A random rant for this week. (11 August 2017)

Thanks for all of your supports~
Please keep supporting me so I can deliver more chapters to you all! 😀

This post gonna filled with my random rants and maybe interesting information for you, feel free to read or to ignore it.

1. Amayui’s translation is still alive. Eushully has just released the AP03 last night. And we’re waiting for our copy coming. *cough*


As reminder. Yes, she is “might be” Yuela from Kamidori.

The other updates within the AP03 is:
18 new maps, 60 new items, 40 new enemies, A new facility formation, Additional 2 new story, and new placement area in guarakuna. 

Heck, that’s a lot of updates! We will do our best! >:3

2. I have updated the ToC for Motoyuusha. I also added several new illustrations on the Motoyuusha Gallery.

I will ninja edit’d the previous chapters who suppose has the illustration later. Te-hee~ 😛

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Out of my surprise, Nishi-sensei (the author of Motoyuusha) is actually Fate/Grand Order’s player too! His waifu is Nero Claudius. Well, he seems go whaling on this Summer Event 2017. XD

Waifu for laifu.

Here is several of his drawing:

Shielder Laurier

Saber Sharon

Rider Rithina

Assassin Tanya

Rider Aura

Caster Kagura

Mooncancer Caroline

All of them are the heroines from his novel.
For those who forgot, Aura and Caroline is the party members of the current world Hero, Leon.

The current Hero Leon and the other world Former Hero Haruto. They seems fated to meet again sometimes in the future chapter. 🙂


3. I’m sure some of you noticed the PlayAsia on the right-side menu.

If you need Stream giftcard, or got urge to buy GooglePlay card to roll the gacha, please use those links and buy it on playasia. It will be win-win solution for everyone! Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reading~

I’ll try to speed-up the release for Motoyuusha chapters for the following week. 🙂
Please pray for me I can get one or more SSR Servant in FGO so I can post a bonus chapter. >w<)


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