curiosity.

[How are your ears attached?] (Haruto)
[Nya? My ears?] (Mina)

The nekomimi ears on top of Mina’s head move around with a *pikun* sound.

[Do you hear sound from both pairs?] (Haruto)

This is something I’ve been wondering about for a while now.
Mina has 2 beast ears on top of her head, and 2 human ears on the side of her head.
How is it that she hears from all four of them?
There was never a chance to ask, but now is a good time to find out.

[Well . . . I hear sounds from all of them. I don’t really understand the difference between having two ears or four. Rather, How does Haruto-sama hear with only a single pair of ears?] (Mina)

I have been asked a curious question in return.
I guess, she hears from all 4 then?
Is it “Since they are all ears, I can hear from all of them”?
I was instead asked how I manage to hear with only one pair of ears.
Normally, though, I hear from the left and from the right. Since I don’t know what it’s like hearing with four ears, I can’t really answer her.
The same goes for Mina. Since she has never known hearing from two ears, she cannot describe to me what it is like to hear from four.

Hmmm. . . . Ah, well, they’re cute, so it’s fine.

I extend my hand that’s stroking Mina’s head to her buttocks, and begin to fully enjoy myself.


{Jack of All Trades – Roman’s Shop}

I return with Mina to the inn, and then go to the {Jack of All Trades} by myself.
From what I can determine, it’s an information shop.
In short, {Jack of All Trades} shop is a costume specialty boutique.
I don’t know whether the name of the shop comes from the owner, or some kind of romance . .
Probably the latter.

From the cloth knights wear under their armor, to the uniform of the guild staff seen in the capital, to the black robe of the school {Iris}, many different kinds of clothing are on display.
There were a lot of uniforms that I had never seen before as well. The name {Jack of All Trades} seems quite apt.

At first, I was confused as to why a man would introduce a costume shop to me, but it is probably ‘that’. You feel that I have a weird hobby because Mina wears housemaid clothes, and have done it out of consideration of my fetishes. This is something that troubles me greatly. It’s quite embarrassing.

After looking around for a bit, my wallet has gotten rather light. . .

[Oh, Haruto-kun. Welcome back] (Rithina)
[Welcome back, Haruto-sama] (Mina)

When I returned to the hotel, Rithina and Mina greeted me.
They are in the coffee shop on the first floor of the hotel, and are drinking tea gracefully.
Looking from afar, they seem to be really enjoying it.
Though, they are the only two here. Where is Laurier?

[Where are the other two, Rithina?] (Haruto)
[Well, Laurier is sleeping in the room.] (Rithina)

Jeez. . . Does she not understand that she needs to guard Rithina?

[ . . . . I see. Well, have you figured things out? Also, what is with the paper bag? Did you buy something?] (Rithina)

Ah. Rithina noticed and asked about the paper bag in my hand.
Have you heard? Do you want to hear about it? No, it’s pointless to talk about it.
I look around for a moment in the inner part of the coffee house.
There aren’t many guests, and it seems like there isn’t any worry of being seen.

[These are . . Spats.] (Haruto)
[ . . . . . Spats?] (Rithina)

Rithina tilted her head while asking.
Oh my, the princess doesn’t know about something like this.

[To put it briefly, it is a flexible undergarment for women.] (Haruto)
[Is . . . . That so? For women?] (Rithina)

This is a sacred treasure that I found while at the {Jack of All Trades}.
Really, I didn’t think a different world would have something like this.
When I think about it, the underwear everybody usually wears is something similar to rubber.
Though, Rithina also puts on high knee socks.

However, for a place like {Jack of All Trades}, it wouldn’t be surprising to find something like this.

After seeing them, it reminded me of a time back on Earth as a kid. I have already seen girls doing squats while wearing spats; I had a mysterious feeling back then, but I have grown. I now understand the wonderfulness of spats.

For example, it would stick to the healthy thighs of Sharon.
For example, the compatibility of the spats with Laurier’s small body.
For example, the sexual feeling of Rithina wearing them while combined with a tank top.
For example, the low rise bottom caused by Mina’s tail, which could be seen when rolling up her maid skirt.
For example, the line of spats seen beneath shorts.


[ . . . . Generally, I understood the purpose of the purchase. If Haruto is pleased, then so am I.] (Rithina)

Even though my thoughts are read, I am not surprised. I wasn’t even trying to hide them.

[The {Jack of All Trades} seems to be a shop which is significant for Haruto. Please allow me to accompany you.] (Mina)

From the situation, Mina seems to have realized everything and will join me in returning. This is good, since Mina know’s the size of everyone’s clothing. Next time, we will go together by all means. As a matter of fact, let’s all go and take a ‘rest’ on the way.

I was able to tell Rithina quickly, so I am somewhat saved. If Sharon was here, she would have given me a chilling gaze.

After talking it over between the three of us, it has been decided that Rithina will prepare the spats . . . Also known as the sacred treasures.

If I were to pass them out, probably only Sharon will wear them. So, it’s been arranged to be worn as underwear.

[Well, then, Haruto. Please entrust this to me. If it’s them, I will have us girls put it on and show it without fail.] (Rithina)

YES! What reassuring words. Before, while in the Imperial Capital, I was never any good with Rithina. Now, though, she is a reliable partner.

[I leave this to you.] (Haruto)

Rithina and I exchanged a firm handshake.

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