Return of The Former Hero ch.106

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Translator: Raizu
TLC:  Darknari
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 106. Former Hero. Reunites.

Grande the Royal Capital of the Erize Kingdom and Odysseus, the competitive combat town

Centered on the royal castle of the Kingdom of Erize, the city of Grande spread out as the Royal Capital and there, the city of Odysseus was formed next to it.

The residences of the common citizens and nobles were located in Grande while a big coliseum, various guilds and shops were consolidated together in Odysseus.

Those who were proud of their skills gathered from various places to Odysseus where contests of strength were popular. (ED note: Decided that contests of strength would work in this sentence.)

I heard that everyday, they compete in skill against each other in the Colosseum, located at the center.

Although the town was given a name even though it was next to another one, Odysseus did well to manage the tourist spots independently.

Would it be bad to say that it was a place where ruffians to gather in this kingdom?

In reality, there was a checkpoint to the Royal Capital Grande, so they were unable to enter easily.


[Ha. This is amazing.] (Haruto)

When I looked up at the Colosseum in the center of Odysseus, I raised my voice in admiration.

I wonder if the height of this huge round building is around 20m.

When I was a grade-schooler, didn’t I see the Colosseum in a textbook somewhere? I guess it was that kind of feeling.

The purpose was still the same even in a different world. The shape of the building looked the same too.

[This is pretty much the only place in all the surrounding countries with an arena this big.] (Rithina)

When I was looking up at the Colosseum in awe, Rithina informed me of this from my side.

Rithina seems to have come here before.

This is the Royal Capital from the neighbouring kingdom. Did you come here to socialize too?

We arrived at the town when the day was starting to set so we postponed the registration and Rithina’s greeting round to the guild for tomorrow.

Therefore, we stuck together and moved as a group like usual.

Everybody looked up at the huge building in front of me as much as they pleased; it’s like a light sightseeing tour.

[It’s amazing.] (Haruto)

[Even outside this competition, I heard they hold various events everyday.] (Rithina)

[That’s amazing.] (Haruto)

Although I heard Rithina’s explanation, when I wanted to express my impression, I could only say “amazing”.

I wanted to cry towards my lack of vocabulary.

Well, I could only say “amazing” when I saw something amazing.

Yup, amazing.

[Hou, Haruto! This place has specialty delicacies, right!? Let’s go taste them now!] (Laurier)

Laurier, who hadn’t understood my emotions right now, pulled my hand tightly.

Although my strong emotion towards a building that had a history was discarded, she had a point.

During our trip, Mina skillfully made the dishes everyone was thinking about.

To think she was able to manage that with only preserved ingredients.

However it’s important to eat and taste the local and specialty foods on our trip.

I was unable to have this pleasure in Andalugia because there were no girls in my party.

It’s probably because of this reason that whenever I ate the local speciality foods, I actually felt that I had come to a new town.

[Alright. Then let’s go eat.] (Haruto)

[Yay!] (Laurier)

When I decided to go, Laurier was innocently delighted.

Are you really that happy? Hahaha, what a big eater.

[Then, should we go search for the hotel for the time being?] (Haruto)

After I said that, we moved towards the hotel.

In most cases, the dining hall that was part of the hotel or the nearby vicinity usually offered local specialties to travelers. At least from my experience.

Apart from them, there were also famous, hidden shops unique to local residents, but I don’t know where those places are.

Laurier, who usually wandered around town whenever we stayed for a while, will eventually find them, and this time was no different.

[Sharon, come here.] (Haruto)

[Ah… yup!] (Sharon)

Before we started to move, I called out to Sharon and took her hand.

Sharon turned shy for a moment, however she timidly return the grip of my hand.

After enjoying the softness of Sharon’s hand, I entwined our fingers together so our hands were fastened like lovers.

Twining our fingers together, I wonder why it felt so pleasant. What a mystery!

Ah… But, it also felt pleasant having our feet entangled.

Having it placed between breasts and the sensation when a tongue is licking somewhere.

The entirety of a girl’s body felt pleasant. Definitely!

I forgot when I started it, but when I go with several of them, I always connect our hands together with everyone as much as possible.

In the past, Laurier always clung to my back, but since such a thing might not be good for a girl who is a late-bloomer, I have decided that I will be more assertive from today onward.

Although the order had not been clearly decided, I’ll try not to be biased as much as possible. I will make opportunities to take care of all of them equally.

I was a man who could pay attention.

Rub rub.

Good grief, it was not easy being surrounded by many girls.

Rub rub.

Ah… Sharon’s hand, it’s so pleasant.

Rub rub.

I don’t know why but it’s so great.


The next morning.

Last night, we enjoyed the bed for the first time in a month.

Even though I had secretly recorded our sex activity with Celes but as expected, the real stuff is still much better.

It’s not bad to enjoy it by myself though.

There were three big beds that were connected in the large room and having six girls asleep on the super huge bed was a masterpiece.
After one month, I could finally satisfy myself. No one has woken up yet.

Only Tanya has fallen off the edge of the bed because of her bad sleeping posture. As for the other girls, they are making cute breathing sounds within a hand’s reach.

For the time being, I’ll caress Mina’s breast and tail which extended from her hips.

[Nn] (Mina)

Mina doesn’t wake up, but she reacts lightly.

This was somewhat fun.

I had awakened to some kind of weird fetish.

By the way, Kagura-san was not staying at the hotel.

Since she doesn’t have any business within this town, Kagura-san seems like she’s not used to being here.

So she shut herself inside Kuratou.

At night, she created the base of my weapon and she went to sleep during the day.

I wonder why she was working at night?

Usually, people work during the day and sleep at night; that’s what I thought but Kagura-san said she seems to make progress at night.

Sharon, Laurier, Tanya, and I were unable to understand the reason.

Rithina and Mina could somewhat understand it.

As for Celes, she understood it very well and she was appreciative of it.

Although I was worried because she had been left by herself, since the person herself said she was alright, I don’t plan to say anything further.

Well, since we have parked Kuratou next to the garrison of the Knight Order, whose duty it was to guard the town, I don’t need to worry about her being attacked by bad fellows.

To be honest, it was also convenient for me because with Kagura-san in there, I could fully focus on doing various things at night.

Additionally, to grow intimately closer with Kagura-san, I think that the situation where we could approach each other individually was better.

If she worked through the night and then I brought her refreshments or the like in the morning, I would be able to display my kindheartedness towards her tired self.

This will score high points and she will fall in love with me.

Yup, this is good.

Let’s go with this plan in the future.

Even if the location was different, it’ll just take a five-minute walk from here.

Knock knock…

When I was thinking about it, I spent my time caressing the girls’ breasts and hips one by one. Suddenly, I heard a knocking sound on the door.

Ah? What?

It’s still early in the morning…

It’s almost 9AM.

Were we too enthusiastic last night?

No, that shouldn’t be the case, I wonder who it is?

I don’t have any idea which person would visit us. We just arrived yesterday.


No, she wouldn’t.

There’s no way a shut-in that had declared themselves that they will shut themselves in would leave of their own accord. How prejudiced.

[Who on earth obstructed me in my time of bliss?] (Haruto)

Although I made a complaint lightly, I couldn’t just ignore this.

I put my clothes and trousers on and decided to respond.

Just in case, I borrowed Sharon’s sword which leaned against a nearby wall.

Since you couldn’t see the bed from the door, I didn’t have to worry about everyone being seen sleeping, even if I opened the door.

However, I didn’t know what would happen so I’ll block it with the curtain.

[Nnyaa… Haruto-sama?] (Mina)

When I was moving to the side, Mina seems to have woken up.

Tsk. It can’t be helped.

[Someone seems to have come, so I’ll respond to them for a moment.] (Haruto)

[Err… Okay.] (Mina)

After I told that to Mina, I went to the door.

[Yeah yeah, who is it?] (Haruto)

When I said that, I opened the door a little.

I used Search, so I could confirm that there was only one person on the other side of the door.

There seems to be no such thing as a group of assassins waiting. That would be troublesome if it happened.

[Ah, thank you. It’s been awhile.]

When I opened the door, I didn’t anticipate the words I’ve heard.

[…Eh? Isn’t it Leon? Why you are here?] (Haruto)

When I opened the door to the corridor, the current hero Leon was standing there.

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