Return of The Former Hero ch.115

Weekly Chapters (1/2)

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 115 – Former Hero. Exchanges Promises.

The next morning, Tanya and I came to the coliseum after receiving encouragement from everyone.

Finished with the reception, we proceeded to the waiting room for the participants for warm ups.

Un….. I’m getting nervous.

Back during my time as a hero,even though I had been fighting in front of many people who were three times as many, I still didn’t feel familiar to it at all.

To relieve tension during such times, let’s do something fun which I got used to.

For instance, Tanya and her softness…

[Good morning. Early as usual, aren’t you?] (Aura)

When I was about to reach out to Tanya, Aura entered the participant room together with Leon.


[Morning.] (Haruto)

We exchanged greetings and afterwards, we spent our time by talking about things like how the four of us felt today, were we enthusiastic or not and so on.

Now, the hall where the main matches will be held is where exhibition matches and opening ceremonies took place and the place where the last victor took an oath.

Even though I planned to have a look if possible, I refrained from doing so because one minor – business came up.

[Doing something so urgently, what for?] (Haruto)

The minor business was… Leon calling out to me and so I came to an empty passage.
In front of me, Leon, who had called me earlier, was standing.

There was no one else here.

[ ……Haruto-san. I want to ask you a favor.] (Leon)

After a short pause, Leon broke the silence.

A request ?

[Today’s match, I’m sure the first place in the championship is within reach of Haruto-kun.
I also want to win the championship and challenge myself.] (Leon)

Leon said with a strangely serious face.
I kept quiet and heard him out.

Fumu ?

[ And…. If so, I think that a time will come where I will fight Haruto-san.] (Leon)

E to….. What do you want to say?
Could it be that he’s asking for a biased match ?

Ee.. a hero? Could it be that Leon is this kind of man ?

[If….If I can defeat Haruto-san, could you answer one question of mine?] (Leon)

Oh. It was different. My bad.

[A question….? I don’t really get it but I will reply if you asked even without you defeating me as a condition, you know?] (Haruto)

Of course, it would be excluding some things like the details of my nightly acts with the female members or when I tried to peep into the women’s bath during student camping trip to the mountain when I was still in 6th grade.

…… No, I did not peek.
I just tried to peek.

[……If I asked it now and heard the reply right away, it would be meaningless to me.
That’s why I wish to defeat you first before hearing the answer.] (Leon)

I tried to pass it off lightly, but Leon smiled a bit and said it with humility.

As I thought, I couldn’t understand him at all.

[ If you want to do it that way, I’m fine with it, but … I don’t intend to lose, you know?] (Haruto)

[ Of course. At that time I will do my best!] (Leon)

Toward my confirmation, Leon replied with an expression as if it was a natural thing.

Well, I suppose it’s okay then.

However, the thing Leon wanted to ask me….. I wonder what is it?

There is nothing in particular that comes to mind.
The thing he wants to hear…. Thing he wants to hear.

Ah, that’s it. I remember.

It was not about me. But if that’s the case, then I also had something I wanted to ask him.

The following day after we came to this town, there was a feeling of incongruity when Leon visited us.
Since then, I forgot because I did not feel anything in particular but since this was good chance, why not ask him?

[Is that so. Alright. Let’s make a promise. If I win on the other hand, Leon must also answer my question.] (Haruto)

[…….just a question?] (Leon)

When I brought up the same condition for the promise, Leon’s facial expression tightened.

It was a condition that I came up with on the spot but why are you reacting so seriously?

[ Is it too much of a hassle? ] (Haruto)

[ No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I will accept that condition.] (Leon)

I was worried if I had asked for something troublesome, but Leon relaxed his expression and accepted my proposal.


Well… it’s good I guess ?

[That’s about it. Thanks for your trouble. Let’s try our best to keep up with each other.] (Haruto)

[Ah, understood.] (Leon)

Leon said that and then returned to the waiting room.

Leon ‘s behavior was a bit weird but anyways, let’s try to listen after winning it all.

I should return too.

After that, the tournament participants were introduced at the venue after the participant lottery was done.

The venue was exactly like the amphitheater that I had imagined it to be, with just outside a little place on the central round stage.
Spectator seats around it are slowly being filled with people.

I looked at the spectator seats and looked for Celes and Kagura.
Ga, as expected, there are too many people around so I wouldn’t see them.

I found the seats prepared for distinguished guests like Rithina pretty quickly.

I could see the seats covered with glass and protruding slightly to the front in a high place. (ED note: Might be a podium like one of those in Roman stadiums)

Meanwhile, I was able to spot Rithina, Mina, Caroin, and Yunikram. Maybe noticing my glance, Rithina waves to me. Lovely.
The view of Laurier eating meat steadily in an arrogant and self-indulgent manner kinda perplexed me.

What is she doing?

Looking down on the audience and the participants from a high place, as if saying “People are like ants” or something like that.
It’s not even that high.

Anyway, the lottery had ended and the tournament table was shown.

[My opponent in the first match is the last tournament runner-up?] (Haruto)

I muttered as I looked at the tournament table.
Besides, it was also the first match.

The top four of the previous tournament and the seeded participants were evenly distributed.
If everyone wins, the top four will probably remain the same.
Twelve people who qualified and the remaining ones were arranged by lottery.

Whether you say it’s good luck or not, we were placed evenly in each bracket.

If all of us keep winning, the semi-final will be me against Aura.
Tanya and Leon will meet in the semi final too.

So the final will be versus Leon, is it?

Ooh. What a cool tournament arrangement.

Those who promised to fight will have to do so in the finals. That’s good.

However there is one exception. What if one of us doesn’t manage to reach the final, what will happen then?

[Participant Amagi, please go up to the stage. Round 1 will begin.]

When I was thinking about such things, I was called by the match official.

My turn has arrived.

[Haruto, do your best!] (Tanya)

[Ou.] (Haruto)

Tanya cheers from behind me as I stand on the main stage.

My opponent arrived a little late.

I see, he doesn’t use any weapon. He’s the same kind of fighter I have fought in the round four of the preliminaries.

Both of us stand on the center of the stage, facing each other.
While the participants on both sides are being introduced once more, I think about how I should fight.

Because the final tournament has the similar format as the qualifiers, the easiest victory condition will be by making the knocking the opponent out or forcing them out of the field
On the other hand, Kagura will be annoyed later on if I don’t use sword today. So I have to use one. Can’t help it.

Anyway, let’s just finish things quickly so I will do my best from the beginning.

[With that, the tournament’s 1st round, 1st match. Please begin.]

The beginning of the match is announced.

Oops. I did not even hear the name of my opponent.
What is your name? Forget it, I won’t even remember it anyways.

With the start of the match, I pull out my sword and I drew up to the fighter with a dash.

The fighter takes a stance in order to engage me and the moment he entered my range, he quickly threw a punch. He is still a bit too far to attack me.
It is then that when I tried to stab my sword, a booming sound can be heard and I felt an impact hit my face.

[Ofu……….!? ] (Haruto)

It hurt!?

I was surprised by that hit I did not expect but I managed to halt myself from being propelled too far backwards.

Damn. What was that just now? Magic?

That fist the fighter threw when I was planning to test the water, much earlier than I could; that impact hit my face first.

Here it is. A Sensation like magical power flying from fists? Maybe.
It has no aria since there was no indication of chanting.

Did he obtain it through continuous training? I guess that his image has that kind of meaning.

He is indeed the last tournament runner-up. I licked my lip a little contemplatively.

Running after me who flew backwards, the fighter rushed forward this time.
And then, he aimed his fist towards me.

Naturally, although the actual fist hasn’t reached me, a mass of magical power was fired from that fist just as before.

One shot is not a big deal.
Even having received it in the face a little while ago, I was only surprised due to not expecting it. There is no damage although it was painful.

It’s the same feeling as receiving an attack in a sports game… or so I want to say.
I was actually a bit hurt. My nose feels irritated. And my eyes get a little watery.

But it’s still the truth that it doesn’t pose much threat for me.
As long as I have time to prepare, it is nothing powerful.

But if you continue to receive it, it will naturally add up to actual damage, so it will not be good to accept it willingly.

I concentrate and ascertain the flow of magic.

And then this time, I dodge the the invisible fist that is shot once again.

[ ! ? ]

The fighter ‘s feet stopped as he watched me evading the magical fist.

[You only received it once but you have already been able to see through my fist.]

The fighter was surprised.


It is quite a daunting task to accurately sense flames, ice, and immaterial magical powers.

[Then what about this?]

After he responded with a grin, this time he launched countless fists on the spot.

Oh, that’s amazing. Is it possible to perform continuous fire?

To make such a distinctive image that many times, just how long have you swung your fist?

It is but a glimpse of the constant training of this fighter.

……but still, I’m not done yet myself.

I evaded everything in the myriad of magical fists that are heading towards me.

Though it is a little troublesome to understand the flow of magic accurately, it is not difficult to avoid it as long as I understand it.
As for the number of steps, I fought Sharon who is more overwhelming than this everyday.
Indeed, it won’t matter if it can’t hit me at all.

However, the fighter backs off everytime I tried to approach.
I was not able to approach quickly as I was watching for the magical fists.

It seems this fighter is more used to long range fight.

I wonder what this is like to the audience.

The fighter doing shadow boxing at a distance and I who kept avoiding unseen attacks.
Does it not look awfully stupid? He is the runner-up so is it a well-known fact that he’ll fight this way to some extent?


Imagine yourself being seen from the audience seats; it got a bit interesting.

No, no I may have even laughed in that situation.
It is necessary to put an end to this quickly.

Well, what should I do?

There is nothing else I can do except draw closer. But it is a little troublesome.

Since it’s come to this, I can only also use ranged attacks.

I could cast magic, but it is not possible while using Kagura’s sword, so a long range attack using a sword…

Let’s do the same thing as the fighter is doing right now.

I decided it and take a distance from the fighter.
The fighter does not attempt to close in. How far can that magical power reach? Well it doesn’t matter.

I kept my sword at the height of my back, infusing it with magical power.
Following the magical power that I infused, a line-like pattern emerges in the center of the sword.

The line of sight matches the fighter, so it looks like it is peripheral vision but it is still cool.
Kagura-san did say that it is only a mechanism to pour magical power in the sword and it is designed to conceal it but it is unthinkable to hide this cool thing.

In my opinion, the center part of the sword, the part of the black core of the example is exposed.

The sword shines dimly.

Attention is needed for the amount of magical power that can be put in because I will be disqualified if it inflicts damage to the audience seats.

…… Anyway it’s like this.

[Ha!] (Haruto)

The image that my magic power takes is that of a flash.
From the sword, a magical shockwave spreads on the stage.

[ Wha…what?! ]

The magical powers launched engulfed the fighter and blew him off the stage.
And as side effect, a gust of winds also hit in the audience seats.

Huh…… that’s dangerous.
It was more powerful than I thought.

I have to anxiously listen to the announcement at the end of the match.

It’s just wind but is it possible to get angry from that?
I’m sure it didn’t hurt so it’s definitely okay.

I tried to convince myself.

Ha !

While I watch the audience seats worriedly, I notice a female audience’s skirts have been lifted up by the wind, and I can partially see their panties. Just right. Moreover, there are another here and there.

Hoo. I didn’t mean to. But it’s wonderful.

But, as expected, it’s not yet time to be happy.

[Tha, that’s it ! The winner is Amagi Haruto!]

When the wind calmed down, my victory was announced in the arena that soon becoming noisy.

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