Glutton Berserker ch.4

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Xaga

Chapter 4 – Greedy Black Sword

[Uwaa, the sword is talking!]

The black sword suddenly talked to me, I was surprised and dropped it on the ground.
The storekeeper who was negotiating with the other customers narrowed his eyes and stared at me.
It’s like he saying, what have you done, if you aren’t interested in buying anything, you should get out quickly.

I might not be mistaken.
What is this… The sword is talking– I never heard of a sword that can talk inside of your mind..
Although it talked, it probably used my [Mind Reading] skill as a mediatory; this black sword surely has its own intentions like a person.

For the time being, I examined it with my [Appraisal] skill.

Greed Form : One-handed sword.

Huh? Is this all?
Usually with the other weapons, I can get information about its endurance and its offensive power; however on this black sword I can only see its name and its shape.
I looked at the mysterious black sword. It is covered with dust and oil, it’s very dirty. Just like me.
It was also being treated as garbage scraps too.

When I was thinking about it, I felt something like sense of affinity from it somehow.
I’m certain, the voice that I had heard a little while ago was [Please buy me…], I think?

Its way of talking is full of pride, however I didn’t feel any malicious intent.
If it had planned to do something when I touched it, it should have done it earlier.

Then, even if I touch it again, there shouldn’t be any problem. I prepare myself and then grip the black sword.
And, the voice could be heard more clearly than a little while ago.


[I thought you were gonna run away, you’re interesting fellow I see. Then, what will you do? Will you buy me?] (TL Note: He has a manly way of speaking. Using ‘ore-sama’ to address himself)

I have looked the other weapons. The only one that I’m able to use right away is only this Greed Black Sword. If you consider the chat function from this sword, I think I can somehow manage it.

[I’ll buy you. I think, we are similar]

[I see… Then, please pay the money to the fat person over there. I feel nauseated whenever I see that bastard’s face]

I hold Greed and went to the counter where the shopkeeper is standing and put down two silver coins.
The storekeeper only takes a side glance to confirm the payment, since he is still talking with the other customer. He urged me to go out of the store by waving his hand like you would to drive away wild dogs.

This storekeeper is really annoying to the last minute. Even if you didn’t said it, I’ll leave the store right away. I will never coming to here again!

I took out the rag cloth from my pocket and wiped the sword to make the Greed that I just bought look clean. However, it seems that I cannot remove the stubborn grease and grime. Although I could clean it with soap… But, I don’t have any money left to buy soap.

[I’ll be in your care, Greed]

[Understood, maybe this is a good chance. Moreover, maybe it’s destiny… I’ll stay with you till the end. What is your name?]

Now that I think about it, I haven’t introduced myself yet.

[I’m Fate Graphite]

[Fumu, I’ll remember it. What will we do now, Fate?]

I have been decided what to do since last night.

[I have obtained a weapon. You should know, don’t you?]
[Hunting, eh?]
[Yes, monster hunting!]

Without any delay, I went from the commercial district to the southern gate of the kingdom with my new inorganic buddy called Greed.
The south gate was made to allow a large amount of cargo entering into the commercial district, so they made it one size larger than the other three gates. It is an area where the wagons can line up and have 10 carts pass at the same time.

If we went out from there, we just need to advance a little to enter a place called Goblin Prairie. It is a location where goblins live, they often attack the carriages that pass there to get their food.
The strength of this monster is on the lowest level, so it’s perfect for beginner soldiers and warriors.

I need to be cautious since they usually hide in the grass and ambush people. I’ve heard of people that saw a lone goblin and approached it to try to defeat it, only to be surrounded and killed by the goblins hiding in the grass. That’s why there’s even a local saying about them; If you see a single goblin then assume there are a hundred.
I know this kind of story after forcibly hearing it from a drunken old warrior at the bar. I thought it certainly would be useful at this time.

Since I have joined as a frontliner fighter, this goblin hunting is my first step to the gateway of success.
My one-handed sword skill mastery! With this, I should be able to defeat the goblins.

And then, after I defeat the goblin, I’ll absorb its power for my own.

While I was avoiding the wagons, I saw a lot of men and women who were fully equipped gathered in front of the south gate.
Apparently, this place is the location to search for a party with each others, before heading to go monster hunting.
Party, huh? … I’m jealous. I had been bullied in my hometown village, so I’m lonely. Here, I was being overworked by Rafal and his group, I didn’t have any chances to make a close friend with someone.

Fighting together, encouraging each other when one of us is in pain, and crying together when one of us is sad. A party of heroes was born in the legend that my dead father had told me. My younger self had listened to those tales, eyes shining.

[I’m jealous… A comrade]

I muttered it without thinking. And then Greed said,

[You have me, don’t you?]

[Y,yeah I guess…]

But, you are an inorganic item. What I want is living being. There is a huge difference between them.
Alright, I need to pull myself together and enter the world where warriors live. It’s alright, I am not the same person who used to be. I have the power to fight the monsters.
Surely, if I enter among them, I will be accepted by someone.

While I was thinking so, I was being called by an armored man whose age was not far from mine.

[It seems you have a sword and you look like a warrior too. How about it, wanna pair up with me?]
[Is it okay?!]

I am pleased and my tension goes up. Since I have little experience being needed by people. It almost makes me cry when someone tells me that my power is needed.

[Sure, I was embarrassed because my partner who always hunted together with me isn’t here today. By the way, what is your level?]
[Hai, my level is 1!]

After he heard my level, his face cramped. After that, he told me that he has remembered that he has some business to do while scratching his head and walked away from me.
Eh… Somehow, only a strange emptiness remained.
While I was down, Greed said.

[Fate, give it up. Even if you have the skill, there is no one willing to make a party with a level 1. You might possibly die in the battle. You also wouldn’t want to pair-up with a weak guy, would you?]

When I heard that I was taken aback. I realised that although I had obtained a greater status and more skills and felt like I had become really strong, I had actually only reached the starting line. Since until now I had only seen trash, I had lost my perspective as to what was actually normal.

[I was overconfident.]
[Yes. Beside, your skill is not good to be revealed to the other people so you should give up on joining a party. Also, you better conceal it by using the Concealment skill, excluding your one-handed sword mastery skill. That’s all what I want to say]
[… Why is that?]

I never spoke about the Glutton skill to anyone. Nevertheless, I know why.
Then, Greed laughs fearlessly.

[It’s because you and I are of the same kind. Well, you will likely understand it sooner or later]

After Greed’s pompous words, he went silent.
Although I felt bothered, what he said was not wrong. The skill is too overpowered for a unique skill, so if the other warriors learned about it, the result wouldn’t be good for me.

For instance, if there was someone who was able to steal the powers of those they had killed, that person might try to steal my abilities. And if so then they’ll probably aim to kill me while I’m still weak. At least, that’s my hypothesis based on how Rafal would think in that position. Well, there could actually be someone who thought of something like that about me.

For my own safety, it seems I can do nothing except hunt monsters alone with Greed, at least until I gain enough power so that no one can interfere with me.
First of all, let’s go goblin hunting.

Chapter End

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  1. Well, looks like it’s dinner time for the MC eh?
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    1. Most likely it’s just going to be the [gluttony] series. Usually when we get the [7 deadly sins], we’re going to have a brawl with other people who possess them. Rarely do we get them as allies (I’m looking at you Rimuru and co. Oh, and also that certain Shiro-kumo-san).

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  4. translator sama i have found the name of the weapon maybe some of you are interested
    First form …… “Bloody Termination”


  5. I like it that the sword is not a typical female tsundare. I believe it’s a first time I see a male talking weapon.


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