Return of The Former Hero ch.112

Once again, this chapter kinda remind me why Haruto is very likeable as MC.
I can’t stop myself to not smiling when I read his action everytime.

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 112. Former Hero – Saying something refreshing

[Fuhahaha! A small boy as my opponent, goha~?!]

My opponent in the second preliminary round was a 2m tall or so muscle Daruma.
The moment the match started, this muscle man was saying something, but I didn’t care and attack his stomach.

I don’t have any good memories about muscle daruma.
Therefore, I might have put a bit of extra power in my attack.

The muscle daruma crumbles down while holding his stomach and he is convulsing.

[That’s the end!]

The umpire announced. It’s my win.

With an instant kill right at the start, the other participants who were looking from the surroundings were noisy.

My first match is the fifth ranked in the last tournament, I think?
With me overwhelming that ikemen rascal with an evil look, the number of spectators has increased. Is it because they’ve caught on to that rumor?

Fearful glances are directed at me.

This is pleasant.
But it’s regrettable that almost all glances are coming from men.

No. Each stage has spectator seats. Also the general public is watching.
Celes and Kagura should be among them.

Both of them, after watching my performance will surely… Huh?

The number is being called at random. Do they both know my number?
I wonder if they saw my match?

I look at the auditorium where normal people are watching the stage.

Un… There are quite a lot of people so I’m unable to see them.

There are four stages in the two venues for preliminary matches and there is a simple boundary between the stages so we cannot see the state of the other stages.

If the audience want to see the other stages, they have to move to the place where the stage is… Un, they probably didn’t see my match.
My tension decreases.

No no no, it’s too soon to give up.
Celes might surely be able to find me with the power of love.
The power of love!

Rithina, Mina, Laurier and Caroin were watching the Fist stage from the seats reserved for the most important guests. (TL Note: Reminder each stages being called by weapon name)

Since I don’t have any match there, four for them won’t be able to see me either.


I’ll surely show off to them in the main tournament tomorrow, but what should I do while waiting for the next match?
My first and second matches ended-up as instant kills so I have free time before my next match.

Sharon, Tanya, and Aura; I wonder how are they doing?
As I had watched how the fifth-ranked in the last tournament ability, I’m sure all of them will make it in the tournament.

Alright, let’s go look for those girls.
While I’m on it, Leon too.

I looked around, wandering randomly to the each stages.
I am unable to find my acquaintances in the four stages in the hall where I am.

Are all of them in the other hall?
The other hall located in the next building, however it’s kinda sad to be left out.

When I walked towards the neighboring hall, the door of the building in between opened.

[Oh Sharon.] (Haruto)

[Ah, Haruto.] (Sharon)

What came out is a face that I am familiar with: it was Sharon.

[Yo.] (Haruto)

While I spoke to Sharon, I saw the door where Sharon came out from.
The plate hung on the door written… Etto… Aid… Room.

A-aid room?!

Now that I think about it, it was written that there would a place for first-aid stuff between the halls.

[What’s wrong? Where did you get injured?] (Haruto)

I went over and checked Sharon’s whole body in a panic.
For the time being, there seems to be no sign of injury…

[Ah, un. I just twisted my ankle when I fell down earlier. But I have requested to have healing magic applied on me so it’s alright.] (Sharon)

After Sharon said that, she shows her ankle and lightly turned it around.

But I felt that her vigorous voice was amiss.

When she fell…
And this appearance…
This is, by any chance…

[I, I see. I’m glad to hear that… Etto… So…] (Haruto)

[Thank you… Ehehe… I lost.] (Sharon)

When I was about to try to confirm my guess about her situation, Sharon spoke to me.

As expected… Has she been defeated?

[I… see…] (Haruto)

[Yeah. In the 2nd round, my opponent was the Hero.] (Sharon)

Leon, huh?
Ah… Un…

Sharon’s growth is wonderful.
I think there won’t be any mistake if I said she is an adventurer of the first class.

But she was unable to defeat Leon?

He surely has talent and, in addition, he has actual combat experience in the war against the Demon King army.

To tell you the truth, in the one-week practice, I have already sensed it that Sharon still hasn’t reached that far yet.

[I didn’t think I would be able to win but I thought that I should try and challenge him. But as expected from a Hero! I was able to fight well until halfway but gradually I was being overwhelmed.] (Sharon)

Sharon continued talking.
However, it’s too obvious she is far from her usual cheerful self.

As Sharon said, even though she knew she wouldn’t win, being defeated is still leaving a bad taste.

As proof, although she was talking energetically, when she remembered it, tears began swelling in her eyes.

[Ah, so,sorry. I’m crying because I lost.] (Sharon)

Sharon hurriedly said while wiping her tears, the tears that were shed will be hard to stop so easily.

[No, it’s natural to cry after being defeated. Rather, it’s weird if you can stay calm] (Haruto)

I also have experience too.
Just like Sharon at this time who went out to join the tournament. Although our situations are different, when I saw someone who I couldn’t help with all of my power, I felt regret about my lack of strength.

At that time, I cried.
The old man from my companions said that it was fine to cry if I regret it so I cried.

I felt refreshed after I cried. It’s like I could move afterwards compared to if I didn’t cry.

Therefore, If Sharon wants to cry, it’s fine to cry as it will make her feel refreshed.

Since I cannot explain it in words well, I showed it through my actions instead.

I took Sharon’s hand and we went to the space between the aid room and the hall.

[Eh… Wait… Haruto?] (Sharon)

[During times like this, it’s better to cry quickly and get refreshed.] (Haruto)

I said it as softly as possible while I hold Sharon’s hand and embraced her closely.

A [Silent Field] was created; it’s to prevent the voice leaking to the outside.

[Crying to get refreshed…] (Sharon)

Sharon laid her face on my chest and muttered slowly.

[Umu.] (Haruto)

[Un… Yes. Then, just for a bit…] (Sharon)

After Sharon said that, she cried for a while.

Her sobbing voice wasn’t loud enough to require the use of [Silent Field] by any means but it’s better rather than her holding it in.

While Sharon cried, I embraced her closely and kept patting her head.

In the end, Sharon finished crying after a few minutes.


[Thank you. Un, I felt refreshed after crying!] (Sharon)

Sharon finished crying and took one step away from me, wiping her tears that remain on her cheeks.

This time, unlike before, I felt she has returned back to the normal Sharon.

[Yeah. Well, it can’t be helped if it still makes you regret it forever. Therefore, you only have to become stronger.] (Haruto)

[Yes! I, I will work harder!] (Sharon)

Sharon regained her cheerfulness back..
Though you said will be working harder but you have already worked hard. Do you plan on doing nothing else but shut yourself in the mountain from now on?

Whatever. Setting aside shutting herself in the mountain, shouldn’t I help her as much as I can?
Sharon; she is a girl who is going to fight together with me side-by-side.

I watched Sharon with a warm and pleasant feeling.
Then, when Sharon noticed my gaze, she blushed.

[By, by the way, when I was taken here a little while ago, I, I thought Haruto was gonna refresh himself.] (Sharon)


Sharon-chan. Don’t you understand me that much?

Even I, when seeing a girl weep and shed tears, won’t get excited and take her behind a bush. I’m not a low-life.

Not a bit. Only slightly. It may not be the feeling when a girl is crying at some microscopic level but it is too cruel that she thought that I would do such a thing in that kind situation.

[When you embraced me closely, it…. It was growing bigger….] (Sharon)

Wh… what…?

Sharon somehow become nervous while glancing down.

Good grief, I am so pitiful.
To think I’ll get a reaction in that situation, I want to cry because of my own weakness.

[Th, this is impolite of me…]

I apologized to Sharon.
I got depressed a bit.

[U, uun! That’s okay! Because, it’s Haruto after all! Umm… when I was embraced tightly, I was so happy…] (Sharon)

Fidgetly and moving around, Sharon said that she was happy when I hug her tightly.
However, what did she think of me earlier?

[Etto… Umm, thank you, Haruto.…Th, that… won’t it affect the match when it’s like that?]

Nn? What?

Sharon snuck a peek at the lower part of my body.

What does she mean by “like that”?
What does she mean by “affect”?

Ah, this?

Yes. It seems so.

Well, is it really good?
Toward a girl who just cried a little while ago?

However, since Sharon has said it, then it’s okay I guess?
It’s okay right? It’s surely okay. Un, okay.

[Yes.] (Haruto)

When I gave her an obedient answer, Sharon blushed further.
However, she take a step closer to my body and then squats down.

[Th, the magic to prevent leaking sounds, please use it perfectly, okay?] (Sharon)

[Yes.] (Haruto)

You just need to cry when you want to cry.
And then you will feel refreshed, that’s just I said earlier.

I cried because of my weaknesses and while feeling refreshed, I will be looking forward to my next match.
(TLC: god I laughed so much here.) (ED note: All’s well that ends well 😀 )

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  1. [I didn’t think I would be able to win but I thought that I should try and challenge him. But as expected from a Hero! I was able to fight well until halfway but gradually I was being overwhelmed.] (Haruto)

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  2. my man
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