Glutton Berserker ch.6

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Ch. 6: The Dark Side of the Heart Family
(TL Note: The title translated like that, thanks for the confusion Author-san)

I returned by foot to the Royal Capital Seyfat. To exchange the monsters that I defeated for the reward, I went to visit the Exchange Facility.
It’s a place crowded with a lot of unrefined warriors. Sometimes, you can also hear violent language. Also, there are often disputes in front of the reception about bargaining the reward.

It’s going to be troublesome if I get involved with those guys. I shrug and line up in the rows.
A man with a good physique in front of me looked at me and turned up his nose at me. It seems like he thought that based from my appearance, I was the one who did the ‘miscellaneous tasks’ in my party.

That is kinda convenient for me right now.
If I were to show up with a large amount of monster parts, everyone will think [Ah, are you the underling in your party?], so I won’t draw strange suspicions. This time, I brought 38 goblin ears, so it won’t be so surprising.

[Next, please]

Oops, it’s my turn. I put my sack on the counter. Since it’s only a small bag, the goblin ears burst out from the bag.

[I’ll checking it first… Oh dear, you sure hunted a lot. Did you go hunting with a big party?]

[Eeh, yeah, yes I did. We worked hard, combining our efforts. Everyone was in such high-spirits… I think]

I desperately talked about the imaginary party in my head, since the party itself didn’t exist, I can only imagine an party of air. Then, Greed talks in my mind.

[I can’t hold myself back from laughing]

[Shut up]

Oh crap. The reception person is unable to hear Greed’s voice, so he is looking at me perplexed. It’s because I was suddenly said [Shut up] during our conversation. I intended it for Greed, but the reception must be thinking it’s for him.

[I’m sorry. It’s nothing.]

I force a smile and laugh, somehow managing to get away from it. I think.
I feel relieved when I exited from the Exchange Facility. In the conversation with the receptionist, I was told that people normally hunted the same monster to a maximum of ten per day. When I asked for the reason, he explained that if you kept hunting the same kind of monster, a grudge called Hate would make the monster aggressively target you.
Now that I think about it, when I was hunting the goblins earlier, in the latter half, I was being attacked like I was their parent’s murderer……I see.

From now on, when I exchange for rewards, it would be better restrain myself to 10 monsters to exchange like the other warriors do. Let’s give up on more than that. Every time, if I bring in a large amount of monster parts, everyone would think that it’s strange. Although it’s not a big deal, but let’s slow down my pace.

I peek the inside of the bag, it contains 3 silver coins and 80 copper coins.
When I saved money for five years in hardship――I could only gain 2 silver coins.
Now, I have exceed that in just half a day.

[What I have done those five years…]

The closer I get to a decent life, the more I’m forced to realise just how much of a terrible, warped world I had lived in until now.
While I was thinking about it, my anger of Rafal’s group grows stronger. They said I was trash. Therefore, I am not allowed to be angry……so they said.


As the thoughts of Rafal and co. filled on my head, my stomach which should be satisfied until now by the overly-filling goblins, begins to growl. As if it’s was saying “I want to eat them, I want to eat them!

It’s still too early. Moreover, there is Roxy too.
That is not my problem anymore.

Well, what should I do with this money? Oh yeah!
I see my clothes covered with patches, so I know where my money should go.


[Anyone can look good in good clothes, I see]

[Shut up]

My dirty appearance has turned clean now. I used two silver coins in the clothes shop and bought well-tailored clothes.
And also, I spent 50 copper coins to buy a sheath for the black sword Greed. Plus 10 more copper coins to wash off Greed’s oil and dirt too.

With this, even if I go to the area where the Holy Knights live, I won’t give off a bad impression to the guards.
If you saw me from any angle, I’m just a normal person.

I went to the entrance of Holy Knight area in high spirits.
The Holy Knight area is different from the other areas. The surrounding is bordered with high walls, kinda like it’s guarding another castle inside it.

When I told the guard of my name, I passed through the inside. It seems Roxy had arranged it beforehand.
I’m not sure about it, but it seems that I need the person herself to confirm it. Therefore, I am being flanked by two soldiers. It’s kinda like I did a bad thing and am being escorted away.

I was being guided to the mansion, as expected from the one of five great noble families in this Royal Capital.
I can’t believe my eyes as I approach the mansion. Even a idiot would think that it’s too big.

One of the soldiers who accompanied me, enters the premises and crosses through the garden.
And then, a girl in a white dress comes out with him. She is a beautiful girl.

[Did you just arrive? I have been waiting]

That voice is Roxy’s. As I have only met her as a fellow gatekeeper, I only know her appearance with white light armor. She looks like a totally different person in her dress. She really is very beautiful.
After they finished confirming it, the soldiers withdraw.
Only the two of us were left, and maybe because I was looking at her with a stupid face, she opened her mouth.

[What’s wrong?]

Roxy asks me curiously.

[Roxy-sama is too beautiful, so I couldn’t stop staring at you. I’m sorry]

Her cheeks redden, and then gently clears her throat.

[I, I occasionally wear my dress. You too, your appearance is different too. Saa, follow me]

In spite of the large residence, it’s very quiet. I have not seen the servants’ appearance, it was silent.

I walked behind Roxy while looking at the maintained lawn. It’s really too quiet.
I can only hear the sound of wind blowing around.

Followed by whistles of emptiness shortly after.

When we arrive at the front of the mansion, we move over to the right side. Huh? We don’t enter inside?
Even if it was the kind of atmosphere that would let me ask her what was going on, I wouldn’t be able to listen to her explanation. As we advance a bit further,

[This is…]

I’m unable to say any more.
Looking at me, Roxy smiles gently. And then, she bends down and puts her hand on a tombstone.

[Father, I’ve decided to employ him today. I hope my heart can be revived with this]

I cannot process the words that Roxy said just now.

[My father, he died three days ago in Gallia to the south]

[Gallia, huh?]

If I’m not mistaken, it’s the continent occupied by monsters. Moreover, it is said the monsters in the surroundings of the Royal Capital are not strong enough to compare with them.
The Holy Knights’ most important task is to hold down the monsters that progress from that place to the kingdom. For that reason, they have been awarded with high ranks and excessive pay from the kingdom.
However, I honestly didn’t expect that a current family head from one of the five great noble families in the kingdom has passed away.

Roxy says, as if reading my anxiety.

[The cause of death is not because of monsters. In the Gallia, there are other causes too]

After she says so, I can only think of that one. Flood, earthquake, tsunami, natural disasters that are caused by it.
A living natural disaster――. No matter what power you have, there is no way to stop it. With so much strength, it has been the subject of faith and some people say that it’s an envoy of God.
If you are targeted by it, you must prepare for your death.

[I heard that the troops my father led were all annihilated. It’s unthinkable, a Heavenly Dragon flying that far away from its nest… After all, such a case has never been heard of in the last few millennia.]

The nest of Heavenly Dragon is located in the center of Gallia. Also, it’s said to never approach near the border of Gallia. Yet, it suddenly happened. It’s lucky that that was the end of it.
However, the story didn’t end for the people who got left behind.

[I’m finally done with the work for this morning. With Father’s funeral and a bunch of other things, it was hectic. Since I succeeded Father’s position, I am now officially the Heart Family head.]

When this girl shows so much confidence at such a hard time like now, I can only bow my head to her.
I did not notice at all. I saw that her face looked as usual when we changed positions, and I did not know about this happening behind the scenes.

Even in such a situation, Roxy was thinking about me and invited me here.

And here I was thinking of how should I deceive Roxy’s father who would interview me about my power…

Roxy-sama, I’m sorry, I am…

[Don’t make such a face, let the both of us grow the Heart Family together. Could you do that?]

[Yes, gladly]

That day, I became an employee of the Heart family.


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  2. It’s strange, why did she notice him in the first place? if it was kindness of her, she was too kind, stood against a noble family just because a mere guard (by recruited him) and told him her family story. It will be more logic if she has some hidden motive (ex know his true power), not just because he is MC


    1. Maybe she just recently know about Fate and his situation?
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