Return of The Former Hero ch.110

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

110. Former Hero. Facing the day of the Tournament

Approaching the preliminary day of the tournament.

In the morning, while we ate breakfast in our room at the hotel, I confirmed today’s schedule.

[Then, the ones participating in the tournament will be me, Sharon and Tanya right? Laurier, are you really okay with not participating?] (Haruto)

According to what I’ve heard, there is no reception on the day of the tournament preliminaries so even though I’m late to confirm it, Laurier has an invitation to join the tournament.
If we try to negotiate with everything at our disposal, we might be able to convince them to expand the number of participants.

[Gununu… N…No, I won’t go. I’ll assist everyone quietly this time.] (Laurier)

Laurier answers while stuffing bread into her mouth.

[I see.] (Haruto)

To be honest, I’m glad that Laurier won’t participate.
It’s not like I could not win against her but it would’ve been really troublesome.

By the way, for Laurier who had a hobby of sleeping and fighting, there is a reason why she gave up with the tournament.

The specialty food of this town is meat named Balal.

When I tried to taste it, it felt like beef.

I don’t know if there are any cows on this world.
It might be that this Balal is the same as cows.
No, in that case, the name’s gonna be similar to cows so this is probably a different living being.

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

I have to say that Balal’s grilled meat which we ate at the restaurant where we were invited by Leon was very tasty. After all, meat is good.

Laurier seemed to like it very much since she ate a lot of that meat since then.

Not only that but it was to the extent where she also kept it as a secret so she could ate the meat by herself.

Moreover, that meat seems special as it’s very hard to obtain in general.

Because of that, Rithina has received a special seat as part of the royal family of Millis Kingdom.
Furthermore, the special Balal meat was gonna be served for that seat. Laurier, who wants to eat the meat by any means, gave up on the tournament and decided to accompany Rithina.

It was either battle or meat. An intense conflict between instinct and gluttony occurred inside her.
Laurier, who had wrinkles on the middle of forehead and shows a troubled expression. It’s probably the first time I have seen this kind appearance. No, it’s definitely the first time.
Rather, it was the first time for Laurier after she was born to face something like now.

[Then, Laurier and Rithina-sama, along with Mina, will be on the noble guest’s seats. Laurier. You can eat the meat but don’t cause trouble for Rithina-sama by devouring it greedily] (Haruto)

Just in case, I gave her a warning.

[Nuu. I know the do’s and dont’s. You don’t need to say it, Haruto. Right, Mina?] (Laurier)

[Yes. Laurier-sama’s table manners have improved well.] (Mina)

Laurier, who looks sullen for a moment, asks Mina for help and Mina responds.

Is that so?
Nn… Now that she mentioned it, her table manners had been better recently.
I see… So Laurier has finally started acquiring the common sense?

[My bad then. Sorry.] (Haruto)

[Fufun. It’s good if you understand] (Laurier)

As a sign of of apology, I move one sausage from my plate to Laurier’s mouth.
Laurier, who saw it, immediately recovers and bites the presented sausage with “paku”.
It’s like a scene where I feed a tamed animal.

Table manners….?

I glance over to Mina.
Then, Mina looked away quickly.

It seems she still has a long way to go.

[Celes, you don’t want to go to the special seats together with them? You can eat delicious food over there.] (Haruto)

[That place makes me a bit nervous… So, I’ll be watching with Kagura from the general seats] (Celes)

Lastly, I asked Celes.
She already said it before but it seems she will be watching with Kagura-san.

[Understood. Please take care of Kagura-san so she won’t collapse all of sudden.] (Haruto)

[Ahaha… Yes. Please leave it to me.] (Celes)

When she heard what I said, Celes only lets out dry laugh.

Despite Kagura-san being a hikikomori, she suddenly started to go out and I don’t know why.

It’s like the other day when she was saying something incomprehensible like [I have overcome the light of sun] and joined our practice in the morning. However, she ended up going back in a little less than an hour.

It’s really bad for my heart when I gazed at her occasionally and she, who was standing still, suddenly collapsed.

Well, since she was gonna watch the tournament, I guess it’ll be alright.

After we confirmed our schedules, we finished breakfast.

[Etto… Since the start of the preliminaries is 9 o’clock… Should we go now?] (Haruto)

Everyone has prepared themselves to go out.
If we go out now, we’re likely arrive at 8.30.

First of all, let’s go to Kagura-san before heading to Coliseum.

[Haruto-kun.] (Rithina)

When I tried to go out of my room at hotel, Rithina suddenly called me to stop.

[Yes?] (Haruto)

[Today is the preliminariest so I won’t be able to see you a lot. Therefore… Although I’m not worried but please do your best for the main event tomorrow.] (Rithina)

“Chuu,” Rithina kissed me after giving me words of encouragement.

Ooh… It’s somewhat inspiring.

[Yes! I’ll do my best!] (Haruto)

I answered energetically. My lower half of body becomes energetic too.
At this rate, I want to push her down roughly.

Nope nope, now is not good time.

When we’re still in our own world, Laurier, who saw it, comes near.

[If it’s Haruto, he’ll surely win the tournament. W…Well, if you work hard, that’s good.] (Laurier)

When Laurier said that, she stands at a tiptoe in front of me.

This is…she also wants to kiss me, right?
Too bad, her height doesn’t suffice.
However, it’s so cute!


I bend over and kiss Laurier.

When I stood up after enjoying the feeling of Laurier’s soft lips, I saw the female camp from behind standing in line.

Does everyone want to give a kiss of encouragement too?

Uu, I’m on fire.

In times like these, I felt glad that I came to a different world.
I have tasted them every night but this time is different.

[Haruto-sama. May the fortunes of war be with you.] (Mina)


[Onisan! Please do your best] (Celes)


[I’ll return the favor from the race. But, do your best!] (Tanya)


Mina seems really worried about me receiving an injury.
Though Celes made a shy expression for a moment.
In order for her to participate in the tournament, Tanya is in her adult form. Although she declared war on me, but in the end she is still dere-dere.

[Etto, n…nn~] (Sharon)

The remaining one is Sharon but she doesn’t plan to give me a kiss.

Since Sharon will be participating, I will be her enemy that needs to be defeated and the target that need to be surpassed so she seems conflicted whether to encourage me or not.
But, even so, she looked so troubled as she glanced over with the face that wants to kiss me.

This girl is really, really cute. My heart flutters just by watching her.

Alright. Just this once, I should lead her.
A result where only Sharon doesn’t kiss me; it won’t happen to me.

[Sharon. Let’s do our best together.] (Haruto)

[Haruto… Y,yes! Let’s! Haruto too, please do your best!] (Sharon)

From the beginning, she has decided that she wanted to kiss me, so if I support her, it will be easy.
I patted Sharon’s head and kissed her.


I got kisses of encouragement from six girls so my motivation is at max.

Uoo! I will do it!

[Haruto! I want you to pat my head too!] (Tanya)


When I was determined for victory with renewed feelings, Tanya hugged me from behind.
In this position, the back of my neck was buried in Tanya’s big breasts.
I want to be buried in breasts from the front.

I feel the really motivated to win the tournament!

I see.
It was only Sharon that I kissed while patting her head.

That’s impolite of me.
Alright then. This time, let’s do it again and pat everyone’s head in order.

It’s pleasant to pat a girl’s head. Hehehe.

After patting everyone heads, while performing deep kisses too, my lower half is full of energy but with a willpower of iron, we went to pick-up Kagura-san.
After that, we all came to the Coliseum.

The time is 8.50.
We barely made it but since we’re not late, it’s alright.

It’s an example that I need to be able to respond to events if they happen suddenly. Umu.

In the plaza in front of the Coliseum, there was a crowd of muscular daruma.
Uwaa…. The spectacle kinda made me relaxed.

However, in this situation, I could see female figures here and there.
Are they also participants?

If yes, I would like them to become my opponent by all means.

I won’t do any lewd actions toward them if they become my opponents. I won’t. Maybe. Just a little. It’s inevitable, isn’t? I’m sure it is.

W-well, anyway I’ll be looking forward to it.

[Haruto-san. I’m glad, I thought you didn’t come.] (Leon)

When I noticed it, Hero Leon’s group had come out from the side.

[Good morning, Leon. Aura, Caroin, Yunikram too] (Haruto)

[Good morning.] (Leon’s Group)

We exchanged greetings with Leon’s group and conversed for a moment.

[What? Yunikram won’t participate?] (Haruto)

[Yeah. I have something I have to do a little. So I’ll be watching tomorrow’s main event.] (Yunikram)

The one who will participate from Leon’s group seems to be two people: Leon and Aura.
Yunikram is, as usual, working from behind the scene. He is a really wiseman.

Leon, since there is a man in the dark like Yunikram, you can’t forget about him when you receive glory under the sun.

For these kind of things, it is not necessary for me to say it but Leon might already know about it.
Even if he doesn’t understand it, he is still fiery-spirited fellow.
Even if I were to leave it alone, I feel like I’m promoting a good friendship.

Unexpectedly, that’s very likely.
Waa, a different wish is fulfilled.

If it’s really so… it’ll be the biggest tragedy for Aura and Caroin.

When it really does happen, please come to me by all means.
My harem will always welcome both of you.

[Haruto, what are you thinking?] (Sharon)

When I saw Aura and Caroin while grinning, Sharon lets out a murderous aura from my side.
Oioi, Sharon-san. You will be battling in the tournament so you don’t need to be that excited right now so relax.

[…] (Sharon)

[It’s nothing. I’m sorry.] (Haruto)

I can only let out a sigh of [relief] when I see Sharon’s face but I was stared at with a cold gaze. I’m scared.
My back was also trembling after a long time.
Because of that, I have to apologize with all of my power..

[The door will slowly open. Well then everyone, please do your best on the tournament.] (Rithina)

Rithina gave words of encouragement to all participants in the end.
And then Mina, Laurier, Caroin together with Yunikram, entered from the another entrance into the Coliseum.
Why is Yunikram entering from there? What does it mean? Oh well, whatever.

[Then, we should go too. Please do your best!]

Both Celes and Kagura walked towards general spectator entrance.

Kagura sent her thumbs-up towards me.
When I taught that to Kagura-san, she seemed to get into it and it became a response in the spur of the moment.

I also raised a thumbs up in response to Kagura-san.

Now only the participants remained.

[Alright. Then we should go too. Even if we fight against each other, don’t hold back. Let’s use our full power.] (Haruto)

[Yes!] (Leon)

I said it at the end.
Although it might be alright for Leon, the tension went up after I said that.

And then we entered the participant entrance on the Coliseum.

The tournament starts.

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