One-eyed Female General and the Harem ch.2

Did I said my treat is only one chapter?

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

In the forest part 2

[Ziparg] tribe——- They are a combat race who lived in the island country in the Far East.
Among the Ziparg tribe, there is a gladiator, Minerva, who is famous in the western continent..
I heard, that she trampled an enemy line/army/encampment by herself.
Furthermore, with her mighty power which is being said that is able to match against thousands of people, she is still being worshipped as a War Goddess until now.
There is no one who doesn’t know her.
Although, the story occurred from hundred years ago, it’s still a mystery if it’s true or not. The story might have already been exaggerated.
But, thanks to Minerva, there is no one willing to invade the Far East island nation, Ziparg.
Even the Great Emperor and Tyrant will avoid attacking that country.
There were only a few Ziparg people in the old days, but now, the larger sailing boats can travel as far as the East continent, it’s not unusual to see the Zipargian moving into the west continent.
Shingen who is a Ziparg people, explain about it to the two female knight in front of him.

[——Then, who are you guys?]

After noticing they forgot to introduce themselves, the gold short-haired female knight make her self-introduction.

[My apologies for the late introduction. My name is Riru. And then, she is—–]

The female knight with black hair tied behind her head in a bundle located behind her did a polite bow while introducing herself.

[My name is Mina]

She gives out a very neat impression. To think this kind of girl was able to become a Knight, Shingen felt admiration towards her.

[Then, this person is?]

Casually, Shingen tried to find out who is that last girl.
He glances to the brown-haired woman who is laying in the bed.
The girl with the dignified stare looked away unnaturally.
There is something like anger drifting from her movement.

[Regrettably, it’s a secret]
[I see…]

Shingen decided to not ask anything further.
It might lead to a dangerous situation.
At the same time, there are multiple sound of horseshoes.
Mina hurried and went to confirm the situation outside from the windows.

[This is bad! It’s the Fuhren!]

Riru, showing a stern face pulled out her sword.
Mina also pulled out her sword, and came closer to the door side.

[How is it?]
[Most likely the pursuers, They number around 30]
[Kuh… This is a grave situation]

The pursuers are most likely experienced handling this kind of case.
They will surely kill the targets.
Even if they were being counterattacked, in a situation like that, they have selected people who is suitable and have the ability to do it.
Riru and Mina both glanced at the same time waiting for instruction from the injured woman.
As if responding to them, there is a weak voice being heard.

[Don’t over do it….]
[Understood. Shingen, can you lend us a hand?]
[Eh? I can’t do anything though]
[You only need to let me out of here. It’ll be great if we can get through this situation. We will reward you later]

When Shingen considers the current situation, these three people were being chased because of some reasons.
And now, he is giving shelter to the people who are being pursued.
Thus, there is a possibility that he will be accused of the same crime, being caught or killed because he sheltered these three people.
Due to the neat atmosphere Mina had, I decided to side with them and give it my all despite my worries

[I understand. I’ll somehow make it. Riru, Mina, bring that person to the backroom. If there is something happening, please escape through the back door.
[Thank you. We owe you one]

At the same time when Riru and Mina shouldering the brown-haired woman began moving to the backroom, the door was knocked three times.
After I gave them a response, I leaned my sword on the shelf which is reachable from where i am standing, and I opened-up the door.
There is a muscular black-hooded man, he gave a slight bow with discerning eyes towards Shingen.

[I apologize to disturb you on this late at night]

I glanced at the crest emblem on the armor which was visible from his hood.

(————- Crest of star…..? I ve never seen it…..)

[I don’t particularly mind it, so, can I help you with something?]

One of the knight move his eyebrow because of Shingen’s impudent attitude.
Without changing his expression, the knight leader in the front of me inquiry me about something..

[Did you see this woman?]

He took out a paper with a picture of person from his bosom, and shown it to Shingen.
The picture drawn on the paper is like the brown-haired woman, who he has given shelter a moment ago.

(——- As I thought….)

[Nope, I didn’t see her]
[You’re not allowed to lie]

A young knight threatened me.
After giving a wry smile, Shingen made an appropriate excuse.

[This is a small country village, you will know immediately if someone comes in. If you are not staying in the inn, they might be on the other villages?]

Have you checked the inn already? The young knight knitted his eyebrow, then whispered to the knight leader.

[As expected, They aren’t here then? Try on the other villages, or maybe the person went to hide in the depth of the forest]

After the knight leader thought about something, he dropped his eyes on the hut floor.

[By the way… Why, is there blood in the floor?]

Shingen surprised turned his glance to the floor.
And then, there was blood prickled down. Instinctively, his guts became chilly at instant.
The eyes from the knight leader and the knights shone on me.
The knights who were standing by behind also narrowed their eyes and put their hands on the sword handle.

(——- This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!!!)

On that moment, there is a voice from a woman.

Riru goes out from the back door, she turned around toward the knight groups.
She stabs the knight from the side.
In an instant, there were two knights taken down.
When the knights turned their attention to Riru, on the other side, Mina suddenly appeared from the dark.

[Don’t make light of the White Wolf Knight Order!]

Mina cut down the back of the Knight who tried to turn around, after that she cut the abdomen of another knight at her side.

[Attacking from behind!! That’s really coward!]
[You don’t have any right to say that!]
[Yeah. You traitor!]
[We only obeyed the instruction from the Starry Sky Church]
[You are also the rebels!]

They started to put the blame against each others.
Shingen who listened to the unknown words coming one after another, became confused.
But, he calmed down after realizing that Riru and Mina were from the White Wolf Knight Order which he admired.
If it has become like this, Shingen has already decided on the action that he must do.

[I’ll help you!]

He took the katana “Kaminari no Tsuki” which leaned on the side, drawing it.
The knight leader reacted and shows a face full of grim and anger.

[As I thought, you!!! You hide them!]

When he turned his body to Shingen, he noticed the top of sword.
When Shingen took stance with the Kaminari no Tsuki, the knight leader become suspicious.

[What with that strange weapon…?]

The katana that Shingen has in his hands has a blade which is curved slightly towards the tip of the sword.
It’s rarely seen in the west continent.
And, from that weapon a weird light is being emitted.
The knight leader is thinking something while staring on it, how dare you reveal that to me.

[Whatever. I am a Fuhren Knight Order who serve the Starry Sky Church, Grotts]
[I am Shingen]
[Shingen… you said? I see, so is that you? Ardeshil’s policy to accept different kind of tribes is really pathetic]

Grotts who was at his wits ends sighed.
What do you mean? When Shingen asked it, he replied with angry voice tones.

[Ardeshil should be a pure country. Hence for that reason, we’re being created to give judgment to other tribes and heretics. That’s our roles!] (ED note: FOR THE GOD EMPEROR OF MANKIND!)

Shingen leaked a disgusted voice.
Recently, Shingen heard there were news about heretic huntings getting wild.
As for the different tribes people, to put it into words, they are being oppressed severely.
Therefore, I ve chosen to live in a country village far from the city, where such influence is not spreading until here..
The moment I heard Grotts’s word, immediately I understood the kind of person that lived in the city.
After I realized the acts of the Fuhren Knight Order for the first time, I’m being disappointed at the Fuhren Knight which I admired.
The knights duty should be to defend weak people, right?

[You guys talking about ideals like the alphin flowers…. Have become rotten, your body and your mind too….]

After the conversation ended, when three breaths has passed, Grotts began to break the silence.
The tip of the sword is being thrusted out.
Shingen prevented it with his katana.
The sparks flew.

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