Gacha Girl Corps ch.20

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 20

So, we’re OP

[And now for the second round, here comes Okura Heihachi’s party.]

Unlike what happened with Dhius’ party earlier, there was no cheering even though our entrance was announced. Instead some of the audience started chatting among themselves, showing no interest; it was a different kind of noisy.

[I expected this more or less, but this hits harder than I thought it would. Not like we can really do much about being E-ranked.]

[Fufu, we are so not popular.]

[To begin with, we have only just arrived here.]

When we exited the waiting room and headed toward the arena area, all eyes turned on us.
This atmosphere where tens of thousands of people silently watch us, this is just awful. I advanced as our entrance was announced, my legs trembled as I walked.
Estel who was walking next to me had plenty of composure to smile, Noru also looked calm. Am I the only one who felt anxious?

[Okura Heihachi-san’s party has 2 E-ranked warriors, but will they really be okay with the addition of a F-ranked magician? How well they are going to fare against a C-rank Ogre leaves much to be seen. Do retreat if things start to look dicey.]

The emcee probably thinks we will not be able to complete the subjugation, from how concerned she sounded as she said that. It’s just reckless for a E-ranked party to subjugate a C-ranked monster by this world’s standards.
I don’t think there’s anyone at all among the audience who think we can defeat the ogre. Chances are most of them expect to see us lose incompetently, for picking a fight with Dhius.

[Ara Onii-san, are you worried? Fufu, stop worrying. Me and Noru are with you, there’s no way we are going to be defeated.]

[That’s right! Let’s show that guy how a real subjugation is done!]

Estel smiles at me, as though she totally saw through the fact that I am buckling under the pressure of the situation. Noru raised one of her hands, clenched her fist and was doing a guts pose. (EN: the term “guts pose” is a japan thing, google image search to see what it looks like)
Seeing these 2 girls go about their business as usual, made my anxiousness look stupid in comparison.

[Yeah, let’s do just that. Let’s make him regret looking down on us and challenging us to a match. Thanks, you two.]

That’s right, the 2 of them are by my side. It’s deplorable of me to be cowering to this level of pressure.

After pulling myself together and moving to our starting position, another Ogre is walked out with the same ‘dosun dosun’ sound as the one before. I thought of having a look at the status of the hooded person, but it wasn’t possible due to the distance between us.
I confirm the status of the Ogre instead, which was possible as it was larger in size.


Race: Ogre
Level 40
HP: 53,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 500
Defense Power: 300
Agility: 35
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: None
Skill: None


Its attack and defense don’t really look amazing, but it’s got quite the amount of HP. It also has weirdly high-ish agility.
We can lower its overall speed when Noru lands a hit, but should I get her to receive an attack first like what Dhius’ party did earlier? She’s more than capable of tanking with her defenses. Also if we do it this way we can give every other person a pleasant surprise.
I’ll move around and pincer the ogre between us when that is happening, then we’ll just go ham on it together with Estel’s support.

[Looks like they are ready, so let’s get this started shall we. Here’s hoping they put up a good fight. Now then, let the match begin!]

The bell signalling the start of the battle rings off. The Ogre which was a short distance away, began running towards us much like what happened with Dhius’ party earlier.

[Here’s some support.]

Estel buffed us with body reinforcement magic immediately.

[Alright, Noru. First, can you receive the Ogre’s attack to stop its movement? Next, I’d like Estel to support us with magic. Don’t be firing off AoE magic even if it’s by mistake.]

[Fufufu, easy peasy!]

[Sure, leave it to me.]

The club is gripped in the ogre’s right hand. I get Noru to move in from the ogre’s right side, while I go in the other direction and circle around to flank it from behind.
The ogre does a sideways brandish with the club, the club was inches away from the ground as it was swung in an attempt to sweep both me and Noru in one fell swoop. Noru takes her position with her shield up in the club’s trajectory.

[Ooh what’s this! Okura Heihachi’s party, has decided to get one of the warriors to take the tank’s role! She has a shield but is that too reckless of a decision?!]

An ogre is several times the size of a human being. And we have Noru here, who “looks” to have a delicate body. In the eyes of a normal person, there’s no way she will be able to receive the attack. Screams could be heard from the audience, at the moment the club was about to make contact with her shield. I too was watching Noru as I ran.
And the moment her shield receives the ogre’s attack――the ogre was sent flying.

When I saw that, I unintentionally stopped running. The audience that screamed too, went silent when they saw what happened.

[…Eh? A-am I dreaming here? Y-you don’t call that receiving, the ogre’s attack was repelled and the ogre along with it! Something like has never been seen before!]
(TL Note: Maybe this is kinda like Reflect Shield?)

The ogre’s gigantic body was knocked up with a cloud of dust and it tumbles over. It lets out a pained groan, likely from the incredible impact(from Noru).
Oi, what just happened there. The ogre did an attack from the side, why did the club end up getting repelled upwards, plus the ogre was sent toppling over.
… O,oh well. Not exactly as planned but this works too.

[No,Noru! Now’s your chance to get the legs to stop it in it’s tracks!]


To restrict the tumbled over ogre’s movement, I get Noru to cut both of its legs which will prevent it from getting up. As that’s going on I poke it all over with Bar to pile up the damage.
The ogre howls out in pain, with a sound I have never heard before, as it thrashes around with its entire body, but that soon stopped as the ground around the ogre clambered onto it and fixed all 4 of its limbs in place. This is Estel’s magic at work.

[Nasty, what a nasty turn of events! The fallen Ogre is getting one-sidedly attacked! This is a first for me to see a party use such tactics!]

Even I think this is nasty, as I continued poking away. Its legs have been minced by Noru, then there’s the sudden spurts of blood from what looks like Estel’s wind magic. Try as it might to move its body as it howls, which is probably from the pain, but it is unable to move anywhere because its body is fixed into the ground by the magic earthen shackles.
I have a look at the audience, and all I see are mouths open wide and dumbfounded faces of people who are unable to comprehend what they are seeing. I wonder if this much is enough?
…. No, not yet. This isn’t enough just yet for the audience who (kind of) mocked us, I also want to one up that annoying prick.

[Noru, let’s stop here.]

[Hmm? Not going to finish it off?]

[It’s not interesting enough if we just let it end like this.]

Leaving the mostly dead ogre behind, we walked back to where Estel is. Gotta finish this with a bang.

[Okura Heihachi’s party, the warriors have met back up with the magician for some reason. The flow has been in their favour so far, is this part of some strategy?]

[Ara Onii-san? What did you come back for.]

[Ahh, I was thinking of giving them some “service”. Estel, I’m going to let you finish off the ogre.]

[Fufu, are you sure about that? If that’s the case I’ll give it a big and flashy finale.]

[Errー, just make sure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage okay?]

[Muu, that’s so unfair~]

If you want it flashy, no one does it like Estel. When I told her I’m letting her do the finishing blow, there was nothing but happiness on her face.
… That does make me think we should’ve just finished up as usual though. Noru looked somewhat unsatisfied, but she already more than stood out when she sent the ogre flying with her shield earlier.

[With more oomph than usual, Ei~!]

It wasn’t her usual effortless voice, Estel waved her staff with a firm shout.

From which a large ashen magic formation appears, with the ogre which is still bound onto the ground in the centre of it. Flames started to appear from the corners of the magic formation, and soon it became a swirling vortex of flame reaching for the skies.
We were a decent distance away, but we could still feel the incredible heat. This is really overkill.

After the burning twister dissipated having finished its job, only drop items remained, there was nothing left of the ogre. The ogre departed from this world inside that flaming cyclone, leaving no trace of itself behind.

[ … Ah, err, Okura Heihachi’s party have completed the subjugation! There are… 4 and a half candles remaining. Honestly, I have no idea what to really say about this. Just who are these people…]

The silence now felt different, in comparison to the silence that happened at the start when every other person looked down on us. Maybe, did we overdo it a little too much?
Even the emcee is perplexed.

[Fuu, it really feels good to unleash that sort of ‘big’ magic. This might become a habit.]

[I envy you… I also want to do something like that, like ‘BAM!’.]

Estel, who released a great magic spell, was embracing her staff with a face that was full of satisfaction. She’s dangerous in her own way.
Noru, unsatisfied with how it ended, was poking the ground with her finger.

Anyway a win is a win. Let’s be happy about it. I did think we are able to win after having a look at it’s status before we started, but we might have been more overwhelming than initially expected.
Eh, come to think of it I’m sorta left out agai-… Oh well.

[Ahem, the results of the match this time, Okura Heihachi’s party are the winners. Now we would like for Dhius’ party to please hand over the 1 million G, which was the wager.]

Dhius’ party, who were in the waiting room, walked towards us. In his hand was a satchel.
On his face was not his usual annoying expression, it was a serious face.

[Looks like we lost… This is yours now. Go ahead and confirm the contents too.]

I braced myself as I thought he would try and shoot his mouth off, but he simply handed the 1 million G to me. I had a quick look in the bag as he suggested and sure enough there were 10 gold coins in the satchel.

[Thanks for this.]

[What Estel-chan said really was true. I apologize for my rudeness up until now.]

Dhius gave a deep bow to us.
Woah, does this mean this guy might actually be a decent person? Ah, but his previous behavior seems to suggest otherwise.

After he finished bowing, he extended his hand toward me. I wonder if this is the normal etiquette when matches end here. I take his hand as my answer.
With this we finish doing our pleasant greetings―― or not.
The moment my hand gripped his, I could hear creaking sounds from my hand getting pressured.
Th-this prick!? He’s smiling as he ‘shaked’ my hand, but underneath that he was putting in stupid amounts of power into his grip. He’s totally not reflecting on his actions.
I return the favour and put strength into my gripping hand, two can play at this game.

[E, er, erm… My best regards for the future.]

[Gu, y-yeah… The same from me too.]

We were both cringing with a smile on our faces, as we put more strength into our hands. I was a fool to even think of having a slightly better opinion about him.

[The match has concluded, Dhius-san and Okura Heihachi-san are now having a handshake. Both sides showed us splendid subjugations, thank you and that will be all for today!]

While we were still doing our power comparison, the end of the match was announced and the audience was giving their applause. This probably looked like a ‘happy end’ in the eyes of the audience.
I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this fella in the future. I got a little dejected when I thought about that, but for now I am relieved that today has ended safely.

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