Return of The Former Hero ch.94

This chapter is kinda lewd.

Read on your own risk~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman

Chapter 94. Former Hero: Gropping the insides of the swimwear.

[Gu… Nununu…!]

Tanya is groaning under me while she is being held down.
I’m suppressing her neck and twisting her arm up while sitting on her back.

[Haa… Ha…! D, do you realize it now?]

Tanya is in her adult form thanks to my magic, and I’m having a hard time holding down onto her.

Even though magic attack is being forbidden, this fellow, on the other hand, is using her beast fingernails.
Thanks to it, there is a nail scratch carved onto my body. It’s painful.

However how is it?
If I were in full power, look at this now.

Tanya is struggling to move under me.

There was only three minutes of battle.

Fuhahaha! Aren’t I so overwhelming!

Did you think you’re able to match-up with my movements during the morning practices?
But it was the opposite. I have learned about your habit and behaviour during your evasion.

When you’re able to understand each other’s patterns, the simple differences between us becomes something decisive.

Or rather, did the differences from the time we meet become wider?


By the way, I have instant-killed Celes the moment we have encountered each other.

To be specific, I licked and stretched her elven ears after I attacked her from the back.

The ears are the weak point of Celes.
I don’t know though. Is that the weak point of elves in particular or is it just Celes’s weak constitution?
If possible, I also want to do the same thing to other Elves to verify this matter by all means.

Celes, like usual, went limp immediately after I blew her ears.
She has collapsed on that situation.

Therefore, it’ll be a guaranteed KO if you lick her ear.

Just to make sure, I took off her swimsuit quickly for her not to revive back. I then hold her swimsuit in my mouth.
That’s why Celes can’t do anything anymore. She hides her chest and her hidden part down below while sitting down. (ED Note: Hehehehe.)

Isn’t it already too late to feel shy when showing your breasts in front of me at this moment? It’s not a problem, right?
Kagura-san is standing beside me.

[Fu… Fufufu… Fufufufu!]

I, who won a total victory against Celes and Tanya, were raised by three steps of evil laugh. But since I am holding Celes’s swimsuit in my mouth, I can’t open my mouth freely.

[Well, let’s get Kagura-san’s number back. I wonder where is it?]

Tanya doesn’t answer my question and she just kept struggling to escape from my restraint.

Do you think it’s possible to escape from me today?
It’s impossible. Impossible Impossible! (TL Note: Muda muda muda!)

[I have asked you nicely.
Oh well… Let’s search for it then!]

Tanya is wearing a swimsuit.

If you were to hide it is somewhere, there is one place the is a possibility.

In other words, that place is inside the swimsuit.

I cover Tanya using my entire body and thrust my hand into Tanya’s swimsuit.

[Fua?! Oi you! What are you… Nn?!
Wait… Ah… That place….]

I ignored Tanya’s protest as my hand kept on moving inside her swimsuit.

Tanya is wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

Where is it?
Where did you conceal it?

Even though I was thinking on searching my favorite breast cleavage, but I instead checked on her hips first.

After changing Tanya’s body posture, my hand were inserted between the space, and it then rubbed and groped around.

[H, hey… Your hand…. Ah… Nn… It’s definitely.. Not moving to search… ]

Who knows if you’re concealing it between your ass.

This is, by any means, not a lewd action.
I will insist that this is the valid inspection.

But, that’s it.
It’s really amazing to move my hand inside the swimsuit.

The degree of contact with the skin is higher than usual since my hand is being suppressed by the swimsuit.

Like this, I touched around here! It’s like it’s being insisted.
Moreover, the visual effect from outside is also high.

My hand were crawling in the swimsuit restlessly.
Originally, I can feel something was there.
It’s so wonderful.

… Oops dangerous.
This is physical examination.
Wicked thought is not good..

It can’t be helped if there is any wicked thought.
And then, five minutes passed by.

[Haa… Haa…]

Which breathing does that belong? Me or Tanya?…. No, it’s the sounds of our breathing mixed together in the surroundings.

I’m skillfully enjoying Tanya’s body till the corner… Then, as the result, I have discovered Kagura-san’s number that have been concealed in her breast.
Additionally, I have also obtained Celes and Tanya’s number too.

A former hero doesn’t compromise.

[I did it…]

I released Tanya’s restraint and stood-up.

The battle lasted only for five minutes, but Tanya can no longer to stand-up.


Every night, I have already grasped all of your weak points before my ambition that knows no bounds.

[Celes. Here]

I had been holding it in my mouth for a long time, so I returned Celes’s swimsuit.

I hold a part of it on my mouth. Although I was looked upon so cruelly by holding it in my mouth for a moment ago, I cannot leave Celes the way she is now.

I had returned back the swimsuit, even though Celes were perplexed by my action. But it’s better than wearing nothing.

Well, it might be a bit sticky because of me.

What very low act.

… Uh, it doesn’t seem like Celes is feeling shy in this situation.
But let’s avoid looking at her now even though I understand that this situation is not right.
This is the saga of a bad boy.

The whereabouts of Sharon’s group is understood thanks to Search after I have heard and confirmed it. I think I can catch-up to them before they get out from this island.

[Uu~…. It’s so goey…
I have to wash it…]

Celes has given up on wearing her swimsuit. After I saw that Tanya was still gasping, I had started to take action.

My next target is Sharon and Laurier.

This is a good chance.
Those two girls had made light of me a lot recently.

Apparently, they have done fairly well in the training. I think my dignity as master/shisou has been lost.

The result is different than my usual habit. Absolutely not.
I don’t remember doing such things when I have accidentally placed my hand on their breasts.

Good grief. When I was turning around to the beautiful girl-san in the town, these two girls were instantly giving me a cold gaze and a small scolding.

No, jealously is good. It’s cute.

However, I want you two to give me sparkling eyes full of respect even if I say that, like the first time we met back then.

I will let your bodies learn about the differences between training and actual combat in this occasion.

[Kagura-san, let’s go.]

[Ah, un. I understand.]

Had Kagura-san already become accustomed when I called her? She thrust her body to let me carry her easily princess style.

I then hold Kagura-san’s thigh and side with my hands and lift her in one go.
Kagura-san moves both of her hands around my neck.

I was holding her shoulder at first. But during the confusion, I have slipped my hand under her armpit. Kagura-san didn’t say anything in particular.
Perhaps she has not yet noticed it.

But when I held her in her armpit, I can slightly feel Kagura-san’s breast with my fingertips.

It’s overflowing!

I fill-in my energy towards something else, and begin to run towards the location of Sharon’s group that I have understood is where from before.

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