Takami no Kago ch.65

Sorry for the long update.

So I’ll make some short announcement. First, read this:
If you confident and can help for this project, try to join us.

Second, Pengu is having exam now, let’s cheer on him so he can get good result.
Last, we’re gonna have a new translator. Let’s expect his works start from ch.67.

That’s all.

Chapter 65

Enjoy your new chapter~!


Takami no Kago ch.64

Hi everyone, hohoho~
Today is another good day!


I just got Jeanne D’Arc this morning! Yay!
My Jeanne Alter finally can meet her long lost sister in my Chaldea.

*cough* in another good news, there is several applicants for translator position for this project. They are currently being testing by our senpai in RTD. Hopefully, one or two of them can get passing mark so we can more speed-up the project.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!
Takami no Kago ch.64