Return of The Former Hero ch.97

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

Chapter 97. Former Hero • Becomes tired


After I heard what Laurier said, I fell to my knees.

[We’re being disqualified when our number is taken, seriously………?]

I let out a voice to confirm it with Laurier.
For things to have come this far, I doubt that Laurier will tell a lie.
However, I tried to ask her again.

[I won’t lie. As I expected you didn’t know at all.]

Once again, I heard that severe fact.

By the way, is it a good thing? I have been disqualified and yet I disqualify Celes and Tanya.
……This it seems is not good.

What if both of them protest to me later?
Protest… They won’t do it, will they? What should I do?

I’m sure Tanya won’t do something funny.
Un……Let’s apologize to them before they ask for it later.

I am slightly cunning.

However, if I was already disqualified after my number was being taken, Celes should have told me beforehand when I was fighting with Tanya.

If she had done so, I wouldn’t need to strip their numbers off.

Ah……No, it’s not good to run away from my responsibility.
To begin with, it’s my fault that I didn’t confirm the rules at all.

[Haa……Then, what about you?
Since I have taken your numbers, is Sharon gonna be alright?
Don’t you need two people to be present, right?]

If you said that I am disqualified, then Laurier is disqualified too.

Because I don’t have any reason to rush any longer, then I can take it slowly now. Mainly I have to give up.
So, that’s why I want to hear about what I’m worried about.

[It’s alright.
It’s being written that you need two people to be present.]

[Is that so… Is it so?]

Even though I do not understand it well… In other words, the purpose of the last island, is the strategy about making a two person team?

You can advance while cooperating as two people together, while one of them is being entrusted with the numbers, the other person will turn to the defense, or someone can become a decoy, or they can collect the numbers separately like Laurier or Sharon did earlier.

And then, without saying which team will be able to safely reach the goal.

[By the way, it was written on the sheet of rules from the island that one of the people on the team will be given three minutes… In other words, until they have confirmed the rules, they cannot be allowed to attack other people. That’s written on it.]

Hee, is that so?

That’s right.
If there is no such rules, it’ll be quickest to lie in wait and then ambush the other parties who have just landed.

I see.
Certainly, we’re checking on the island rules at the same time.
After that, for three minutes, everyone reads the rules.

It is only I who didn’t confirm reading the content.

Well, I guess I can’t do anything.
It is too late to understand such things now.

This place has become my first disappointment ever since I have arrived on this island, a shadow appears from the bush at my side.
Because I had used my second trump card, I had temporarily cut off my Search magic. I was surprised for a moment.
I reflexively turned my head that way.

[Ah, you’re here.
Wew, I was so surprised.
Suddenly Haru-kun is shining, and dashing off before I was aware of it.
Eh, Haru-kun, what’s the matter?]

Kagura appears in front of me.
I suddenly got a pain in my neck since I sharply moved it, I fell prostrated on the ground.

[Eh. Then, Haruto is working hard to take the numbers, while not knowing about it?]

I somehow managed to ease the pain in my neck, and I told Kagura-san about what I heard from Laurier.
We have already been disqualified, so there is no need to perform the farce for the reaction.
Laurier has already got up, she started to stretch to check her body condition.
The recovery ability of devils sure is scary. Are you a monster?

[I didn’t know about it…
The number will only be pasted once, Kagura-san, you didn’t say anything about it?]

Towards Kagura-san reaction, I said my resentful words.
Although what I did seems bad, but I don’t intend to blame other people about this, even so it should be no problem if it’s this much.

[No, it’s already stated in the whole rules that we can’t reattach it back after it was peeled-off……]

Ah, is that so?
In the first place, it was not good.

I was wrong from the very beginning. I’m sorry.

[Eh, not that, but this is it.]

After she said it, she pointed at her left arm.
With the tip of her finger, there is a number attached to Kagura-san arm.

It-it’s attached…….

[Eh? W…why?
Why… is that? It can be attached?]

[It’s because I applied magic to attach it.
I already did that in the shop, do you need see it?
Ce-chan did that while I was helping with the chores though.] (TL Note: Refer to Celes-chan)

To my surprise reaction, Kagura-san answering like it was nothing.

Did you do it in the shop?
No, I didn’t know. I don’t know at all?
When did such a thing happened?

… I see.
Since Celes knew about it, when both Kagura-san and my numbers were peeled-off, why she didn’t say anything?

[Hey, with this, you’re not being disqualified and it is still possible to reach the finish line, isn’t it?]

I did not expect it, but it would not be a problem if I could attach the number.
The hopeful feeling was pouring down and shining brightly.

….Eh, no, this is what about it?

In the rules, it said being peeled off, even if we re-attach it to get to the goal line.

Un……I know something was wrong.
I was certainly feeling bad.

Can we honestly be pleased with getting to the goal unfairly?
Can I say that this is a true victory?

Inside me, my spirit of justice is questioning my morals.
Do I want to win using this method? Should we bravely accept defeat?

……Oh well.

My spirit of justice was easily defeated.
This is a thing that a former hero will do.

I want to win.

I want the money today.
I want to get the victory prize of this race.

The tailor for outfits and the research for the local products which made me grin long ago.
Quickly… I want to do them as soon as possible!

Where did the original reason for my weapon procurement go?
That kind of thing can be postponed.

Anyway, my decision is already firm.

Let’s do it Kagura-san.
Toward our glorious victory.

I stand-up, and tried to hold Kagura-san.
At that time, I anxiously turn to look at Laurier.

[Nn? What?]
[Nothing, we’re gonna head to the goal now, it’s already impossible for you to become the winner of this race]

Considering Laurier, if we did some cheating in front of her, it is getting in the way of their own victory.
She still seems to be recovering from the damage, this is a situation where she won’t be able to say any complaints to obstruct me.

[No, I won’t particularly do anything.
Well, I’ll consider this a loan by overlooking this matter.]

[…… I see. Understood]

I’m relieved that Laurier is taking it easy.
She is likely satisfied after fighting against me.
Since this girl is a battle maniac after all.

After that, I princess carry Kagura-san using one hand, I was already completely used to it.
I need to be endure the pain in my joints because of my trump card boost though.

But since I was able to place my fingers on this smooth thigh, a little bit of the pain is blowing away.
Alright, shall we go?

I might be judged to be disqualified because I spent a lot of time on here.
……No, I was already disqualified.

My body is aching, running at full speed is painful.
However, it’s still alright, I should hurry.

And, this time is for me to run toward the goal of the island.

[Wait for a second, Haruto!]

Laurier called to stop me.

[Hm. What? What is it?]

I need to move fast, I wonder what it is?

I stopped, Laurier saw me while groaning.

Seriously what is it?
As expected, she won’t overlook this cheating?

If you don’t want to say anything, I will be going now]

[Mu……Well, I told you to wait.]

Laurier said that, and then she turned around to behind me.
Seriously what is it?


I heard her small voice at my back, she is jumping onto my back.
It hurt?!
Even from the light impact, my back is aching in pain.

[O-oi… What are you doing?]

[Hya, you see, it’s because of you all of my body is in pain.
That’s why, you must take me too.]

[Hahaha! Lau-nyan is cute.]

Noticing what Laurier means, Kagura-san is laughing in an unusual voice.

What can you say about this girl?

Aa… Is it that?
She became jealous because of the princess carry?

So it is that.
Laurier is jealous because I stroked her head earlier, she is surely a spoiled child.

Fufu. She is cute.

I see I see, I guess it can’t be helped.
In that case, you can stick with me without reserve.

Honestly, though it is extremely hindering, I will show you my dependable abilities.

And then, while I was being sandwiched between big boobs in my arms, and the tiny breasts on my back, I begin to run towards the goal of glory.

At night, with a whiff, I plunge my head onto the bed.
Even though being wrapped in the soft bed is comfortable, the aftereffect of the body reinforced boost is gonna be painful.
The other participants went out for dinner and participated in the various festival-like things being held the night after the race, but right now I’m only by myself. (TL Note: I’m not clear about this, but maybe Haruto anticipated that he will unable to move after the race end?)
After passing the last island, we landed on the nearby opposite shore, the marathon that started in the coastline to Angel waited.
The final goal is the same sandy beach location as the starting point in Angel.
While being sandwiched by the girls in front and behind, I ran without understanding the situation well.

Even though I don’t understand it well, but Kagura-san’s breasts are shaking whenever I run, while the small breasts of Laurier is rubbing against my back.

Toward those pleasures, while my body is in pain because of the aftereffect of the boost, I’m able to adjust it so I can endure it, that’s why I can run single-mindedly.

There is no problem with this situation either.
Compared to the other participants, we were considerably in the lead because my running speed is faster than the level of a normal person.

However, someone is approaching.
Obviously that someone is Sharon.

Since my body is still in pain, and I’m also holding both Laurier and Kagura-san, so I am not able to put out my maximum speed.
But, I didn’t expect someone to catch up.

It’s because Sharon only has her own numbers.
It’s necessary to collect 8 points of numbers to leave from the last island, I thought she would take more of time.

However, Sharon did it.
What on earth, during that short time, she had defeated eight adventurers.

She gripped the eight numbers in her hand.
That’s exactly ten points together along with her own number which she had put on her left arm.

And then, she demonstrated the results of her usual practice here, she chased after me with tremendous speed.

I didn’t expect that she was this fast.
No, if it’s speed, I can understand it well.
Do you really have that much endurance?

Moreover, I do not know why, but Laurier who strangled my neck from my back is trying to support Sharon.
I wish I had left her behind back then.

Although I thought that I could shake her off greatly, to be able to so easily stick to me firmly without separating, I concluded that if she ran without too much effort or concern, she would be able to run fast.

At any rate, the dead heat started from here.
However, I was exhausted and furthermore I’m carrying extra luggage, so I was being overtaken by Sharon before the goal, and she finally overtook me.
I was being cornered, and as a last-resort measure, I couldn’t do anything except activating the body reinforcement boost.

In this situation it’s dubious on whether it’s a trump card anymore.
The downgrade of this card is because it was thoughtlessly used in this trifling pinch.

In the end, right before Sharon exceeded the goal line, I was able to achieve a dramatic turn-around victory.

It’s the moment to be impressed.
A lot of difficulties were surpassed, at one point we revived like a phoenix despite receiving the disqualification sentence of despair, also I was forced into an unexpected hard fight at the end, and in the last stretch I was able to turn the tables splendidly.

This is the moment…Where I am shining.

Actually, Sharon who just missed the victory during the last minute, also witnessed my last super speed. Like she had forgotten the thing of having already been defeated, she turned towards him with her eyes glistening with respect while saying [Haruto is amazing!].

Because I have strengthened my body to the limit, without care to my appearance, I collapse with a crumple after the goal, I fell on top of Kagura-san who I was holding and my face plunged into those big breasts.
However, as if she was saying [Good work], Kagura-san gently stroked my head, this kind of thing made my heart pound.
Ah, the softness of her breasts, it’s indescribable.
To my regret, my neck was sore so I couldn’t rub against them.
In the future, I want to be drowned in her breasts.

Though I think back to her considerable loquacity, the moment of glory is wonderful no matter how many times I think about it.

Naturally, I don’t want to remember the things afterwards.

I instinctively leaked a sigh.

In conclusion, I was not able to become the winner.
As for the reason, it’s because I reattached the number to my body.

My number had been taken in the forest… No, since the beach is the starting points, no, I think I’m positive that there is no confirmation from the sponsor at that time.

However, my number was really taken off by Sharon in the beach starting points.

The person in charge, who runs after the top group from the checkpoint on each island by the sea, conveyed the situation to the main venue. The scene where Kagura-san and I were disqualified was witnessed perfectly.

I’m standing in this main hall, during the time when the winner interview was being received, my unfairness was found out, thus my victory was cancelled, and I was branded with disqualification.

At that time, there was an old man judge who looked very scary, Mina made a regretful wry smile on the edge of the stage. And then, I can’t forget how Rithina was shaking her shoulders to hold off her laughing.

Aside from Mina, Rithina seems to be having fun somewhat.
Since it’s too obvious, this might be interesting for her.


……Anyway, in exchange for the glory on the stage, I was being showered by the voices of criticism from the audience as a cheater.

Actually, since it can’t be helped because I did a bad thing, but I was curious on the man’s voice who was strangely blaming me.

Those guys, compared to my absolute dishonesty, they might be jealous because I was ​​being surrounded by girls.

……That’s also escapism.
Let’s accept and be content with it.

Someone will always do a bad thing sooner or later.
As I thought, we should not do bad things, I will learn from this.

However, regardless on what I said, it’s hurts that I could not become the winner.
Because I was disqualified, I naturally didn’t become second place either.
I didn’t get even one col as a prize.

No, I should consider that I’m fortunate that I didn’t get any penalty. Think about it.
As the punishment, I need to do a town cleaning activity for one week.

Haa……I’m becoming sad when I remember it.

I will sleep for today.

The moment I give myself to the oncoming drowsiness and let go of my consciousness, I look back at the day while muttering.


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      1. The arguement that he is at fault because he should at least try to read the rules is actually bullshit. In the first place, this was a race. Having him try and read the rules for each island is an incredible waste of time, especially considering that even with that delay he still might not be able to understand what is written. Insisting he does it anyway while knowing his situation is the same as taking advantage of how he doesn’t know the rules yet. Having Kagura who can read do so and inform him of the rules so as to continue the race ASAP is common sense. Furthermore the races rules stipulate that they are not allowed to take an opponent’s number until 3 min after they have read the rules. That rule is there specifically to prevent teams from being disqualified before learning about the rules. Sharon waited for Haruto to ask his teammate to tell him the rules to start an argument with him and deliberately prevent him from hearing them until after the 3 min were up so she could steal his number without him having anyway to guess. Literally the only part of any of that where Haruto was actually in the wrong is that he did not confirm that the number could not be reattached before the race started. Honestly Sharon’s actions here are way worse than anything Haruto did during the race and I have started to dislike her somewhat.

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