Return of the Former Hero ch.75

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Translator: Pengu
Editor/TLC : Ascending Flame

Ascending Flame: Steam Summer Sale hurts the wallet. . . . Sorry for the delay. DOOM is pretty fun.


Chapter 75: Former Hero – Go With the Flow

[Old man, the sword. Please sell the sword.] (Haruto)

After the meeting in order to ambush the demons, I stop by the arms shop in West Malt.

[Welcome! . . . .Ah? If it isn’t the bean sprout. Don’t you know I won’t sell it cheaply?] (Weapons Shop Owner)

When I show my face, the weapon shop owner’s voice changes completely.


I’m able to take such an attitude this time today.

[Shouldn’t you be a bit more respectful?] (Haruto)
[Huh?] (Weapons Shop Owner)

I feel pretty good today.

The old man looks at me, with a look of “What is this kid even saying?”

. . . . . Such a thing doesn’t matter.

I take out the pouch that was hanging on my belt, and put it in front of the old man with a thud.

[I prepared the money.] (Haruto)
[This is. . . .] (Weapons Shop Owner)

The old man was surprised when he opened up the bag.

This is the gold I received from the white mustachioed man, in exchange for leading the defense of the town.

I can’t rely on the short sword that I bought in case of emergencies.

I would like a mithril sword by all means.

[Hey, kid, where. . . How did you get this money. . .? No way, the woman who was always accompanying you was sold. . .] (Weapons Shop Owner)
[Hah?] (Haruto)

What on earth is this codger saying?

Please, wait, wait, hold on.



What woman I always bring?

Well, I do bring company, but how does this fart know?

[Hey, the woman that you accompanied to the hotel, right? Did the innkeeper not mention it when you went for a drink? It’s famous to the association.] (Weapons Shop Owner)
[. . . . .] (Haruto)

The association. . . .

When did I become such a celebrity?

Crap, now it’ll become too shameful to walk around town anymore.

No, no, I have to talk to that shitty innkeeper now.

Confidentiality of guest information . . . .Do they even have such a concept?

I’ll haggle to the fullest when I go there.

I’ll make sure that I get to use it free of charge.

[Though I can’t go into full detail about the circumstances surrounding the money, there is nothing shady about it. And in any case, please hurry up and sell me the sword.] (Haruto)
[Well the money is here, so there is no problem. It’s good, thank you for your purchase, bye!] (Weapons Shop Owner)

Umm, very merchant-like.

The change in the guy when I have money is huge.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The next day.

We crossed the border and set foot in the neighboring country, Elise Kingdom.

As expected, this world primarily uses monarchic systems of governing.

Well, such things don’t matter.

After the announcement of the demon invasion, there is some confusion during the evacuation from East Malt. Though, it’s still proceeding as scheduled.

I’d like it if there was a valley around Malt for cover, but there are only plains for as far as the eye can see.

There’s no good point to be at for an ambush, and they don’t have many strategies for defense, do they?

Still, I found a hilly environment, though it doesn’t offer much for ambushes.

The enemies number is still unconfirmed, but the stories so far say it is quite considerable.

As expected, stopping them in their tracks seems quite unreasonable.

I have the intention to fully engage them with all my strength, but naturally, I don’t want to die out here.

Moreover, I’d like to avoid any chance of the girls dying, too.

[Haruto, what are you doing?] (Sharon)

Sharon spoke while I was changing the surrounding ground with magic, making a hard and flat surface.

[This? I made a foxhole to retreat to just in case.] (Haruto) (ED: But the previous line says he is making it hard and flat. . . . wtf)

I answer without stopping my work.

Even though the demons are estimated to arrive sometime tomorrow, some could still arrive much earlier than the others.

I need to finish this as soon as possible.

[If I got driven into a situation where I have to drop into such a hole, wouldn’t I be helpless?] (Sharon)

Sharon asks a good question.

That’s right, they’ll be stuck here, since it’s just a hole.

However, I will manage somehow.

[Fufufu, you think so? However, this is not a simple hole. It’s called a {Zubari}. And, it has a transfer magic circle!] (Haruto)

While answering, I shift the earth and make it deeper.

[Transfer magic!?] (Celes)

To my declaration, Celes, who is watching with Sharon, is surprised after seeing my handiwork.

[O,onii-san, can you make such a thing!?] (Celes)

While Celes asked, I extricated myself from the hole.


She took the bait, as expected.

Seeing as I transfered from another world with magic like this, wouldn’t it be expected for me to have that kind of knowledge?

Aren’t I great?

Did you fall for me?

The magic formations that I made in two different places are now connected.

When I apply magic, it’s possible to even go to Earth.

Because there’s no sense of discomfort from gravity, the size of Sol and Earth must be similar to the star and the planet we are on.

It’d be possible to come back anytime to this town, as much as I want, if I install a transfer magic formation in the future.

Oh, obviously, I secretly installed a formation in the bottom of both the Torres and Imperial Capitals.

However, It would have no meaning if I said such a thing to anyone.

[Well, I am slightly proud of this one.] (Haruto)
[This is amazing. . . .May I observe?] (Celes)

It’ll be alright. Her sight is already nailed down to the magic formation I drew.

[In that case, I would like a kiss on the cheek in exchange.] (Haruto) (ED: Smooth~)

I joke around.

[E. . !? Ee, Kis. . .ses-!?. . . That, such. . . Ee. . .Uu. . .] (Celes)

Celes is wriggling tremendously with her face dyed red.

It’s lovely how she is terribly nervous and troubled on how to respond.

Though I intended it as a joke, it felt a little good when I pushed.

Because I’ve been preparing for the demon invasion – things like ambush points all day yesterday and today – my desire has welled up.

Ah, it’s a kiss on the cheek, not the usual kiss.

[Hey, kiss me he-GOFU!?] (Haruto)

The moment I show off my cheek, the top of my head receives an impact.

[Guhh. . . It’s painful. . .] (Haruto)

It was Sharon. (ED: Sharon, cockblocking again. . . .)

She’s also jumped down into the hole before I was aware.


First of all, listen to me before hitting me.

Please stop punching me while I’m talking.

I will bite my tongue.

[To make such a request at such a time, you are not kind to Celes-chan!] (Sharon)
[I’m sorry.] (Haruto)


What is this?

When did I get into a situation where I can’t look at Sharon.

Sharon has started to become angry whenever I get slightly lecherous. . . .

[Very well.] (Sharon)

Sharon strokes my head after I apologized obediently.

Though embarrassing, it’s strangely pleasant.

When a girl gets patted on the head, their expression becomes delightful. I understood such feelings.


It will not simply end even if I got hit.

The libido that has begun will not be stopped so easily.

[Then, instead, I will have Sharon kiss me.] (Haruto) (TL: sly mf)
[E. . h, me!?] (Sharon)

Sharon’s face is dyed red.

This girl is too cute.

Something like a kiss should be permitted.

Moreover, Celes is here, too.

Conveniently, we are in a hole.

Additionally, they want to see the magic formation, so there is no escape.

I have to build up Celes’s immunity to something like this. All for the upcoming date with her.

[Uh, a kiss from Sharon. . .] (Celes)

The point here is to be able to get a kiss from Sharon.

Sharon is usually passive, so there is no meaning if I have to make Sharon do it.

[Ee~. . . . . . Bu, but. . . Celes is looking ov. . . er here. . . if it is a kiss. . . .] (Sharon)

Sharon is fidgety, conflicted, and hesitating.

Dangerous, this is too cute.

Nevertheless, Sharon likes to kiss.

And, I’ve demanded a kiss as compensation.

[Al, alright. Then. . . .] (Sharon)

She is finally determined. Sharon squatted down, placed her hand on my cheek with her eyes shut. (TL: MC is still doing seiza on the ground.)(ED: I’m still wondering how they teleported back into the hole.)

Sharon’s face approaches mine.

Celes is looking over here with a deep crimson face.

Uh. . . . . .

Though I was the one to suggest it, my heart is throbbing.

[Nn. . . .] (Sharon)

Sharon’s soft lips touches mine.


I won’t get tired of this, no matter how many times I do it.

[Hawawawa. . . .] (Celes)

It’s quite exciting to be seen by Celes.

This is bad. It’s starting to become hard to endure.

My hand starts to extend to Sharon’s thigh.

[I wonder what is going on over here.] (Laurier)

A voice called out from the top.

Naturally, it is Laurier.

Sharon nervously parts from me and falls on the ground with a *gaba*.

Well, her panties are now in full view. White!

[Did you make this hole for doing lewd stuff?] (Laurier)
[La, Laurier-chan! This is not what you think.] (Sharon)

Sharon is making excuses for us. Is it really necessary to make excuses to Laurier?

Oh well.

[What she says is true. I was drawing a magic circle.] (Haruto)

I talk back calmly.

Not because the look in Laurier’s eyes were scary from atop the hole. Not at all.

As a demon, is it possible for this person to send such a cold glare?

I am super scared.

[While I was taking a walk separately, the appearance of my master disappears. Then, I find you kissing in a hole?] (Laurier)

Uwaaaa. . . . . Super scary. . . . .

She is completely angry.

This is rare.

When you noticed, did you miss everybody because you were lonely?

Oh dear, she’s lonely.

[The timing was bad. And, I was also wrong.] (Haruto)

Wa, wait, that’s not it. This is against my gentleman’s resolution.

I stand up and look at Laurier, who is at the top of the hole.

Even though I say it’s a hole, when I stand up, the top is only at the height of my shoulders.

Oops, Laurier’s panties are in full view. I’ll pretend I don’t see. By the way, light blue.

I grasp ahold of and drag Laurier’s foot into the hole.

[Owa!? Ha, Haruto, . . . . Master!?] (Laurier)

I drag Laurier in, and catch her in the princess carry position.

Laurier struggles in my arms, but I don’t let her go.

[It was my fault. Let me fix it.] (Haruto)

Then, I kiss Laurier as she is.

I lightly entwine her tongue with mine, and she accepts it without complaint.

[Nn. . . .] (Laurier)

With just that, Laurier became docile in my arms.

Easy. Demons are easy.

[Fua. . . . Nuu. . . . We, well, it’s good.] (Laurier)

She said so, and as usual, she is now clinging firmly to me.

Haaaa. . . . So lovely.

Maybe there are cute demons?

My libido, which had cooled, now flares again.

If I’ve kissed both Sharon and Laurier, then going with the flow, I have to kiss Celes. . . .

I must not be unfair. Yes.

Thinking so, I turn around in order to approach Celes.

[Ha-ru-to.] (Sharon & Laurier)

A wild bloodthirst scorches my neck and back.

This is terrible. They’ve completely harmonized.

The combination of the two was perfect. Uh-uh.

. . . . . .

[I’m sorry.] (Haruto)

With only those words coming out of my mouth.

(ED Note: Why is everyone so against Haruto making a move on Celes?)
(Raizu Note: Not many girls like the appearance of a new rival, especially when the MC is still haven’t decided yet about his ‘real’ lover 😛 )

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