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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 32
A day away from my companions

[So, I’m thinking that we take a break for today.]

[That was abrupt.]

[You mean we aren’t gonna go hunting?]

It was the day after we got promoted to rank-D. We just ate breakfast and I am trying to decide what to do for today.
From which I suggested we get some R & R.

[Nn? Ah, you girls have been hunting pretty much non stop lately right? So, I thought it’s about time to let you two get some rest.]

The hunting at the Northern Cave for rolling the gacha. Then up until yesterday which was the Frogman hunt, we have been going at it with almost no rest whatsoever.

I get the feeling we are pushing ourselves too hard every other day.

I feel that I need to let the girls get some rest. (TL Note: Finally, the MC realized that)

[I see. If Onii-san says so then why not.]

[Muuー, though I’m happy to get a break and all, but it’s not like I have anything else in particular to do.]

Come to think of it the girls have only ever tagged along with me, they don’t have much of a personal life.
Won’t they have nothing to do even though I told them to rest?

[Now that there’s 2 of you girls, why don’t you go shopping together? Here, take this too.]

I took out the pouch I prepared beforehand from my bag and handed it to them.

The girls received it while tilting their heads, they then opened the pouch and checked the contents.

[5 gold coins… 500,000G!? I-isn’t this way too much…]

[Onii-san, are you really alright? Do you have a fever or something?]

I put 5 gold coins in the pouch. 500,000G should be more than enough for the time being.

Estel touches my head to check if I was feverish. How rude.

[No worries, we earned this money together after all. I’ll even give more if you need more, just don’t squander the money away alright? Especially you Noru, don’t go spending it all on food]

As we have been doing almost everything together until now, there was no need to split our monetary gains.

But now that the girls have their own Bags, I thought I should distribute the money so they can spend it for themselves.
Though I can only imagine all the money I hand to Noru turning into food…

[F, food isn’t the only other thing that I think about! Okura-dono can be so rude sometimes. Honestly, what do you take me for.]

[R, right…]

She rebutted me sounding slightly offended.

But yep, she doesn’t sound convincing at all. She’ll be together with Estel so I doubt she’s going to really spend that much on food.

[Well then, we shall gladly accept the offer and rest for today. Is Onii-san not going to go out together with us?]

[It would just be business as usual if I’m around.]

It’s probably good for them to have their girl time away from me every so often. They are on good terms with each other too.

[Hーmm, so Onii-san wants to be alone? …. Ah, I see what you did there…]

[Fufu, so you want to do it at other places besides at the bathroom all the time?]

[What’s this about doing something at the bathroom?]

Estel smirked to show that she figured something out, but that’s not what this is. Gimme a break already.

Noru tilted her head looking baffled. She most likely doesn’t know what Estel was talking about.

Noru just needs to do Noru things and all’s well with the world.

[T,that’s not what it looks like! Gahh, here, take this too. Contact me if something does happen.]

I hand them the Transceiver to sorta muffle the topic. This is actually a little big in size, so I couldn’t let them hold on to it back when they didn’t have bags.

[I have paid the lodging fees for today so you can return anytime you want to.]

I have paid today’s portion for the room so they can come back anytime.

I have also made arrangements so they can get the key to the room just by talking to the inn receptionist.


After I sent the girls off, I returned to our room.

[Fuu, it’s been a long time since I have been alone…]

I wonder, has it been more than a month ever since I came to this world?

After I summoned Noru on the first day, I have spent my days together with her since then.
Lots of stuff happened, but I have never been truly “alone” ever since I came here.
The loneliness suddenly hit me when I thought about this.

[Alright, time for me to go too.]

Fumu, I have some business to take care of today so this isn’t the time to be thinking back on the past.

I take out the goods from my Bag and stuff them into regular bags. These are for the transaction I promised that fella.


[‘scuse me.]

I went to the Adventurers’ Guild as that’s where that fella probably is.

I spotted Wizzy-chan walking by while I was looking around for him, so I called out to her.

[Ah, Okura-san. Those are some big bags you are carrying…. Don’t tell me it’s more subjugation proofs again!?]

[Oh, no, that’s not what these are for. Me and my party are taking a break today, these are for another purpose.]

[I see… Now that I’ve noticed, the Knight person and Magician girl aren’t with you.]

[So anyway, is Dhius-san here today?]

That’s right, my promise was a transaction with Dhius regarding Stinger Shells.

I brought 90 pieces in total, split into three bags. Since I carried them here on foot, it shows just how much physically stronger I have gotten.

[If it’s Dhius-san you are looking for, he’s over there. Alright then Okura-san, I hope to see you come and do the rank-up to rank C soon~]
(ED Note: he’s not -sama anymore lmao)

She pointed to the back to show me the direction, then walked quickly back to the receptionist desk after that. Her 2 mounds bounced as she made her way back. (ED Note: boing boing :3)

[Dhius-san, hello there.]

[Ah, Okura…-san.]

I walked in the direction I was pointed to, soon I saw Dhius sitting on one of the chairs.

I approached and called out to him, and he responds to me adding -san to my name in a slightly unbearable tone.
That only makes it hard to continue the conversation!

[You don’t need to push yourself by calling me “Okura-san”. You dislike it don’t you? Let’s get that out of the way and speak normally.]

[Nn, let’s just talk normally. Why don’t you speak to me like you normally do too?]

[Is me being polite really that weird?]

[Honestly speaking, it gives me the creeps.]

[Kuh, even you too. Then I’ll talk like I usually do then.]

Dang it, this again. Just what part of my polite speech does people find so off putting.

Ah, is it the same feeling as when he called me “Okura-san” just now? Then I sort of understand the feeling if that’s the case.

[Eh? You’re alone today. Where’s Estel-chan and co.?]

[I’m letting the 2 of them rest. We have been hunting pretty much everyday lately.]

He was looking around behind me, I guess he was trying to greet Estel as he always does.
He looked slightly disappointed when I told him she wasn’t around.

[Even so, your equipment have made quite the change. How should I say this… You have become even more suspicious looking.]

[Don’t just say it so directly, I’m actually concerned about that…]

Even though the Sacred Fabric I’m wearing gives me a nice Upgrade, it still hurts my feelings when I get that said to my face.

[Now then, are those bags behind you the goods we talked about?]

[Yeah, 90 pieces sound about right?]

[You mean to say you carried those all by yourself…]

[Nn? Well duh.]

When Dhius saw the bags I was shouldering, his face cringed.

What’s up with that?

[Sorry to ask you for this, but can you help me carry the bags to Gantz Equipment Shop together with me? I don’t think I can carry all that by myself.]

[Ah, I see. Sorry ‘bout this, I didn’t think about these sort of details when I was preparing earlier.]

[My impressions of those 2 girls are slightly overpowering… But even you are pretty abnormal yourself.]

Being together with those 2 screws around with my own senses too. The me from awhile back would have collapsed already from carrying this kind of load.

It’s probably also because of my equipment getting better too.


[Oh yeah, looks like you got up to rank D. Congratulations.]

[That sounded somewhat creepy… But thanks.]

So I ended up going to Gantz Equipment Shop with him.
Carrying 1 bag was the limit for him, so I carried the remaining 2 bags.

While we were walking to the shop he noticed my change in rank from looking at my Plate, so I got a compliment from him.

How should I put this… It doesn’t feel like a compliment as it’s coming from him.

[Any intentions to keep going until rank B?]

[Well, that’s the plan. I’m also thinking of getting to rank A too while we’re at it.]

[I see… Good luck with that. Even though my party is also aiming for rank A, the road ahead is still oh so long.]

[Haha, there’s no way I’m letting Estel join you but good luck to you guys too.]

[Seriously, you don’t know how envious I am of you. Just where did you find those 2 girls.]

This really makes me feel like it’s been way too long since I had a casual conversation with another guy. Although he’s quite the headstrong bloke, I find him to be pretty normal after talking to him.

Where I found those 2 must be quite the mystery to him. But there’s no way I’m talking about the Gacha to him.

[There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask, during our match back then you used Sonic Blade didn’t you? How did you understand the logic to use it?]

I have something i want to ask, the fight before you used Sonic blade,right? Can you tell me how it work?

[Nn? What are you talking about? Doesn’t it just come naturally to any person who has a Skill?]

I took this opportunity to ask Dhius about something I was curious about. It was regarding whether Dhius had any self-awareness about his own skills and abilities or not.

However the answer that I got from him didn’t really answer my question. He made it sound like it’s the most natural answer ever.


[We hath returned!]

[We’re back, Onii-san.]

[Ou, did you girls have fun?]

After I received the money for the Stinger Shells from Dhius, I returned to the inn.

The girls returned shortly after I did, they look pretty happy so I guess they enjoyed themselves.

[We sure did! Haaa~ The sweets from that shop sure are delicious. Here you go, souvenirs for Okura-dono.]
(ED Note: the word お菓子 was used, which usually means confectionary if nothing specific is listed)

[Oh, thanks.]

She’s making really happy girl sounds. She must have ate something really delicious. She talked about sweets, does she have a sweet tooth?

The souvenir that I received from Noru was something that resembled biscuits.
What can I say, getting souvenirs is a happy thing.

[Shopping was so convenient with our Bags.]

[Yeah it was. And as expected of the Royal Capital, there was such a wide variety of clothing.]

As I thought they did have a look at the clothes that were available.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what kind of clothes the girls bought.

[Hey, Onii-san. What do you think about this?]

[T, that’s…!?]

[It’s just like what Estel said, he really did react to that…]

What Estel took out, was a set of black clothes that had a white apron attached.
It also came with a mini skirt. It’s a complete maid outfit set, the type that you’d imagine for cosplaying.

H, holy cow… To think such things could be found in this world.

When I imagined the different outfits the 2 girls might wear in the future, I suddenly felt very motivated.


The events and gachas in various mobages:

Fate/Grand Order (JP)

Happy playing and Good luck on your gacha roll!

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