Return of The Former Hero ch.114

Bonus Chapter
Reward’s Raizu Quest

What a comfy situation~
Sometimes I’m really jealous with the MC. >w<)

Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 114 . Spends a warm night

[Welcome back.] (Mina)

At night, Mina greeted us three who had returned to the hotel.

I remembered Tanya’s sense of smell and I stopped for a moment.

Does Mina have it too? This sharp sense of smell?
I wonder what would she do, if she really found out about it?


[? What is the matter?] (Mina)

Mina looks at me who stood at the entrance and tilts her head in puzzlement.

[N-no, it’s nothing. I’m back.] (Haruto)
[Yes. Thank you for your hard work.] (Mina)

“Thank you for your hard work”, huh. What does she mean by that?
Is it okay for me to accept it obediently? Or are there any hidden messages in it?

If it’s Mina, although she will answer, if I ask her that, it’s kinda embarrassing to do it.

I’ll put it aside for now.

[Welcome back.] (Rithina)
[I’m back.] (Haruto)

When I step into the room, everyone else has already returned.

We give our greetings to all of them.

Then Rithina said something in that situation.

[You’re coming back late. Did you enjoy it very much?] (Rithina)



Un. The problem is not because of the smell or feeling something suspicious, it’s just that my usual doings that I’ve been found out.

[Y, yeah I guess.]

It doesn’t mean that I need to feel guilty but I wonder why I feel nervous? Am I really feeling guilty?

Well, it’s not like Rithina is angry at me. I also don’t feel that she said that for sarcasm either so let’s set the troublesome matters aside.

After that, we all ate supper together.


I chose fried rice.
There is a kind of crispy meat on it which is unknown to me but it’s quite delicious dish even if it’s a bit spicy.
This one is the local cuisine of this town.

When I asked Mina about it, she seems know how to cook it if she has the ingredients.

Next time, let’s try having it handmade.

[Nee, Haru-kun?] (Kagura)

When I was busy eating the food to fill my empty stomach after finishing various exercises, Kagura-san talked to me while pouting.

[What is it?] (Haruto)
[Today, why were you not using the sword?] (Kagura)

The pouting Kagura-san continued staring at me with a displeased look.

For Kagura-san, her eyes kinda feel like she’s watching from the bottom of earth unlike Sharon’s sharp, scary eyes. It’s a different kind of scary.

If you showed it to small children during something like a test of courage, they might’ve gotten scared and it becomes a trauma. That would most likely have happened.

Wait, that’s not the best time to think about it.

[Kagura-san, today’s match. Did you watch it?] (Haruto)
[… since the third round] (Kagura)
[It’s because the surrounding audience were spreading rumours so I understood.] (Celes)

Kagura-san and Celes answer my question.

Is that so?
Did both of them come to see it?
I’m glad to hear that.

[Mo-re-im-por-tant-ly, Sword. Sword. Sword. Sword. Why you didn’t use it?] (Kagura)

Kagura-san ignored my topic and kept pursuing her question.

Why I didn’t use the sword?


[… That sword is too strong. Until a powerful enemy appears, I cannot make the mistake of misusing it.] (Haruto)

I rolled my eyes as if looking into the distance and say it in a roundabout way as if I have some bitter memories.
There is nothing in my view but only the roof and the wall of the dining room.

[Haru-kun. The sword is still a prototype. It isn’t complete yet. I need you to use the prototype so I can check if there are any problems on it or not. If I don’t examine its problems, how can I advance to the next step?] (Kagura)

[Ah. Yes. Sorry. I’ll use it tomorrow.] (Haruto)

She is totally angry.

I will use it. I will definitely use it.
I will definitely use it in the actual tournament tomorrow.

The fact that I didn’t use it today is because I would’ve won the battles even without using it at all so I just decided to keep it for the next day’s tournament.

[Make sure you pour magic into it so we can check for how long it will endure real combat. I’ll examine it properly.] (Kagura)
[Y,yes.] (Haruto)

After Kagura-san is done with her protest with those parting words, I return to my meal.

Although the discussion about the sword made me tired, I am quite excited about it because the goal of making such sword is for it to be able to hold my magical power.
Well, I really appreciate that.

After that, we spent ate our supper while having a comfortable chat.

Laurier told us fervently about how delicious the first-class Balal meat was.
It seems she is looking forward to what kind of dishes she will able to eat tomorrow.

If you use this as a trap, I’m sure that as long as Balal meat is being prepared, she will surely be caught in it.

Please watch my match properly too.
Because I am doing my best in it.


And then, in the late of night.

After I went out from the bath, I wore warm clothes provided by the hotel.
Is that what I think this is?
Is this a bathrobe?

I put on the bathrobe and slipped quickly in the futon.

Recently, it has gotten colder lately and it will be absurd to catch a cold after getting chilly after the bath.

… It is not bad to get a cold and get nursed I suppose.

I recall the situation after the race in Angel town while I think of this.

No, if it is a cold, my consciousness will be hazy due to fever, which was not my intention.
It would be bad if the cold infected the girls.

Well, after being able to practice my magic, I don’t think I will fall sick anyway.

By the way, I took a bath by myself.

I am by myself.

No, entering the bath by myself is fine as well.
It’s not like we are going at it every day that much.

Around noon and before evening today, I have done various stuff with Sharon and Tanya.

When I got into the bed, the inside was already warm.
And, a soft object was there. No, it is.

It’s Tanya.

Tanya was curled up in the futon and is already sleeping.
Easy victory! Though I want to say that, she seems very tired?

Is it because of me? What should I do?

[Haruto-kun. Why don’t we go to sleep for today?] (Rithina)

When I was in the futon and rubbing Tanya’s hips and tail, Rithina asked me.

[Eh? No, it’s not like I want to sleep though?] (Haruto)
[Is that so? Today was the elimination match so I thought you were tired.] (Rithina)

Even though I was tired, it’s not that much that I want to sleep?
That’s impossible. Hahaha. Good grief, for a person like Rithina said that.

[But, the main tournament is tomorrow. Isn’t it better to take it easy and rest?] (Mina)

Mina has interrupted from the side.

Oh well. If my cat-eared maid said so too.

[This man is not that fragile. Even if Haruto said he was tired, he will get energetic later.] (Laurier)

Laurier gets on the bed and respond.

You sure know me well. That’s correct.

[Here.] (Laurier)

After Laurier said that, she lightly turned over the futon cover.

I, who was touching Tanya in the futon, naturally revealed my full, vigorous self.

[Oh my.] (Rithina)
[This is.] (Mina)
[It has already become like this.] (Sharon)
[Gulp.] (Celes)

Beside Rithina and Mina, there are Sharon and Celes in nearby. In other words, all of the harem members are gazing at me.

It has already this far but as expected, it’s still kinda embarrassing.
And it’s cold too.

[Oi, stupid girl. It’s cold, you know] (Haruto)
[Fufun. Everyone, Haruto said it’s cold. It might affect him tomorrow, shall we warm him?] (Laurier)

Laurier said that and reached out to me as she wrapped me with her warm palm.


[Let’s see. It’s indeed cold.] (Rithina)
[Let’s warm him.] (Mina)

Rithina’s laughing while Mina’s eyes were glittering. Both of them go up to the bed.

[Ha,Haruto, you have to work hard tomorrow!] (Sharon)
[Y,yes it is. Oniisan must win the tournament!] (Celes)

Sharon and Celes both replied nervously while getting on the bed as well.

While Tanya… She is asleep, so I’ll leave her alone for today.
If she wakes up midway, I will decide it at that time.

… More like that is it.
Of course it was my plan, but recently, everyone was quite assertive.

Is it what I think?
As I thought, everyone likes this kind of stuff.

… Grinning broadly.

It is worthwhile to always try my best. It is worth it!

Tonight is also warm.

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