Return of The Former Hero ch.100

Chapter 100… T-T
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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Alex

Chapter 100
The Former Hero. Read the letter

[First, what is Haruto-kun going to do?]

Rithina asks the most important point..

It would be no exaggeration to say that even though I will hear and respect everyone’s opinion, I am the one who would make final-decision on this party in the end.
No matter how anyone may object it, if I say that I want to go by all means, it would likely be the end result.

Well, as long as there are no excruciating circumstances, it won’t turn into situation where I will be overcoming their opposition, though.

Well then… What is it that I want to do?

[Honestly, I don’t like to do something this troublesome]

I express my thoughts honestly .

[Ee…. You are not interested?
It is a battle tournament, you know? A battle tournament!]

When she heard that I said it was “troublesome”, Sharon made an objection.
I’m sure you want to go, right? That’s obvious.

For the time being, I decide to hear everyone’s opinions first.

As the result, the group who wants to go is Sharon, Laurier, and Tanya.
The group which is fine with either decision is Rithina, Mina, and Celes.
The group who doesn’t want to go is me.

Oi, am I the 1-man group? I felt like I’m being alienated.
No, it would be okay even if we go. Either way is good.
That’s right. I’m also in “fine with either decision” group. .

I’m glad, I am not the 1-man group.

Since there is no one in group which doesn’t want to go, shall we go then?

However, it was a bit unexpected for Rithina to say that she’s fine with whatever decision.
I was thinking whether Rithina would surely be going with what she would like to do.

Also, Tanya seems wanting to go, I wonder if this girl understands that she herself hasn’t got the letter.
Probably not.

I suppose there is a limit on number of participants as well…. right?

[Alright. Then, let’s follow participation route ]

Although we have gathered in exaggeration, the decision was easily achieved.
In the first place, this matter is not the one where there would be disputes.

In any case, what should I do with my current situation?

One. I don’t have any money.
Second. Because I have been disqualified from the race, I can’t earn money by registering as an adventurer.
Third. Since I don’t have any money, I cannot receive/buy/have made of me a weapon.

For the first two, I would probably be able to manage it, I guess?

During the week I was cleaning the town due the penalty, Laurier became an adventurer with Sharon in this town.
Having received an honor of being the race winners, they have been registered as adventurers which was a special privilege in their case.

Thus, I’m thinking that if I can have the town see it in a way of me being a helper to Sharon’s work, I should be able to make some pocket money out of it.
Just in case, I have confirmed that there won’t be any problem even if the guild’s work accepted by the adventurers is done by other people as long as the same adventurers are acting as supervisors.

Certainly, because there won’t be any meaning to restriction of making a new registration when someone overdoes all the same, they have to watch over this in moderation. At this point, a warning would be given by guild’s people too.

The main problem is the weapon.
Even if I can earn pocket money, it is unlikely I would be able to earn enough for a brand new weapon.

I don’t want to rely too much on her, but should I ask Rithina and borrow some money from her…
No, I feel like I would be giving a bad example to others. So troubling.


After disbanding the discussion forum, as I was staying in my room and worrying by myself, Rithina came to talk to me.

[N? What is it? … Are you both of you alright to be late?]

Right now, in this room there are only Rithina and me, as well as Mina who is waiting in the back..
If I’m remembering it correctly, I heard that today the girls were supposed to go shopping together.

[We will go too before long]

[Yes. I asked everyone to go ahead]

the two girls answered my question.

[I see. So, what’s wrong? Did you left something behind?]

Since both of them answer one after another, it’s not about something forgotten, right?

[I have been thinking that I should confirm something with Haruto-kun, for a short while]

Haa. What is it?

[Haruto, what are you planning for the future? That’s what I want to know]

Rithina said that with a serious face.

Haven’t we already decided to go to battle tournament a moment ago after this?

No, maybe it’s not about the short-term future?

[Etto… it’s not about going to the battle tournament… right?]

[Yeah, that’s right]

To my question lacking self-confidence, Rithina sweetly smiles.

[Well, I think it’ll be embarrassing to be asked so suddenly. Therefore, here]

After Rithina said that, she presented to me the two letters.
The envelope is somewhat gorgeous and has an ornament on it.

[The one letter has just arrived yesterday. It’s from father]

Father, you mean… the King?
Eh?! The King!?

Rithina has been sending letters to the royal capital regularly.
The other side did it too.

I wasn’t particularly meddling with this matter, the communication seemed natural I believe it might have been the reports regarding me.

This letter from the King has come yesterday and she is giving to to me?

I wonder why?
I only hope it’s not something bad.
My spine is like cracking now.

[Hey, Haruto-kun?
It doesn’t have bad content, you know?]

When she looked at me trembling and sweating, Rithina made a follow-up.
Is it not bad news? Phew, I’m glad.

[I-I see. Then, the other one?]

The number of envelopes is two. No, since the contents are two, then it’s two letters? Either way is fine, I suppose.

[This one I have written last night]

Did Rithina write it?

[I… See… Then, what is it about?]

Since I don’t understand its contents , I ask Rithina for the explanation, however.

[Because we will go to shopping soon, I don’t have time to explain it.
T-h-a-t’s-w-h-y, please read the content of the letter slowly in the meantime, okay?]

Rithina quickly winks at me.
Oh no, she is so cute. My heart has tighten-up for a moment there.

Wait, does she mean that can I read the letter by myself? Seriously?

[Read it slowly and please consider its content… This is your little homework]

Content… Are the matters that were asked by Rithina a little while ago written in it?
However, reading it by myself… This is troublesome, [if you can do it before night, I will then…]

Before I revealed my complaint, Rithina continues speaking.
And then, she slouches while saying so and places her hand on my cheek.

Her face get closer.

In addition, her hand move along my neck and then to my chest.


If….. if I read it and consider (its content) properly, then, at night, what will happen?

I, I will do my best!
I’m so easy.

Is she satisfied watching my appearance? Rithina suddenly laughs, and separates her hand from me.
Ah, I’m still throbbing hard.

[Then, I’ll right back. Please do your best]

Chu… Before leaving, Rithina lightly kisses me on mouth and then heads towards the door..

I have reconfirmed once again my reading skill after one week study.
That girl is really genius if it’s about drawing out my motivation.
I have no other way but to find out the letter’s content even if I have to do anything, and write a reply before night.

[H… have safe trip]

Although I haven’t expected it, I’m still fluttered because that kiss. I send her off with stuttering voice.
Mina soundlessly opens the door and Rithina gets out from the room.
At that moment, she whispers something to Mina.

After being surprised for a moment, Mina takes a glance to me.
I wonder what is it?
When I’m still guessing, Mina doesn’t move to follow Rithina, and instead comes to me.

[Oh? T-this is!]

[Haruto-sama. Umm… I, I will go too]

Mina saying so while fidgety moving, she then kissed me.

This is as expected.

After that, before I said “see you soon”, Mina ran away like an escaping rabbit.

The reason on why Mina felt shy, I still don’t understood it well.
However, the “see you soon” kiss of two people gave me the maximum rise-up in motivation.

This might be good chance.
The letter, shall I firmly check it?

Then, during this daybreak… Kukuku….
My spirit has gone-up.

At the evening.
The girls have not returned yet.

I remembered they have talked about eating dinner outside, so it seems they are not gonna return for the time being.

That’s good.
As I am now, I still digest the homework left by Rithina.

Seriously, , it took me a day to decipher a single letter.
Though I have to confirm the detailed words, I managed to grasp the rough content.

First of all, the letter from King.


Are you getting well with that man (meaning me)?
Papa is worried.

I heard you crossed the border, do you go to Elize Kingdom?
Sometimes I want you to come at a distance where I can see your face.
Papa is worried.

I also heard about the incident in Iris from Marquis Cordetto.
I was relieved after hearing you’re alright.
Papa is glad.

We still don’t understand well about the golem even after examining it.
Our intelligence division is useless. I might gonna reduce their salary later.

However, I was relieved when I heard you knocked it down at the international border.

Since you seemingly defeated the golem, the financial support from the Marquis’s household had finished.
Although I believe you’re gonna be safe, but if you start feeling hungry, you can return back home.

At that time, I’ll make sure that guy (talking about me) will receive a suitable reward.

Last thing, about the previous matter, what you written and sent by the letter is OK.
There is a good place for it, so if you do that, Papa will be glad.
Morelike, you did well found it. Papa was surprised.

I want to write various things, it will be soon the time for audience right now, so I will leave it at that.

Papa will looking forward for the letter from Rithina.
Take care.

Although my translation ability is just so-so, but it’s roughly like that.

Who expect it. That King.
Are you a foolish parent-type?
No, it’s charming, so he might be fine in particular.
But, I wonder what it was about the reward? I’m kinda scared to know.

Rather than such a thing, the important thing is the part about the passage from this previous .
Saying that Rithina has written it, she has written one more letter.

Letter from Rithina.


Recently, I know that Haruto-kun is embarrassed because he has no money.
Although I want to help out, but Haruto seems don’t want it, so I give-up.

Thus, since the matter I was thinking about from before has been acknowledged, I want to propose something.

Travelling together with Haruto-kun is a great deal, but I’m a princess, so I cannot go far away due to that.
So I was thinking on what I should do, and came to know that Haruto-kun is able to use a very convenient magic called teleportation magic.

Then, how about a territory in the Millis Kingdom?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the public order is bad in the kingdom, it’s a land that has turned lawless and being inhabited with monsters and thieves hideouts.

Even the Knight Order in the country, they cannot solved this painful problem easily.
It is necessary to reduce the Knight Order salary.

There is also different reason too, if Haruto-kun can suppress the land with using his power, it seems possible to have him recognized as a Lord over there.

The Hero Lion, although there was discussion about it too, but I cannot trust the land in the country to the Hero which comes from the Church.

While we travel around the world, if we can still move in and out the land with using teleportation magic, we will also be able to make money by using the tax revenue, and I think that we can build a shop that Haruto wanted. What do you think?

Well, this feeling.

Umu. This is really turned into amazingly big discussion.

I did speak clearly than I’m not interested in power.
I have not interested in power in the previous world, so I was sent back to the Earth.

So, I don’t have an interest to become Lord either.
I don’t but… The other proposals seem very attractive.


To begin with, I’m sure I’m not gonna be able to do domestic affairs.

However, Rithina seems have made consideration about it, so I would be a symbolic beings in the land instead.
Whenever there is an emergency, I’ll go to the frontline, and everything about domestic affairs can be left to the talents from the country.

I also wonder if this is fine to be like that, but it’s clear as day that I won’t be working diligently to bring satisfactory results.

Rithina is probably thinking about what would happen in the future

What should I do?

When I first came to this world, I didn’t want to approach any power, that was my policy.
However, well, I was nonchalantly attracted by maid in the royal capital, and after that I got acquainted with Rithina.

… Un. I see.
Well, this is not bad either, I guess.

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