Gacha Girl Corps ch.5

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Rumanshi


Chapter 5.

The city of Brunne

The adventurer Grin and the merchant Raul.
After we helped them, the two of us would accompany them to the city of Brunne.
Because the wagon is loaded, we are on walking on foot.

On the way I asked Raul-san why he is only hired Grin-san as his escort.
It seems there is an urgent goods need to be delivered, and there was only Grin-san who was available to go as guard.
There was one horse-drawn wagon and unfortunately, when they relaxed their guard, they were attacked by the monster corps.
Usually, there is never a case where an attack occurs at night.
…… Maybe it is because we knocked down the goblins around the area?

“Noru, I can carry it for you… ”
“Don’t say something so careless. Look, you seem to be having hard time walking quickly, right? ”
“Such a- ”
“You two… Aren’t you quite close to each other? ”

When I am playing with Noru, Grin-san had an amazed look.
Even so, I wonder if we are on good terms? Even though it has only been one day since the time she was just summoned, I certainly think that we’re getting along well.
I don’t know what she would think about it. It is more like a feeling where we can easily be in each others company.

“We will arrive at Brunne soon. Please do your best, Okura-san”


“I can not imagine you as a guy who one-sidedly slaughtered the Goblins last night”

I heard Raul’s voice. He is driving the horse-drawn carriage right now.
The long distance travel for two days while wearing unfamiliar shoes and armor is very painful for me as a child of the modern age.
It’s almost like the credit for hunting the goblins really belongs to my equipment, Grin-san.
Perhaps my status itself is around average ……

“Thank you so much for this time”
“Well, thank you for letting us accompany you to the town ”

Several hours later, we arrived at the city of Brunne. The town size was more than double my expectation, and it was surrounded by a wall of about a few meters. Outside the wall there is a moat, which you need to cross a bridge in order to get inside.
There were also gate soldiers at the entrance, but I and Noru easily got inside by merely performing a light procedure as we were Raul ‘s escort. I should thank Raul-san for this.
When we finished talking about each other, before Raul-san went back to his company. He said that if we need help with something, we can send a message or come to his company.

“Well, I guess I am going too ”
“Where will you go, Grin-san?”
“There is an Adventurer Guild here, since my quest as Raul’s escort has been completed I want to receive my payment.”

When we were gonna separate from Raul-san, I saw him receive some kind of paper. Perhaps it is a certificate signifying the end of the request.
Well then, thank you for yesterday, Grin-san walked away after he said that.
I wonder…. as soon as I arrived at the city, I sort of felt nostalgic.

“Fuu, finally we arrived to a place where many people live”
“Yes, that’s right”

The houses built in the town are built out of red brick. The same bricks are also spread over the road and the whole town, which made it look very red.
Since it is already dusk right now, it become even more like a Red City.
People are constantly flowing from right to left, left to right, this is indeed a city.
It seems that I missed this kind of the crowd of people after two days more than I thought.
People in this town are mostly Caucasian. I wonder what kind of thoughts the passerby’s have seeing me?
Everyone has blonde hair and no black hair at all. Am I not weird? Is the silver-haired female knight next to me also not weird?

“Would you like to cash out loot items and make some money?”
“Will the money also be added in the item column?”
“Well that’s right, but it’s possible to take it out whenever we need to cash out”

This money in the world is G. When I asked Raul-san about it earlier,
Copper coins are worth 10, Large copper coins are worth 100, Silver coin are worth 1000, Large silver coins are worth 10,000, Gold coins are worth 100,000.
I was worried about the use of 1G, but such detailed prices do not exist.

The bags of Noru are already packed with the loot got from helping Raul-san and the drop items which I picked up before.
I need a slightly bigger bag from now on.

“I’m sorry, I heard we can sell drop items in here?”

An old man who grew a thick beard greeted us.
We came here because we can sell drop items in this general shop.
Well, it is certainly a store where clothes, accessories and various things are shown.
The items that we brought this time are 2 Orc fangs, 15 goblin fangs, 2 clubs and 1 Orc meat. After defeating the orc, it was a big deal! I was surprised to see Noru holding a chunk of meat.
Does the Orc drop such things?

“Oh, let me see … Which Orc’s fang is 2000, goblin’s fang is 7500, Orc meat 2000, and the club stick is 2000. It’s about 13,500 G in total.”
“Well then, please buy them. Ah yeah, is there a larger bag and suitable clothes for us? ”

After finished the sale, I bought one set of clothes for me and Noru.
Isn’t wearing these types of clothes clothes more pleasant for sleeping?
She did not care about clothes in particular so I bought the same plain thing which was similar to mine.
I also bought the bag at the same time. The total cost is around 3000 G.

“Well, now the trade is finished. Should we look for a hotel right now?”
“I don’t mind! If possible, it must have delicious meals!”

It’s about time the sun will go down. And there are no plans for the future yet.
First of all I have to find a place to calm down.
I asked some random passersby for the good hotel, and afterwards we’re heading over there as they told me the place at the road.

“Welcome, is it for you two?”
“Yes, yes. That’s right.”

When we arrived at the inn, a young woman greeted us.
The first floor is a restaurant where there are tables lining up.
After being urged by the woman, we wrote down our names on the paper on the counter.
Thanks to the Book of Language, I don’t have any trouble reading and writing.

“Well, then, Do you have two free rooms? I’d like to rent them”
“Yes, then … …”
“Wait a moment!”

Because it is 2000 G each overnight, I tried to rent for two people.
However, I got stopped.
The receptionist’s woman was also surprised too.
What the heck?

“Uhh, what’s wrong, Noru? ”
“Renting two rooms will cost more money, I think it would be nice to rent a twin room instead”

…Is this girl serious? Are you saying that sharing a room with both men and women is okay?

“No, that is kinda …”
“Does Okura-dono dislike it? I want to stay with you from morning until night.”

That is kinda scary…
However, I certainly do not care for what I am doing now and I want to avoid wasting money.
Finally, we pick-up a room for 2 people in one room which costs only 3000 G.
I don’t mind sharing a room with a beautiful girl, especially if the person is good-natured.
Well, it is important to respect her good intentions. No ulterior motive at all.

“Well, we’ll take the twin room please”


“What’s the matter?”
“Oh, I was just checking my status”

After finishing the meal, we went back to my room and I began checking my smartphone.
Noru came close to me and we looked into the screen together.
Her face is too close. Although I was scared for a moment, but since this is Noru … The thought disappeared immediately from my mind.
With only this little of doing something together for a bit, I feel that our men and women’s consciousness is gone.
Most likely she probably has not thought of anything like that, so I might have begun to be poisoned.
I want you to return my original feeling of excitement.

When I’m finally calmed down, I checked my smartphone, I realized that I can her status when I check the units.
It seems strange to see the ability is being laid out numerically…
I’m kinda scared when thinking about HP when I think about my HP being reduced to only one.


Noru · Fagna
Level 4
HP 1500
MP 110
Attack power 330
Defense power 255
Dexterity 61
Magic resistance 30
Cost 15

Unique ability
[Protection of War Princess]: When sorting, the attack power and defense power of all units are increased by 30 %.

[inspiration]: All status doubles for 1 minute. Reset time: 1 day

【 Leader 】
Okura Heihachi
Level 3
HP 690
MP 55
Attack power 215
Defense power 155
Agility 26
Magic Resistance 10

Unique Ability
【Leader】 : Skill that adds 10% of the status of all units upon sorting
【Title Change】: By changing the title, the specific ability is also changes.

“Noru is really amazing after all … Are you not much stronger than myself?”
“Mufufu, you can rely on me more…. While I am here, Okura-dono safety It is guaranteed! ”

Well, it is an outrageous ability value. As expected from a UR unit.
When I praised her, Noru was puffing out her chest and placing her hands on her waist. Below that helm, there is a triumphant smile. When I see it, I sort of want to get rid of that helm.

Next, when I scroll through the status column, the equipment that is currently being used is displayed.


Regi · Eritora
Attack Power +2000
Bonus damage against Demon +100%
Enemy action speed -50%

Al · Rakie
Defense +2000
Magic Resistance +100%
Null Abnormality status.


Regi · Erythra is the sword, while Al-Rakie is the shield.
I think the person on the development staff who created them is crazy.
In fact, these two are UR equipments which are limited in the Gacha.
And yet, both of them come with Noru at start.
Because of these equipments, hitting each other in GC is seriously dangerous.
It was because there was a difference as soon as the army corps evaporated when I participated. With bonus damage against demons, if you are a demon, it’s possible that you will receive an attack with power of over 4000.
The remaining defense might be lower than 1500. This seems to be an armor that does not add any particular effect.

And then when I look at my weapon…


Attack +490
Action Speed + 50%

The Lid of the pot
Defense +250

Yes … is this strong? The bar and the lid of the pot have the worst appearances.
The difference between me and Noru is not only power but also in our equipment too … It is regrettable!

“Haa, I’m tired because I have kept on walking for two days. I think I will fully resting today.”

Suddenly I was getting tired.
Haa, I want a better equipment.
Even so, how do you collect the magic stone to roll the Gacha?
In this regard I was told that even Noru don’t know about it.
If it’s similar with the previous world, does gold and the area around this world is valid?
But there is no such item as the exchanger.

“What are you going to do tomorrow?”
“Hmm, how about going to the Adventurers Guild?”
“Why such a place?…. Don’t tell me that we will become adventurers?”
“That’s right. Since we will increase more people excluding me in the future, so if possible we should begin to secure a stable source of revenue. ”

Indeed, our current money will be gone someday.
It would be a better thing to become an adventurer so we can defeat demons while collect drop loot items. There will be monster extermination quests too.
Also, when we pull the gacha and summon another character, we still have to secure a way to earn money because we will need more money for living.
Besides, I need to raise my level. If I do not raise the cost limit, I won’t be able to summon another one.
Although I am planning to find a means to return to the original world after a while, there likely will be times when I have to go to various places and search for it.
To do that, it’s necessary for us to secure more war potential. I don’t want to be all talks and then die.

“I see, I agree ”

So we decided to agree with the words of Noru.
When she nods in satisfaction, she goes to the public bath! Ah damn.
I had already took bath earlier.

“To think you are like that … Why would you hide your face so much?”

When Noru came home after a while, she took off the white silver armor and was wearing solid clothes that we bought today.
Hoo… When she take off her armor, the body parts which are being covered stand out firmly with her good body.
To hide her real face from being completely seen, she wore something like an eye mask.
It seems she has habit to hide her face. I want to see it properly.
There might be a reason why she doesn’t want me to see her face.
As a man, I’ll put it aside and not pursue the matter.

“It’s natural. A maiden’s real face must not be easily exposed. I’ll decisively refuse even if you ask to show it”
“Strange… girl! Fuu”
“Hey, why are you laughing!?”

That’s because I remembered something! In the a certain message imageboard, there was a case of creating laugh regarding Noru as a maiden..
The appearance a person with eye masks on getting angry was such a stupid sight, made me laughed while clutching onto my belly.

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