Gacha Girl Corps ch.11

Warning: This chapter contain pre-gacha madness.

It’s kinda made me remember the moment where I was cleared the free quests to gain additional SQ to roll the gacha in FGO.

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 11

Gacha’s madness

“Time for a strategy meeting.”

“Just what is about to begin…“

We got the usual room the moment we returned to the inn. Then, we started to talk about our future operations as we faced each other across the table.

(TL Note: Million Arthur gacha event)

The【UR unit Distribution rate double-up campaign】announcement that appeared earlier was the reason for this. It is written on the banner that the campaign will commence 10 days after tomorrow.
We must collect as many magic stones as much as possible by then.

“That’s the gist of it so I’m going to talk about my plan now. Objections will not be accepted, Okay?”

“There’s nothing ‘Okay’ about this! Are you going to talk about a plan that I most likely will object to!?”

“No, it’ll be fine. Just a little excessive.”

“This doesn’t sound like it’ll be fine at all…”

Noru sounded a little uneasy. I’m not going to say anything too absurd.

“Well I’ll explain simply. First, we will go to the usual forest and hunt black orcs.”

“So it’ll be the same as usual?”

Black Orcs are the ones that ‘drops’ manastones. So, hunting them is a given.

“However, even if we go hunting for 10 hours like usual, it’ll only net us around 10 or 11 pieces in one day, That won’t cut it.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

We need 50 to roll the 11 consecutive gacha once. If we went at this at our normal pace it would take around 5 days to get enough for one roll.
A normal day would be us casually heading to the forest to hunt, travel time to and fro adds up to an additional 2 hours or so. Then we hunt for about 2~3 hours-ish, and return before it gets dark.
That’s why we earn 5 manastones at most in a day. This kind of pace is out of the question.

“So, I have come up with a game changing plan that will net us close to 50 manastones in a day.”

“Ooh~ that’s amazing. Five times the usual. So, what kind of method is it?”

What can be done to improve efficiency. Increasing efficiency, means to increase the speed at which we hunt Black Orcs.
Currently Noru can defeat black orcs in a single blow. So, how do we make this process even faster.

“We camp the spawn point.”


“I said we camp the spawn point.”

So I have been putting some thought into this. We have been waiting for the monsters to come out of the forest thus far. Since we only need one hit to defeat them, the only other thing we can do is to reduce the time in-between encounters.
The quickest way would be to find the spawn point. Monsters do not venture out of their territory usually. But, they appear when humans approach their territory.
I got a fairly good grasp of how big the area is, when we hunted in the forest. An exception to that is when the number of monsters bypass a certain number, then they will leave the area as a horde.

“Are you planning to enter the forest!?”

“Well duh.”

“That’s dangerous! That’s rash! We’ll get lost!”

“This is where the map app comes to play. With this we won’t get lost. Once we have located the spot, we can get to the spawn point easily. We’ll also know where the enemies are.”

I show the smartphone to Noru. This map app, it displays where enemies are with a red dot. You can place markers on the map, it’ll be easy peasy once we locate the spot(s).
Visibility is bad inside the forest, and it might be hard to notice enemies approaching us. But, all that changes with this.

“Regarding combat, Noru. I’ll have you do your best for us.”

“Hii, Okura-dono is a slave driver!”

“Aren’t you the one who said you’ll follow me for the rest of your life?”

“T-these are two separate matters….”

Noru said in a troubled tone while she fidgets with her index fingers.
This plan will not succeed if she is not a part of it.

“Please Noru, you are the only one I can depend on.”

“A-alright…. I’ll do it….”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Even though she doesn’t look like she has accepted the plan, I still managed to get her to nod and agree.
I’m not letting her back out of this any more.

“Now, the plan is to hunt 50 pieces a day.”

“5-50!? You meant that as the daily target instead of an example!?”

“Don’t worry, we will get enough rest. Also we’ll be using this to return.”

50 pieces a day, this means we’ll get enough to roll 10 times after 10 days. If the rates are the same as GC getting a UR is a 1% chance. It will be double the chance during the campaign so 1 UR should appear every 5 rolls of the 11 consecutive gacha if I look at probability alone.
The time used to return would be precious too, so we’ll make use of the Beacon that was rolled previously to return. I honestly wanted to set the beacon in our room, but I can’t really do that due to how unnatural it will be so I set it up in a hidden grassy spot outside of town not too far away. With this returning will be almost instant.

“I’m saying it again. The daily target is 50 pieces. We’ll try and gather as many as we possibly can.”

We can get around 10 pieces in 2~3 hours. Which means we’ll get to 50-ish in around 10 hours or so.
We’ll get up a little earlier in the mornings, and hunt that much longer. Yep, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Day 1 of manastone gathering.

Me and Noru headed out for the forest early in the morning. When we reach the vicinity of the forest, Goblins and Orcs start coming out as usual.
If it was our usual hunt we just wait around, and hunt the ones that appear. However, this time we insta-kill them and head into the forest.
Visibility in the forest wasn’t as bad as expected, there was sunlight shining in so there’s no problem. There was something like a path of sorts, formed from the constant walking of the orcs which trampled the undergrowth. I got Noru to stay close to me so we can react to any situation.
I took point as I mapped with my smartphone. While I did that, Noru insta-kills any monsters that approached us.
The plan was to ignore all drop items until the spawn point was located. I carried the magic bag with the bag part infront of me. With this, preparations to put things inside the moment I picked it up was complete.

“Oh, some appeared. So this spot is the spawn point.”

“So this is how monsters spawn.”

I could see a slightly spacious area, where no trees were growing. Just like how monsters turn into light and disappear when they are defeated, I had a look at how monsters were born when the same light gathered in the area.
So this is a monster respawn zone. I immediately put a marker on the map app.

“Alright, time to move on to the next one.”

“Eh? Aren’t we going to stay there and hunt?”

“What dumb things are you saying. Who said we are only going to hunt at one spawn point?”

“That’s just evil….”

There are definitely multiple respawn areas. If I were to consider efficiency it most definitely is better to rotate between multiple respawn zones, instead of only hunting at 1 spot. We move to another respawn area during the time a zone we cleared is spawning new monsters, to reduce idle time. Ideally we rotate and hunt continuously without any waiting.

“Fuu, guess that’s all we’ll be doing for today.”

“Haa… Ha… Gonna die… I’m going to die at this rate.”

“Want some vitamins?”

“Are those really vitamins?”

Having been hunting since early this morning, the sky began to be dyed in the color of sunset. We got 52 magic stones today.
Noru looks tired from all the hunting. I hand her the potion sold at a general store, calling it vitamins. This should make her feel a little better.

Day 3.

We rotate the spawning spots where we hunt in sequence. I help get rid of the goblins and orcs, and pick up the drop items.
We found 5 different spawn points on the first day, now we sequentially go around 3 spawn points that are closest to each other. By the time we finish hunting at the third spawn point, the monsters have respawned at the first spawn point so this is pretty efficient.

“Always hunting the same monsters, this is getting depressing…”

“Is that so? It’s easy so I don’t see that there’s a problem.”

Noru kills them as soon as they spawn, but she doesn’t have much of her usual vigor. I’m pretty motivated thanks to my desire for the gacha, but is this too much for her?

“Uuu~, I don’t feel like eating orc meat for a while… Orcs and goblins have been appearing in my dreams too lately.”

“It’s just 7 more days. Put your back into it.“

When she heard there was 7 more days, she goes “Uuu~” once more. I’m starting to really feel bad about this. Maybe I should treat her to a good meal after this… maybe something else other than food?
Another 52 safely collected today, that’s 162 collected in total as of now. This is going well.

Day 5.

Another day of hunting from early in the morning. And, we kinda stopped talking to each other.
I inform her of the enemy’s locations via the map app, and Noru just gets to work silently.

“You alright there?”

“I am alright.”

“I-I see.”

“Yes, I am fine.”

She replies to me monotonously, it sends chills down my back. Like the feeling that you are going to get stabbed from behind. It made me think of something like that.
We are at 246 pieces as of today. Noru’s reactions have dulled quite abit. Though I am helping with the hunting as much as I can, maybe I should stop picking up the drop items and give my attention to the hunting too.

Day 8.

“Black orc, hurry uuuuuup black orc… Oh, there is an oooorc!”

“Oi, get a hold of yourself! We are already back in town! And that’s a person, that’s just rude so stop it!”

“Ehehe~ Noru reeally likes meat~ ”

We had to return halfway through the hunt today. We are currently at 396 magic stones. I got this number after adding in the 38 stones we initially had. This is less than originally planned.
We should be at 438 if we went as per planned. We had to pull out before getting 50 today.
It was because Noru kinda broke down while we were hunting earlier today. She started laughing as she cried while hunting. She didn’t come back to her senses even after her helm was removed, there was no other choice so we returned using the beacon.
Even when we got back to town, she would point at any fat person she saw and call the person an orc. That’s just too rude. I hurriedly hugged her to hold her down, and finally managed to drag her back to the inn.

“Uuu… Orc… Ish an orc… G-gotta kill them…”

“Is she at her limit?”

She fell asleep as soon as she was laid onto her bed. This was probably too much for her mentally.
She might even be fighting orcs in her dreams. Only 2 more days remain.

dpkdqiq (TL Note: RIP Saint Quartz)

Noru · Fagna
Level 16 → 24
HP 1940 → 2260
MP 230 → 310
Attack Power 450 → 530
Defense Power 315 → 355
Agility 73 → 81
Magic Resistance 30
Cost 15

【Leader】 Heihachi Okura
Level 15 → 23
HP 810 → 890
MP 115 → 155
Attack power 275 → 315
Defense power 215 → 255
Agility 39 → 47
Magic resistance 10

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    When calculating consecutive rolls you don’t add them i.e. (2%*(5*11)=110%) you instead calculate the chance of loosing consecutively. With 55(5×11) rolls you have a 67% chance of getting an UR. Unless there is some special hidden feature that gives you better luck when you have consecutive losses. You need 35 rolls to have a 50% chance at getting an UR for 75% you need 69(nice) and a whopping 114 for 90%. The closer you get to 100% you need exponentially more rolls, going from 90% to 99%? you need twice the rolls for that extra 9%.

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