A random rant for this week. (03 June 2017)

Thanks for all of your supports~
Please keep supporting me so I can deliver more stuffs to you all! 😀

This post gonna filled with my random rants, feel free to read or to ignore it.

1. Let me update the translation for Amayui. Our progress is quite good so far, we’ve finish translated the prologue. Currently on-going for chapter 1. Don’t ask us about the ETA yet, but we’ll surely deliver it once it’s done.
You can read my Impression about the game in here.

2. Anime Fate/Apocrypha eps.1 is out!

Damn, I love it! The first battle scene and the summoning scene is so good.
Furthermore, UTW deliver the subs. Good news often coming in-row, eh? XD

3. Anyone here playing FGO NA?

Feel free to add me:
I have Waver+Herc, so feel free to abuse them! XD
Oh yeah, please leave your IGN on the comment section so I can accept you as friend.

4. Thank you for the supports: William Carson, Rogers Lee, and M.Nitta.
Please keep supporting me so I can deliver more translation works in the future!

5. Hmm… Frost is still busy moving to his new apartment, so there will be no One-Eyed Female General update until he is done. It can’t be helped. =3=)

I’m glad Sushi and Blackswordman can work harder and fill-in the blank release space with GGC and Motoyuusha. Thanks Sushi and Blackswordman!

6. I’m sure some of you noticed the PlayAsia on the right-side menu.

If you need Stream giftcard, or got urge to buy GooglePlay card to roll the gacha, please use those links and buy it on playasia. It will be win-win solution for everyone! Thanks in advance. 🙂

Gununu, I guess that’s all for my rants.
Thanks for reading~ XD


12 thoughts on “A random rant for this week. (03 June 2017)

  1. Tamamo Cat, Saber Lily and Bathory user here, waiting on more kemonomimi to go wild on gacha draws. IGN is 479,700,813


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