Return of The Former Hero ch.93

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman

Chapter 93. Former Hero. Suffer being defeated.

There is another quiz again at the end of the labyrinth on the second island.

I thought it has already ended.

Come to think of it, why is there a quiz in the race?

It should be simpler just by competing with physical strength.

Although I keep on whining, I need to accept the reality in front of me.

Ah, I wonder if there is a question about the full name of the third Princess of Millis Kingdom, or the name of the cute receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild in Torres town, or the location of the cheapest rest area in the Malt town.

I’m sure it will be amusing if Rithina’s name really appears.

Yet I don’t understand the quiz at all. But since it’s related to a legendary weapon, Kagura-san is able to answer it perfectly.


Nope, it’ll be rude if I said lucky.
There is a saying that the joint power of two people will pass through anything.

We safely got through the second island, we are now on the third island. After another word, we arrived in the last island.

I am legally splashing Kagura-san since there is quite a distance to jump.


When I’m thinking that everything is alright, something interesting is waiting for us.
The pair of Sharon-Laurier and Celes-tanya can be seen there when we arrived at the last island.

We took our time on the quiz when we are attempting to clear the labyrinth quickly.
Even though Celes can easily answer the quiz, she, on the other hand, got lost on her way inside the labyrinth.
As for Sharon, she seemed to have fought hard for both the labyrinth and the quiz.

The time we are passing by the second island is overlapping with others. That means, Celes and I will be the strongest pair if we are in the same team.

It took me quite a while in the labyrinth and the quiz. Are the other participants the same? There seems to be no other participant arriving at the last island as of the moment.

Since the prize is being given to top three ranks, we will then be monopolizing all of them.
To think we can become rich quickly.

No. Everyone owns a small amount of money other than me.
I am the only one who is in poverty. So sad.

We are here now and there are five people checking out the island rules while I am enjoying myself seeing everyone’s appearance in their wet swimsuit.

Unfortunately, there is no one else who got wet and had their swimsuit become transparent other than Kagura’s swimsuit.
But still, the groups of five beautiful girls is wonderful. This is like… there is so many thing can be expressed.

Right now is not only for racing. We are also here for a holiday, and I am hoping to become the great thief in the legend.

[… Then, what are the rules here?]

I asked that question to Kagura-san

[Haruto, why are you leaving everything to Kagura-san!?
Are you still unable to read after writing a lot and studying hard like that?]

Sharon, who teached me language, gives me a complain at my side while looking at me.

Tsk, what a noisy girl.
Sharon, in teacher mode, is really nagging.

However, you are my enemy right now.
Your words, I won’t listen on it.
I won’t listen to what you are saying.

[There is no need to listen on what the enemy is saying.]

Sharon is unable to say anything towards my cold words.

Ah, my back suddenly is shivering.
I think I said too much
I ended-up provoking her.

Should I apologize? Eh wait a moment. Sharon begins to take a deep breath, and approaches me while smiling.

Uwa so scary.
The smile is lovely, but the pressure is overwhelming.

Eh? What?
Are you really that angry?
Isn’t this like a daily joke?
But, should I go and prepare to apologize soon?

Sharon looked so angry from my joke. She is coming in front of me while I’m still trembling and thinking about it..

She then stretches her hand. I prepared myself with a guard stance when, rip, she took my number.

[Ouch!? …. Eh? What?]

I don’t understand it. I was left dumbfounded.
Sharon turned around and goes back to Laurier.

Kagura-san, who is looking at the scene, suddenly raised her voice.

[Not bad Sharon! We did the most troublesome first!]

Laurier praised her after Sharon returned.


I’m still unable to grip the situation, and there is still a question mark in my head.
I can sense that something has just happened.

I feel like I should get back my number.
When I am about to do so, Sharon’s team start to run away.


I heard Kagura-san voice from my back.

When I heard her voice, I turned around and to confirm it. Oh damn it.

Tanya peeled off the number on Kagura-san’s arm and took it away

…..Aa, I somehow understood what happened. I understand this situation.

So this is going to be that.
It’s to deprive the other participants of their number, right?

…. Oh shit.

When I finally understood the situation, I panickedly look at Sharon’s direction.

…. But the appearance of Laurier and Sharon is no longer there.

Uwaa, it can’t be.
Those girls is gone in a flash.

Damn it!

Then, I need to at least get back Kagura’s number from Tanya!

But, when my attention is focused on Laurier and Sharon, the appearance of Celes and Tanya has already disappeared.

U, uwaaa….

I was stunned for a while for being successfully outwitted.

The failure to read this world’s language, and unexpectedly being noticed on this place…. What a blunder.

This isn’t the time to be grieving. But, what should I do?

Should I follow the tactic of Sharon’s group of waiting for the other participants to come here and then launch a surprise attack before they have understood the rules?

…. No. There’s no sign that the other participants will be coming soon.
Moreover, those girls will most likely reach the finish line first while waiting for them.

But even if I have decided to give-up victory and aim for the third rank, what about the fact that both Kagura-san and I don’t have our numbers?
I guess that will be useless.

I must get back our numbers in this place.

Fu… Fufufu….

That’s good.
Let’s do it.

Not only will I get back our numbers, but I’ll also deprive them with their numbers too.

They are clearly showing hostile intent to me. Don’t think you can all reach the goal without defeating me first.

[Etto, the organizer who prepared this is an adventurer and we need to collect the number of the other participants… Tte, uwaa?! Wa-wait Haru-kun?]

I carry Kagura-san, who begin explaining the rules of this island.
Her breast which are being pressed to my chest is very pleasant, but it’s not the time to enjoy it.

[I’ll hear the details in it while running. Search. Search!]

Even though I don’t see their appearance, it’s possible to grasp their whereabouts with magic.

It seems these two pairs are moving in different directions after separating from me.
Although they are schemed to get our numbers, they don’t seem to stick together with the others.

There is also someone aside from these two pairs in another place of the island.
This fellow seems to be the adventurer who organized this stage just like what Kagura-san said a while ago.

I’ll confirming the detailed rules later. Which of the two pairs should I chase first? Is it Sharon’s pair or Tanya’s?
…. When I consider the war potential, Celes and Tanya’s attack magic being prohibited is a lot easier.
First of all, let’s put the order like that.

I’ll make you all seriously regret this.


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