Return of The Former Hero ch.105

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 105
Former Hero. Tickled on his inside.

Our destination is within an arm’s reach.
We will arrive there sometime between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


[It hurts!? Oi stupid, so you are the fellow who loves biting?] (Haruto)

[Fufun? Why are you spouting nonsense in the middle of battle?] (Laurier)


This girl, she is trying to talk her way out with sound-like arguments.

During the usual morning practice of grappling techniques, I’ve paired up against Laurier. Although I’ve pinned her down on the ground from behind, she, who can’t defeat me in terms of power, ended up biting onto my arm.
(TL note: Sorta like a piggyback position)


Oi, stop it. It hurts. It really hurts, you know.
Since she has two sharp canine-like teeth, it’s really painful when I get bitten by those.

However, I won’t yield to such means!

I strengthen the defensive ability of my arm with magic.
As I endure her bite attack, I counterattack by biting her neck instead.

[Hau? Nunu… I won’t lose!] (Laurier)

I cannot afford to remove her long hair, so I bite them together.
I don’t know why but I’ve heard that girls like to give their hair special treatment.

[Be an adult and accept your defeat] (Haruto)

[Fu..n! … Nnn?! Nuu… D-don’t lick my ear~….] (Laurier)

I’ve judged that the match won’t be decided with just biting each other so I push through Laurier’s hair with my face and start licking her small ears from behind.

Since Laurier has no other choice but to bite onto my arm in her current position, I can do something like this.

See, what can you do?
Isn’t the power of your bite slowly becomes weaker?

This movement is good on Celes and Laurier because they are not from the human race and have ears as one of their numerous weak points.
Tanya and Mina have them too.

Although it’s a weak point, it’s also an erogenous zone.

Anyway, to make Laurier surrender, I’ll use all of my knowledge that I possess.

I move my face to lick the ear on the other side.
And of course, I also crawl my tongue on her nape during that.

Her hair thrashes around and her face looks like it’s enduring an itch.

[Ah… Ku… Nn~…..!] (Laurier)

Because of the flurry of my assaults, Laurier’s fighting spirit is waning.

As proof, the power with which she bit my arm earlier gradually becomes weaker and it’s only play-biting now where she has it in her mouth.

My victory is near.

However, in order for Laurier to try and resist while squirming around, her hips are wriggling around, under my abdomen.

Umu. Don’t become energetic now.

[…..] (Sharon)

Sharon, who was watching us, has understood that this is a battle of life and death between me and Laurier. That was what her expression was saying.

The others, who were watching us as well, have started to disperse with the feeling like “Is the practice today over?”

[Celes-chan. Aah (…) can you take it?] (Sharon)

[Yes. It’s alright, I think. Etto… You just need to press this… And this…] (Celes)

[Wa! It came out. Amazing! It’s so mysterious!] (Sharon)

Just a while ago, Sharon who was observing us attentively, seems to have decided that practice is already over and started to review.

In the other day, we succeeded in creating magic to charge the smartphone. Celes has slowly begun to understand its functions and now she starts to look at today’s practice from start to finish.

Rithina goes off to help Mina. As for Tanya, she says [I want to do it too], and then she clings to me and bites the nape of my neck.

Ku. Stop it, you feral child
Your teeth are sharp as well.

[Haahaaa…. I, I understand. Haruto, I surrender. Therefore, stop, stop blowing into my ear… N.. Nnn…. Can’t.. Anymore…] (Laurier)

Laurier gives up earlier than I thought.

This fellow, hasn’t she become more sensitive lately?

Oh well. It’s probably a good thing.
I won.

I release Laurier from my pinning technique and pull off Tanya from the back of my neck with my other hand.

[Tanya, today is your day to help, right? Rithina has already went, so you should go too] (Haruto)

[Ee] (Tanya)

I say that when I pull off Tanya.

Tanya puffs her cheeks and raises a voice of protest.
Kuh. So cute.

No, I can’t be deceived.
She will end up becoming spoiled if she shows a cute face like that. (TL note: This means like one of those pouting faces)
This is where I need to be steadfast.

I keep my line of sight on Tanya and watch her intently.

[Uuu~… I understand. Then~, later~!] (Tanya)

Tanya breaks line of sight from me and obediently runs to help Mina.

That’s good. As expected from the dere mode.

As I see Tanya off, I suddenly notice that I’m still patting Laurier’s head who is still laying down on the ground.

Uwaa, my neck and left arm are covered with saliva from Tanya and Laurier.
In the other hand, Laurier’s neck and ear become sticky with my saliva.

…Although it’s still morning, but let’s construct the bath.
Even if it’s me, I don’t want to spend a day with saliva sticking on me.
Laurier probably has the same thought.

Speaking of bath, it’s possible to get an opportunity taking a bath together with Kagura-san along the way.
Although the towel is an absolute defense, we will be entering it together.


It’s a problem since I’m not sure whether it’s because she has a crude personality or it’s because of her favourable impression of me. (ED note: Also not sure here. Any suggestions would be welcome.)

Well, Kagura-san is also a girl.
I’m sure she will come out even if she is a hikikomori and enters the bath.

Or she might just like the bath.

Anyway, Kagura-san will surely come if I make a bath.

For the hikikomori Kagura-san, let’s make the bath in the daytime so that we can use it when the sun is still up. I decided it. Let’s do it.
After all, I’ll be able to see everything clearly during the day… What?



When I was looking forward to make the bath, I heard a very soft voice from somewhere.

[Haru-kun. Come here]

When I listen carefully, it’s apparently Kagura-san who is calling for me.

When I look around, Kagura-san is showing a bit of her face from the workplace and is beckoning towards her.

She seems like she doesn’t want to go out that bad. This is bad.

Oh well.
I’ll be sure to drag her to the outside later with the pretext of a bath.

That’s all.

[What is it?] (Haruto)

I stand up and walk to Kagura-san’s place.

[This…] (Kagura)

Kagura-san is showing only half of her face from the doorway of her workshop and passes me a single black board.

The heck, are you a vampire or something…?

[? What is this?] (Haruto)

I received the black board and took a look at it. But I still don’t understand what it is at all.

This is… a sword, isn’t it?

The part of the handgrip is similar but it’s too thin for a sword.
If it’s a rapier, it’s thinner but it doesn’t seem to be a rapier as well.
Besides, the length is shorter than the short sword that I often use.

It’s thicker than a rapier. It’s longer than dagger.
However, it’s thinner and shorter than a short sword.
It’s like an unfinished plate of it.

And more than anything, like I’ve just expressed earlier, there is a blade in it.

From the beginning, this doesn’t seem like a weapon. Is it another surprise item?

[You see, that’s the core of the sword that Haru-kun requested] (Kagura)

The core of a sword?
This is not a surprise item but a part of the sword?

Certainly, I had requested Kagura-san to make me a new sword.

It was planned that I would give her the money from my part-time job as a deposit before the race and paid the rest from the prize money. But since I was disqualified, the payment would be from the prize money of the martial arts competition.

[….Hee. So this is the core?] (Haruto)

Although I don’t understand how to make a weapon, I think that I have seen a Japanese sword in the olden times being forged from a board of iron plate.

So this is the same method then?

…. While I’m grateful that she has shown me the core of the sword that she managed to create, but for what reason did she give it to me?

When I send Kagura-san a glance, Kagura-san answers while yawning sleepily.

[Faa~ …. Nn~…. Put your magic into it a little] (Kagura)

[Magic? Etto… Okay] (Haruto)

After I said that, I try pouring magic into the board in my hand.


Ha… Hawawawa?!

I am unable to see what is happening; my heart became noisy.

When I pour magic power into that black board, a faint line of light extends from the grip to the surface of the board, and it begins to shine and sparkle.

Uha, this is super cool!

Eh? What is this? Amazing! Uwa, amazing!

My tension rises, very unbecoming of my age.

Well, this can’t be helped.

The line of light runs through the blackboard and starts to shine.

So cool!
With my magic, the board becomes dangerous.

It stimulates the mind of the second grade junior high-schooler sleeping within me.
At this moment, I am deprived of the phenomenon that is happening in front of me right now.

[Ooh… It even shines all the way to the tip too… After consider the feeling I saw during the race, I have raised the density quite a lot, but it seems it is still not enough at all…] (Kagura)

Compared with me who is in high-spirits, I saw Kagura-san was looking at the board with a quiet expression.
Her eyes, which seemed to be sleepy, are firmly opened as she fixes her eyes to observe it thoroughly.

[Etto… What do you mean?] (Haruto)

After I calm down a bit, I ask Kagura-san.

[Nn? Ah… You see, back in the old days, I used to design the core of weapons.

Well, to put it simply, I made it so that it has something like a technique that efficiently absorbs the user’s magical power in it.

If you train enough, you can pour magic power into weapons but the materials won’t be able to handle it. However, it doesn’t work with Haru-kun’s magic] (Kagura)

I don’t understand it.

In short, is it something like a secret technique?

This line which is shining because of my magic power, is this kind of secret technique?

Now that I think about it, there is something like this on Celes’ left hand, isn’t it?

Fumu… I see.

When we dropped by Kagura-san’s shop for the first time, was this the reason why she showed the weapons which could take in more magic power?

Fumu fumu.

[Fufu… I’m tired making the sword, but this is quite worthwhile to make.] (Kagura)

When I try to understand the matter, Kagura-san seems to have collected a few ideas.

[Nn, let’s try a few more techniques. I’ll make a guy who can receive everything that Haru-kun has] (Kagura)

After she said so, Kagura-san takes the board from my hand and returns back to the workshop.

To receive everything I have…
That’s kinda lewd…

No, I know it’s about my magical power.
But, if you can really do such things, it will be amazing.
Even the legendary sacred treasure that I once had was not able to match me.

If you can achieve an efficient control of magic, it will be in the same class as [The Sword of God’s’ Destruction] Ragnarok Blade.

I have remembered this feeling after a long time…. for the first time in a long time, I remembered the joy that I can become stronger.

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