Return of The Former Hero ch.81

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates.
We’re taking it easy and slow~

Also in different note, the author of one of my favorite WN suddenly removing his project from syosetu. I hope Tsuki ga Michibiku WN will be re-appear again soon. :/
I’m still reaching the chapter when Makoto meet Hibiki on Academy town, and I’m very curious to know what happen after that… orz

Anyway, let’s stop my rant and here enjoy your chapter!
warning: CELES IS CUTE.

Translator: Ashenwind & Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

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No new chapter on this week.

As the title said, no new chapters for both Takami no Kago and MotoYuusha for this week.
It seems darknari and ascending_flame is busy with their IRL so let’s take it easy for awhile~ Ohohoho xD

Don’t worry, I’ve stacked both titles three chapters fully TL’d.
See you guys next week! ^^

Takami no Kago ch.59

Sup, guys! Raizu on high spirit today! :>

Let’s celebrate Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia’s National day which is fall on this month. Enjoy the new chapter for both Takami no Kago and Motoyuusha~

Happy holiday everyone!

Translator: Pengu
Proofreader/Cleaner: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Darknari

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Motoyuusha Gallery is up.

Hello everyone, Raizu is here!

Sorry for the wait, finally I got myself the illustrations from Kaette kitta no Motoyuusha. You can check it via Gallery tab or on here .

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post a new chapter of Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago (if it’s done edited). So wait patiently, okay? ^_^)d

Have a good saturday night everyone!