Return of The Former Hero ch.98

Finally, a fuwafuwa and relaxing chapter.
This chapter explain to us that there is something that money can’t buy.

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Osura & Blackswordman

Chapter 98
Former Hero・Know the value of consolation prize.

I lightly drift around within a fluffy-feeling space.
While the inside of my consciousness is still being vacant, I feel that it’s not hot but it’s also not warm. That’s the good feeling that I’m feeling right now.
An innumerable hand extend around me.

A lot of soft and white hands grope my body.
Being rubbed in many places, this is a kind of pleasure that doesn’t exist in this world.
Ah… The bell of blessing is reverberated wonderfully in this Shangri-la.
RingDong, RingDong.
After the end of that pleasure, my soul feels as if it has ascended to Heaven. At that time, all of that hands crawls around my body all at once and pinch me
It huuuuuurttttttt!?
I came back to reality the moment acute pains run over my body.

I woke-up and I tried to raise my upper-body.
However, it’s painful.
So, I gave-up trying to set-up my body.

When I laid back my upper-back, I feel something warm extend on the back of my head.

[Are you awake?]

I lie down and look-up.
Then, I saw a moderate swelling… Not that. What I mean is I’ve seen Mina’s face.

It seems I have rested my head on her laps apparently.
It seems I’m also wrapped with squishy things all over my body beside the back of my head.
When I turned my gaze, I’ve seen something that’s not inferior than the blessing of Sharing-la just a moment ago.

Sharon in my right hand.
Rithina is my left hand.

Celes is on the thigh of my right leg, while my left leg is in between Tanya’s thigh.
And then, Laurier is already in top of my stomach.

Somehow everyone is wearing a swimsuit.
What is this? Am I in Heaven?

I am already naked before I notice it.

Ehh? Somehow I’m already naked.
There is also a cold sensation on my lower-half of my body.

No, it’s good anyway.

[Etto… Good morning?]

[Good morning. But, it’s still night Haruto-sama]

Even though I have awaken in pain, my head is still refreshingly clear. There’s something skin-colored in my field of vision when I’ve woken up so I’m kind of lost if it’s dream or not.

Mina answers me gently toward my absent-minded greeting.
Apparently, this is not the continuation of my dream.

When I take glance to the window, the outside is certainly still dark.
It seems I have fallen asleep. What time is now?

Everyone has returned. Did the post-night festival has already ended?
Well, that’s enough. My naked body is now covered by everyone wearing swimsuits. The skin-to-skin touching feels so good.


Although it is common things to get tangled completely when naked with each other, due to the visual technique of hiding all of the best parts employed by the swimsuits, the girls’ skin and the texture of the swimsuit touching my skin, the frustration born from that gives way to some greater carnal feeling welling up inside me.

Is it because I have just woken up or is it because of this situation? I am becoming energetic even though there is still some pain left after using boost.

There is no honour.
Nope Nope, this situation itself is weird.

… Eh? Since I am in paradise earlier I have forgotten something. What was the cause of the pain a while ago?

[Earlier, I woke-up because of a terrible pain. What did you do?]

[After we have returned, Haruto-kun seems very worn-out, so everyone discussed and decided to massage you. Did it hurt?]

Rithina answered my question.
I see. A massage.

[I see. I’m happy to have received a massage on this situation, but I want you to do that after I have woken up]

[Ar. But Haruto-kun, you have said that it’s one of your dreams to wake-up on this situation, isn’t?]

Umu. It’s certainly like she said.
This situation is a little bit different than what I have thought though.
But, it’s incredibly painful.

Is it so?
Anyway, I can only say this after they did this much for me.

[Thank you]

A word of thanks is flowing from the bottom of my heart.

[Fufu. Hey, Haruto-kun?
If it’s painful to receive a massage, what should we do now?]

After Rithina asking that, I lifted my hand and thrust it in between her two soft swellings.
My arm is being squished between an elastic feeling now.

Awesome. Even though I already know it before, this feeling is still awesome.
You see, my arm kinda disappears when it’s being held between those chests.

[Is it not painful?]

[It’s pleasant]

Rithina is smiling toward my fake words. She gripped her breast from the right and left and pressed them.

Rithina, who is worried about me, tested different things.
Every action she does is erotic. I will once again remember this in deep of my heart.

So cute.

[Nee, Haruto.
On your last amazing acceleration, what did you do?
Can I also do it?]

Sharon is talking to me this time.
She seems get inspired by Rithina after hearing our talk. Sharon takes my arm and sandwiches it between her breast.
Sadly however, she won’t be able to cover all of it.

This is sad, but this is also reality.

[No, how should I put it.
It might be possible for you to do it, but it’ll be impossible to be like me.
Moreover, I don’t recommend it since it’ll make you similar to my current condition]

[I see… Muu~]

Sharon is sulking after hearing my answer.
I thought that she will dissatisfied after I don’t recommend using that strengthening boost, but apparently it is not.
She hugs my arm closely and holds it with her both of her hand. After that she put my finger in her mouth.


[Nom… Ith ihs a hamehlehss hideah, his hit hnot?] (TL Note: This is a shameless idea, is it not?]

Eh? Why?

When you’re talking while sucking my finger, the way you’re talking is gonna be funny.
I understand it roughly.
More like, it’s because of you that I had been disqualified you know.

[Well, the race is already over. So it can’t be helped]

Is she answering my words?
Somehow she is being entranced while licking my finger, isn’t she?

However it’s so mysterious.
When the tip of my finger is being licked, my muscles are vibrating.
It’s like, there’s a desire that needs to be filled.

Sharon’s spirit of devotion is high.
And since she’s so easily influenced by those around her, I can get her to do certain things to me, leading to her current erotic actions towards me.


[Laurier, is your body alright?]

I talked to Laurier who is taking up a position on my stomach.

[Nn? Ah, I am alright.
But to think that the excellent Haruto would end up like this.]

Already alright. That’s awesome. In case of me, I need to stay in bed for several days.

[That aside. Even though the result was regrettable for Haruto, you still have shown your ability, and I am satisfied]

Laurier said that, and then she leaned herself to my chest having a face with amorous expression.
Her small body is completely settled with my body.

On the end of race, I felt Laurier’s small breast on my back. But this time I can feel it on my chest.
Moreover, she buried her face on my neck and begin licking it.

If both of my hands were free, it will be in a situation wherein I’ve grabbed her ass now.
So cute.

[Celes and Tanya, I’m sorry.
You two were disqualified because of me]

On the other side of Laurier, I called Celes and Tanya.

Simply put, I did bad things to both of them.
So I want to apologize most to these two girls.

[For me.
I didn’t think that I would be able to win the race in the first place, so Oni-san doesn’t need to apologize. It’s fine]

Celes said that.
What a unselfish girl.

[I was almost winning, you know.
But well, I don’t want to complain since I’ve lost]

Tanya is being frank as usual.
Oh yeah, I have made bet with this fellow.

If I win, she will become my woman.

Even though the result was a disqualification on both sides, but what about it?
Now, I also lost the race. Is it good to consider this as my win?

Usually, Tanya is sleeping soundly on the corner of the bed during this time. But right now, she has joined the circle. She gently strikes my foot. Is it okay to interpret that as an OK confirmation?

[Wa! … O,oni-san, you’re so energetic]

I won’t say exactly what part she’s looking at but Celes, is now observing my naked ‘delight’, and stares at it while her face turns red. I won’t say what she’s looking at though.

My thigh is being stroked by Celes and Tanya’s palms. It slowly begins to lengthen and stretch.
When things that goes up, I don’t need to say it, don’t I?

Both of my feet are being sandwiched by their thighs. They are also caressing it with their hands, the pleasant sensation is very different.

On the other hand, Celes’ thigh is a pure white colour that gives the impression of slenderness, as you would expect of an elf. However to that same extent, her skin’s smooth texture makes my thighs feel a truly exceptional sensation.


As for Tanya’s thigh, I can feel her sticking firmly to my skin like a mochi rice cake since she is on her adult mode.

Furthermore, the level of her beast hair has grown to the tip of hands and feet too. Did you take a bath earlier? There is no sticky feeling because the seawater and the silky hairs feels ticklish. It made me shiver when I am being touched and stroked by the tips of her hairs.

So cute.

It seems you’re in pain when moving. So for today, everyone decided to thoroughly ease Haruto.
If you are tired, you can sleep as it is now]

Mina said it while patting my head.

It’s a comfortable and pleasant when my head is being patted by Mina.
This really gives off a peace of mind. I’m being wrapped by a feeling of satisfaction.


Nevertheless, I can’t just sleep in a situation like this.
Rather, is there any normal guy who can sleep on this situation? If it’s me, it’s impossible.
Obviously, I feel like doing it everyday.

[I see. To be honest, I am unable to move today, so I am happ–?!]

When I was talking to Mina, Laurier who is in high-spirits, seems to be satisfied licking my neck, and the goes on to kiss me.

[Nom… Nn… Haruto… Nn~~ Kiss~]


What with you Laurier?
It seems you’re different than usual.

There was a situation like this before.
… It is after we fought against that meteor guy.

When I showed-up my ability, she goes dere in an instant.
When is it like this, the spoiled Laurier is very wonderful.

Right now, I am being kissed as if I’m being pecked by a selfish woodpecker.

Wa-wait! I can’t breath… nmu]

Dangerous. The engine of the transformed Laurier is running wild.

Help me Sharon.
I sent a glance to Sharon.

Sharon, who still holding my finger on her mouth, noticed my glance.

[I, I want to do it too]

Not that, that’s not what I mean.

However, since my mouth is blocked by Laurier, it’s impossible for me to talk.
In the blink of an eye, Sharon who was embracing my arm closely moves close and kisses me. She is kissing me in turns along with Laurier.

After that, everyone comes together as expected.
Me too. I also want it. I want it too. Me too. The storm of kissing purrs down not only on my mouth, but also at the corner of my whole body.
Ah, this is too amazing. I am being consumed.

At that time, there is a voice on my ear.

[Although you can’t be the winner, this is the reward for the hard-working Haruto]

I don’t know who have said that.
Since she has called me with my first name, is it either Sharon, Laurier, or maybe Tanya?
No, it might be someone else who wants to call me different than usual.

Well, there’s no problem with these things.
Is this a dream or reality?

Nope, this is not a dream. This is reality.
This is, the reality that I have obtained with my hands.

The victory, the reward, it’s alright if those kind of things cannot be obtained.
This is a harem only for me.

It’s something that cannot be bought with money.
My harem, is a reward.

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