Return of The Former Hero ch.99


I-I’m not jealous at all.

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

Chapter 99. Former Hero・Thinking about the future.

Two weeks have passed since the race.
Even though I was asleep for about one week after the race, I was able to live a comfortable life thanks to the girls group for devotedly nursing me.
I still managed to go to the restroom by myself, but I need to be given piggyback rides to go everywhere else.

When I moved, someone drew close to both of my sides to support me, and when it was time to eat, they all took turns to feed me.
I was hoping that they would be feeding me mouth-to-mouth though.

When I took a bath, they carefully washed every corner of my body, and sometimes, they would also use their supple bodies to wash me.

Everyone carried out various ideas to serve me so as to not become a burden for me when the night comes.
This is what I have taught them a long time ago.
Since everyone loves me, they did their best to practice the things that I like.

Moreover, the girls did all of those while wearing maid outfits.
This is exactly like being a King.
During that time, Laurier and Tanya were especially sticking onto me. They are in a dere period.

These two girls cling and sleep together on both of my sides whenever I’m sleeping and unable to move during the daytime.
While my feet is being entangled and their hands are laying on my body, my gaze draws to their breasts all the time.

And then, they are pestering me to kiss them in turns.
How should I put this, they are really cute girls.

Well, the common things in this world will slowly be forgotten while I live like this, so I’m reluctant to continue living this way for a long time.

Being degenerates.
It’s like I’ll become a beast that only has lust.

To be honest, I have recovered enough on the third day thanks to them, but it took me two days to sever myself from the temptation.

So dangerous.

And then, after the former hero succeeded in returning to the world using willpower which was harder and stronger than orichalcum, awaiting him was the clean-up activity that was the penalty for the disqualification of the race.

It’s not like it’s necessary for me to do it, is it? Though I said that, well, it can’t be helped.
Therefore, for one week, I’ll diligently clean the town.
The penalty is basically to clean the coast and pick up the garbage in the town.

Normally, the work needed me to carry a broom and a dustpan, but I decided to improve the efficiency and created a plan for it.

I gather the sand that flutters on the roadside with magic and harden it.
Along with this process, I used the tentacles of sand to collect the garbage at the same time.

At the first, I took me time to construct the image, but it is me after all, the former hero.
By the end of the first day, I got the hang of the method and succeeded in surpassing the efficiency which was not able to be done using a broom.

What about the precise control of the sand tentacles?
I have already been accustomed to handling the six girls in my party many times.
So I achieved overwhelming and precise control.

With my improved mood, I did better than I expected and uselessly became motivated. I was determined to go around the city of Angel in this week.

In the first few days, the residents of Angel were fearfully trembling at my figure which was manipulating the tentacles made of sand and collecting garbage, but they gradually got used to it and began to come to observe my magnificent magic technology.
In this area, as expected from the town which gathered a lot of engineers.
They are a group of people who cannot win against intellectual curiosity.

Out of them, some came to talk to me directly, and a lot of the time those people would take the opportunity to barrage me with questions.
In addition, I deepened my interaction with the children who played in that part of town.
It’s not like I dislike kids anyway.
By no means, I’ll never do any wicked intention to the girls who will blossom into beautiful girls in several years.

But well, looking after the innocent kids, it’s kind of purifying my mind.
After drowning in my lust for one week, I had returned back to my innocent self.

Using Restraint of Earth Bind, I created swings, a jungle gym, a seesaw and a slide.
After having made such playground equipment from magic in the open plaza, I suddenly became the children’s hero.

When the kids were gathering around me, I also become enthusiastic.

I felt that there were plenty of opportunities to play with the cute girls preferentially, but I wasn’t looking at them sexually, it was just a feeling of admiring their lovely simplicity?
Let’s leave the kind of things like laying a hand on the 8 years old Tanya to later, right?

For one week, with my contribution to society, the disgrace of being a cheater might have been removed.

Regardless if it’s only my name that goes bad, Kagura-san who was also disqualified and in the same party as me has also become known as a cheater.
I cannot leave such a strange disgrace.

Come to think of it, Kagura-san has also received a penalty that was different from me.
If I’m not mistaken, she was made to do some activity as an engineer?

I have visited Kagura-san’s shop several times after the race, but since it’s always closed it’s impossible for me to meet her.

If possible I want to get more closer with Kagura-san.
However, Kagura-san’s living base is in this town, and since I don’t have any intention to settle down in this town, it’s become quite a difficult problem.

Leaving that aside, today is the last day of the cleaning penalty, I had splendidly done a clean sweep of the whole town, and I have told the children that today is the last day for me to play in the park.

The kids expressed their emotions directly.

Some disagree and start crying, some gripped my pair of trousers while looking down. There are kids who acted cool saying it’s okay but their voice is trembling. There are kids who seem to not be interested and are playing in a place far from me, but they sometimes sneak a peek at me.
Among them, there are little girls who say to stay together and want to marry me when the time comes.

Oh no, they are so cute.
This happened just because I played together with them for one week.
I am also completely filled with watery eyes, I feel like I’m going to stay here permanently.
Kids are not good. They are still too small. Especially for me.
But, a person will become strong after experiencing separation.
I firmly endure my tears, and bid them farewell.
Good bye. Stay strong together you kids.

Afterwards, I silently approach several girls who get along well with me, I told them to [Please approach me again in five years].

This might have become a problem in my former world.

However, several years later, if I come back to this town again, at that time they might join my harem.
Well, the kids might forget as the time passes.

Then, the next day after finishing the penalty.
After being done with the usual morning practice, we gathered to have lunch together at the hotel.

[Hmm… There are some other things that’s why I gathered everyone today.
It is because I want to discuss our plans of the future.]

There is a table in front me and I sit in the chair. I am in front of everyone who is sitting on the bed, I declare the topic of discussion as the chairman.

Waa… Applause…
I received a thin applause.

The only ones who gave me an applause, is only Sharon and Celes? Thank you.

Rithina sits at the angle about 30 degree from me.
I often see this in puzzle, she looks like the old portraits of an old man.
Since she is a princess, she is likely not gonna applause in the beginning of the conference.
Somehow I understand so it’s alright.

Mina is behind Rithina, she is a little bit away from me.
Since she is following after Rithina, so there’s no question about that.

Tanya opened her mouth big and yawned.
Where did her dere period go? No, that is completely unrelated.
Oh well. The meeting might be too complicated for a 8 year old kid after all.

Laurier sat on the bed while making crackling sounds with her foot.
This is not the first time she did that.
Does she really only have a one-year difference with Celes?

She is in the same childish group as Tanya. The breast-size too.

Oh well.
Since she stretches her legs apart and makes noise with her foot, I can peek at her panties so I guess it’s fine.

Eh? What’s with this decision?
It looked like I’m fooling myself.

There is the main subject for now.

[Everyone, as we know, what should we do about this?]

After I said it, I took out a letter from my pocket.
We received this letter after the race ended, it was passed by someone we didn’t know.

Even though I don’t remember the fine details because of the pain in my body, the last dash was really terrible. Although we got disqualified, reaching the goal as first place is praiseworthy, or something like that as far as I can remember.

After that, the letter was passed on at the end of the talk.
The same letter was also passed to Laurier and Sharon who became the winner team.

I properly read the letter this time.
As expected, the experience during the race is painful to remember, and I wasn’t stupid enough to act ignorant about it. (TL Note: MC learn his lesson to study the written isekai language)

I comprehend that the contents of letter for Laurier and Sharon was same, I confirmed it with my own eyes.
I can do it if I tried.

Well, I have been taught by Sharon and Rithina.
Although the topic has strayed a bit, but my understanding on the different world language is progressing a lot these two weeks.
I am still unable to read smoothly, but I’m proud to be able to read bit by bit.
And thus, why is the studying progress fast?
It’s because of the method of studying from Rithina.

The method is simple.
Whenever I can digest something, I’ll get a reward from one girl.

It is a kiss, a service, touching the breasts, and rubbing the butt.

Even if the person related is not in charge, I can get it anytime and anywhere that I want. I despise myself for not thinking of it.

Of course, it feels good to kiss when I want to, but it is said that it is a reward. Being kissed by Sharon while she said [You done it well, here is your reward!], good grief, it kinda gives it quite a different meaning.

And, if being taught by Sharon is like a study meeting with a childhood friend, being taught by Rithina is like an individual class with a female teacher.

Rithina bends forward and she showed the cleavage of her breasts, [You seem to have done well, what do you want as a reward?] and she grabs the tie at my neck with her fingertips~~[I want teacher as my reward!] and then press her against the desk, from behind….

[Hey! The study is not finished yet, you know?]

[Sensei! I, I can’t endure it any longer!]

[Mou… What a problem kid. I’ll give you supplementary lessons later, okay?]

That said, Rithina is easy to get into.
That is, I want glasses for her.

There is no other reason why my study can make progress with this.
Although there was a thing that doesn’t make progress in another meaning either.

… Oops, I strayed from the topic too far.

The content of the letter from the first to the last, I confirmed it by reading with my eyes.

And then, there is only one point of it, if I can summarize the content.

You have been invited to the battle tournament which will be held in four months.


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