Return of The Former Hero ch.107

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 107. Former Hero. Promises to meet with the Hero.

[Yesterday, I saw all of you from the Coliseum. And so, I came here to look for you for a little while. Yesterday, the sun had already set so I thought I would give you a greeting today] (Leon)

Towards me who was still surprised at his sudden visit, Leon explained in detail.

Are you really happy to be able to meet again after a long time? This Leon who is laughing and talking is quite refreshing.

What a guy. How can he, while smiling pleasantly just like that, be so cool? Are we childhood friend who finally able meet up again after a long time? It made me choke up with emotions.

No, since he is a man, I won’t be overwhelmed. I retract my remark.

Setting that aside, this fellow was in the coliseum yesterday.
And it must be due to his integrity that he has come to visit me.
Though I’m glad that he didn’t come at night.

Ah no. If he really came last night, I, who wanted to remove my depression after a long journey, might have been reluctant to meet him and I would have definitely said [Shouldn’t you go back soon?].

It seems that Leon’s decision was correct. As expected from a Hero.

[Is that so? Etto, it’s been awhile] (Haruto)

[Yes] (Leon)

Leon and I greeted each other and shook our hands at the entrance.

Although this is good… What should I do?

Leon is the hero in this world so I can’t treat him coldly.
I am a person with only a few acquaintances so a reunion after a long time like this makes me happy.

However, if I could invite him in with [I’m glad you came! Now now, let’s enter and have a nice chat!], it would’ve been easy, but…
There are half-naked girls in the room right now. That’s too much I guess?

[Are. Isn’t it Hero Leon, isn’t?] (Rithina)

As I was on my wit’s end on what should I do, Rithina shows her face from the corner of the room and greets him.

Only her face and shoulder can be seen from the door.

[Isn’t it Princess Rithina? It’s been a long time.] (Leon)

Seeing Rithina’s face, Leon kneels down instantly and starts giving an exaggerated greeting.

Wait, wait.
We are still at the hotel’s corridor.

Well, it’s probably the correct way to act around a member of the Royal Family even though the location is not appropriate.

It seems I have been flirting with Rithina too much so my sense for that has kinda weakened.

[It seems that he saw us yesterday so he came to give greetings] (Haruto)

[Is that so?] (Rithina)

[Yes. Please forgive me for my delayed greeting. Since your group had just arrived at this town last night, I thought you might still be tired so I came to visit today] (Leon)

When I made a simple explanation, Leon followed up with more detail.

It was just a coincidence that we reunited in this town in the first place so it’s hard to say that it’s inexcusable for him to give his greetings late.

Nn? Something’s bugging my mind. I wonder what it is.

I don’t understand but… Well, whatever.

[Your Highness Princess. With all due respect, why do you make a posture like that?] (Leon)


Leon seems suspicious because Rithina didn’t come out from the corner of the room.

That’s actually obvious.
Although she is a princess…. No, it’s because she is the Princess, such an interaction with someone who came to visit is bad, you see.

From the incident in the Geji Fortress, Leon should be aware that I and Rithina are in a good relationship.

However, while that may be true, Rithina can’t go out because she is half-naked at the moment. Spreading it is disgraceful. What should I do?

[? …. Ah. Pl-please forgive me for my impoliteness. I came here by myself in a hurry so it’s fine to leave this matter aside. If it’s possible, would you mind having lunch together? I would like to greet everyone else too at that time] (Leon)

Leon seems to have realized something and panicked a little because his speech is stuttering.

Did you notice it?

You seem to have grown up, Leon.

Although he is dense and always followed by Yunikram, a Hero is still a Hero because of various things.

Is it that due to his experience that he has become able to notice it?


No, this is actually good too.
I am an impatient guy.

[Lunch? I understand. Let’s have lunch together] (Haruto)

[Thank you. There is a popular restaurant that serves delicious food on the opposite side of this hotel. I’ll prepare a reservation for us, is that good?] (Leon)

When I accept the invitation for the lunch, Leon, who is still kneeling in the hotel corridor, offers a suggestion.

The restaurant that has delicious food, eh?
Last night, we ate in the dining room of this hotel so it’s alright.

[Please.] (Haruto)

[Yes. Then, let’s meet again around 12 o’clock] (Leon)

After Leon said that, he left.

[Fuu… I was surprised. I never wouldn’t have thought that Leon would… come…] (Haruto)

I see Leon off and close the door. As I entered the room, I was at a loss for words for a moment because of the spectacle before me.

It’s not actually a big deal.
But everyone was still half-naked.

I think I was speaking with Leon for 5 minutes but how much they can prepare themselves in that extent?

Fumu. I see.
Neither Laurier nor Tanya are able to wake up even though Sharon and Mina call out to them.
Celes is still wearing only her shirt.
Rithina is… Why are you wearing my jacket?

Since Rithina is always wearing light clothes when she is in town, did she hastily wear something nearby to see our visitor?


The spectacle of a girl wearing my clothes… There is something coming.

The size is not suitable without a doubt; it’s like she is drowning in it… But it might be good.

I got downhearted because I had to see an ikemen face after waking up so my spirit is gradually rising right now.

[Haruto-kun. This might be a good chance.] (Rithina)

When I was still in a wicked delusion, Rithina comes approaching me while still wearing my clothes.


[About what?] (Haruto)

[Hero Leon is in this town. Kagura-san is here too] (Rithina)

Kagura-san? Nn…? What do you mean?

…. Ah I see.

[How about we get Kagura-san to look at it; Leon’s holy sword?] (Haruto)

[Yes. If Haruto-kun said it, I think he would surely show it.] (Rithina)

Now that I think about it, I had received a request from Rithina to examine Leon and his Holy Sword.

I completely forgot about it. I’m sorry.

However, she is right. Certainly.

In the past, during the time I examined it in the country, I had used documents and others things but as one would expect, I couldn’t bring up a topic like directly borrowing the holy sword. If I’m not wrong, that’s how it was.

I had borrowed it for a moment back then but since I am not weaponsmith, I could only understand that [This Holy Sword has an amazing amount of magic power].

Kagura-san seems to be a genius weaponsmith so she might learn something if she sees it.

[I see. Then I will be sure to go with the flow during our talk later.] (Haruto)

[I’ll leave it in your hand… Nn.] (Rithina)

While we’re still talking, I unconsciously reached out and grabbed Rithina’s breast.

No, sorry, I’m lying.

I did it intentionally. That’s obvious.

Neither the Hero nor Holy Sword is important right now.

When a girl is wearing my jacket to cover her naked body, showing her breast cleavage, and approaching me while only wearing panties on their lower-half, obviously I’ll be reaching out with my hand.

To begin with, it’s Leon’s fault that he has interrupted my enjoyment in the morning.

As the vehicle begins to run, it usually won’t be so easy to stop it.

All the more if it’s a runaway train.

I snuck in my left arm and grabbed Rithina’s breast. It’s very soft and elastic as my fingers sink in.

The volume doesn’t fit in my palm. So outrageous.

[Nnn… Ah, nn… Mou, Haruto-kun~] (Rithina)

While I massaged her breast, Rithina complained from her mouth but I didn’t see any sort of rejection in her voice or facial expression.

When Rithina slowly got in the mood, she tries to take off my jacket.

It would be unthinkable if she takes it off.

I place my right hand on Rithina’s waist and embrace her in order to obstruct her undressing.

Rithina seemed to be surprised for a moment as she stopped taking off her clothes. Did she consent immediately? Good guess.

In exchange, her delicate hand slips inside my shirt and she starts caressing me.

Kuh. I can’t endure it anymore.

Seriously, is there anyone who could try and endure this?

I strongly embrace Rithina and kiss her lips.
When I perform a deep kiss, Rithina firmly responds.

After I get plenty of it and feel satisfied, I let go her lips.

[Pua… Ha-Haruto-kun, you’re worked up, aren’t you?] (Rithina)

Rithina, whose face is flushed, asks me.

Is that so?
Did she mean that I was always the same?

Don’t tell me.
It’s because Rithina wearing my jacket so it made me excited?

No, that’s most likely the reason.

Let me be honest with myself.

Yes, even when my outfits make them look like small men, my desire doesn’t stop.

From now on, let’s not only buy cosplay clothes for everyone but let’s also buy clothes for me too.
And then, let’s have everyone wear them too.

Can’t that be said to be like costume play, too?

I glanced at the surrounding.

Before I noticed it, Laurier and Tanya have woken up and everyone was staring at me and Rithina..

Oh no, it’s so embarrassing. No, it isn’t.

Although they give off different meanings from their gazes, I ignore them.

The clock displays 9:30 in the morning.

Meeting with Leon to have lunch should’ve been set at 12 o’clock.
If we go to Kagura-san and wake her up, we will need around 30 minutes to explain the circumstances. Plenty of time.

It means we must leave from here at 11.30.

It’s roughly two hours?

Do we have spare time for two hours?

I see. It can’t be helped then.
There is only two hours, right?

I hold Rithina and dive back into the dream paradise.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Personally I’m excited for both. It’s been too damn long that I can’t remember what happened in either of them.


    1. He fought againts Laurier at the early chapters and got beaten up. After MC beated her up, the hero requested MC t otrain him and so on. They later even attacked that demon fortress together.

      For more detailed info, re-read chapters 14, 27, 28, 38 – 40 to rerefs your memory.


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