Return of The Former Hero ch.111

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 111
Former Hero. Battles in a preliminary match

[I am… Etto… No.69?] (Haruto)

After completing the reception/acceptance, I checked the preliminary match number.

The preliminary matches will be held on a small stage inside the Coliseum.
The participants will fight several times in the stages and whoever wins, they will be able to participate tomorrow on the main stage.

The winners from the preliminary matches would be 12 people.
In addition to the 4 best people from the previous competition, the maximum number of participant for the main stage is 16 people.

The competition format is a tournament
There are about 200 participants in this competition.
If you win 4 matches, you can participate in the main stage publicly.
To become the victor for this competition, you must win 8 matches in the total. (TL note: 4 on preliminary matches and 4 on main stage matches)

This time, I have reflected from my past failure in the Angel’s Race and read the rules properly.

Towards this former hero, there won’t be any blunders because of the rules.
Thank you everyone who have became my teacher.
Especially Rithina, who introduced a new study method and a power-up item such as glasses, I’m very grateful for her.

Glasses are wonderful.

But still, the amount of middle-aged men is high.
Moreover, because of their swelling muscles, it made the surroundings warm even though it’s the cold season right now.

I could see girls here and there but their number less than 10%.

Compared to that, there are only three beautiful girls in my surroundings.
Fuhaha! Such differences.

Leon does not seem to be bothered about this.

[I don’t know who will become my opponent or when it will be my turn.] (Sharon)

Sharon said so while looking around restlessly.

[Sharon. Even though the format is a tournament, participants for preliminary matches are chosen at random to reduce their numbers.]

I’ve naturally explained it on Sharon.

Good grief, Sharon, you can be a handful.
You have to properly read the rules.
Properly, you hear me!

[Ah, I see. So that’s it. And even though everyone were accepted at the same time, our numbers are different.]

Sharon ignored my useless explanation and checked everyone’s numbers.

Sharon’s number is 96.
Tanya’s number is 182.
Leon’s number is 89.
Aura’s number is 66.

Well, the numbers have almost no meaning anyway.

This battle tournament is different from Angel’s Race; I just need to be the winner.
It’s simple and easy to understand for me.
Of course, I will need to avoid foul play.

…Well then, when is my first match?
And who is my opponent?

If possible, that tall nee-san over there with lots of exposed skin will do nicely.
Or the light-armored braid-chan standing next to that martial artist will do as well.
Or the one next to… Huh, what’s happening on there?

There is a high ratio of girls there.

In our place there are three girls but there are 7 of them over there.

[Thank you for participating in the competition today. Well then, we would like to start the Odysses battle tournament preliminary matches at once]

As I was observing the group, a voice could be heard. The preliminary matches seem like they’re about to start.

[Then, number 35 and number 152, come to the claw stage. Number 103 and 47, to the shield stage. Number 91~…]

A person in charge reads everyone’s numbers.
Does it mean the people who being called out will fight against each other ?

The claw and the shield stage: each stage has a name.
There is no special meaning for those stages, it’s just the name. It’s not like the claw stage is shaped after one or a shield would appear on another.

There are only eight small stages and each of them are separated so it seems it will take some time until my number being called.

[Haruto! Let’s go see it!] (Tanya)

Although I have been thinking of warming up while waiting for my turn, Tanya invited me to see the matches.

Nn~… What should I do?
Actually, I’m not interested in watching the matches… But oh well, I guess I might able to see my future opponent matches if luck is on my side so I guess I should go.

There is no rule that forbids us to see the other participants’ match.

[Alright alright. I will go so stop pulling my hand so much. What about everyone? Do you all want to go together?] (Haruto)

In her adult body, Tanya innocently pulled my hand like a kid hurriedly while I asked everyone.

[Ah. I will go too.] (Sharon)

[I, I want to wait here and concentrate.] (Leon)

[I will be also waiting for the match here.] (Aura)

Sharon agreed to go together.
And both Leon and Aura seems like they want to wait for the match here.

[I see. Then I don’t know when we will be called and I’m not sure whether we will meet up but let’s do our best in the match. If we end up as opponents, let’s not hesitate to use our full power at that time.] (Haruto)

[Yes. Without holding back. With all of our power.] (Leon)

Leon answered me.
The girls silently nod to each other.

With this, we are enemies from hereon.
And then we separated with Leon’s group and acted on our own.


When I was watching the second match, Tanya was called.
At long last, just when I was thinking to watch Tanya’s match both my number and Sharon were called.

[Ooh, it’s my turn now? Then from here on, we will separated. Do your best.] (Haruto)

[Yes! Haruto, do your best! Tanya-chan too!] (Sharon)

[I will defeat both Haruto and Sharon!] (Tanya)

After we send encouragement to each other, we separate.

From here, we’re rivals.

And then, I headed to the stage.

Let’s see, Sword stage… Sword stage…

It’s here.

Since it’s sword stage, there is a symbol of sword drawn so it’s easy to notice.

[Number 69, Amagi Haruto]

I introduced myself and passed my number plate to the umpire who was standing at the sides of stage.

[Yes. I have confirmed it. Please wait on-stage.]

After being told by the umpire who was done confirming my number and name, I went to the stage.
My opponent hasn’t arrived yet.

When I looked around the stage from below, there are about 30 people in the arena.

There are people who have their heads hanging down, looking exhausted in the corner too.
Are they the defeated participants? My condolences for them.

When I was holding my hands to calm my mind, I heard a shrill voice.

When I turned toward the voice, there was a group of girls I saw earlier at the hall.


No way. Seriously, my first opponent is a girl from that group?

Which one is it? Which one?

[Number 13, Balam Orda]

Just when the expectations in my heart was growing, there was an evil-eyed, handsome guy that came out from the girl group and introduced himself .

Eh? Who is this guy?
Why there is a handsome guy appearing from the girl group?

[Yes. I have confirmed it. Then, please enter the stage]

When I was standing still, the handsome guy goes up the stage.

[Balam-sama! Do your best!]

[Leave it to me. I will show a splendid victory worthy of me, the fifth rank of the last tournament!] (Balam)

[Kyaa! Balam-sama!]


What with this guy?
Eh, is that so?

In the other words, in the tournament holy grounds, he made the girls to cheer for him and make him proud.

I won’t permit this!

…. Even though we are similar, there is a time for everything.

Well, leaving that aside, did he just say that he ranked fifth in the last tournament?

If it’s true, then he must be quite powerful.

From his appearance, he is a flashy, handsome guy. However, strength cannot be measured with the external appearance or muscles.
The most important thing is the amount of magical power and its control.

I’ve got a tough opponent in my first match.
I have to focus my mind on this match.

[Then, the third preliminary match of the sword stage starts.
Large-scale magic which can reach outside the stage is prohibited.
Moreover, if you kill your opponent, you will get disqualified although it’s not a crime.
Please be aware of this.]

The umpire explain the rules.

Yeah, yeah. I understand them already.

In addition, giving up or going outside the stage will count as a loss.
The umpire will count to three if someone steps out the stage.

If you lose consciousness, naturally, the umpire will stop the match.

I read the rules perfectly last night. The appeal of being capable to read and write the characters now feels good.

By the way, the usage of weapons and armors is allowed.
We can participate with our favorite equipment.

My weapon is…

[Then, start!]

The match started quickly.

The handsome guy pulled out a long and slender one-handed sword, a rapier, which hung around his waist… Etto, what’s this guy name was, again?

[Balam-sama! The appearance of you pulling your sword is so wonderful!]

Ah.. Yes yes, that Balam guy takes a stance toward me.

[Such a shabby man, finish him! Balam-sama!]

[Please easily hurt that man with unfashionable clothes that looks like he just came from the rural area!]

That yellow fellow is annoying.

Also, did you say my clothes were unfashionable?
You’ve done it. I won’t permit that.

This clothes were chosen for me by Celes during our date.
It’s cool!

Balam made a posture with which he wanted to thrust out his rapier at me while slowly getting closer.

I was slightly angered by the yellow fellow from Balam’s harem but I concentrated on my mind on meeting my enemy.

[You had bad luck that your first opponent is me!]

Balam said while moving quickly to reduce the distance and then he lunged with a strong piercing attack.

Indeed, this is certainly fast.

For the adventurers from around here, this speed might have been unstoppable.
No wonder he was able to reach rank 5 in the last tournament.

However, no matter how fast he is, I can easily predict such straightforward thrusts. I was waiting for him to do that.

I grabbed the tip of the rapier with my left hand tightly.

Although I could’ve avoided it, I decided to grip it at that moment.

[Wh… what…?!]

Balam shows a surprised expression.

He surely didn’t expect that I’d grip it with my bare hand.

I’ve strengthened my hand with magic so I can grip the blade without any injury.


Balam tried to pull his sword with force but even though he had used all of his power, the sword didn’t budge as I continued holding the blade.


How is it? Are you scared?

To that action that he couldn’t comprehend, Balam’s face showed fluster and fear.

…. I am such a mean person.

No, it would’ve been fine if they only insulted me but the crime for mocking these clothes is heavy.
Although it’s not Balam who said that.

Well, he is the person in charge so I can give the proper retribution to him.

I yanked the Balam’s rapier that I gripped.

Naturally, Balam who didn’t let go his weapon had his posture destroyed and followed the movement.

You should’ve let go.

After thinking about it, I land a punch on Balam face who started to fall down.


Balam raised a pitiful voice, unable to defend against my punch, and received it on his face, then was blown off.

He rolled on the stage ground before finally crashing outside the stage.

[T-that’s it!.]

Since Balam dropped outside the stage, the umpire announced the match ended.


I blow away the rank 5 of the previous tournament in a single hit.

This former hero, am I not overwhelming?
As expected from a former Hero, I fallen in love.

I gets off the stage while holding Balam’s rapier in my hand.
I raised my right hand, showing a victory pose.

I, I am so cool!

Whisper…. Whisper… The other participants noisy look at me.

This is so pleasant!

I know that I must not show off my ability too much but this is a tournament, you know?

It’s feels pleasant to receive compliments of how strong I am from the surroundings.

Balam’s harem should run over to me quickly, saying [So cool! Embrace me!]

[Kyaa! Balam-sama face!]

[What with that guy! Such disgusting face!]

[He must be jealous of Balam’s face so he aimed at his face on purpose!]

[When he get off the stage, he raised his right hand, there is no feeling of consideration to the defeated opponent either]

[Eh, somehow, I’m getting turned on!]


There were no such things.
What they said is true. I can’t object to them.

It’s hard to bear.

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    [Haruto! Let’s go see it!] (Sharon)

    Although I have been thinking of warming up while waiting for my turn, Tanya invited me to see the matches.
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