Gacha Girl Corps ch.34

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 34
A Small Incident

[Urm, I’m really sorry. However Estel, you shouldn’t be using your Skill so carelessly that way even if you were angry.]

[Yeah… I lost my cool back there. I’m sorry.]

[Estel, are you feeling alright?]

[I’m fine. But, I’d like to return to the inn earlier if possible.]

After we completely defeated the Asterios, we returned back to Suting. The return trip was instant with the preplaced Beacon.

Before that happened, I went and collected Asterios’ drop item.

A massive crater awaited me when I went to ground zero…

Together with the minotauros horns from the other minotauros that were caught in the blast, the slightly red-tinted Asterios Horn laid on the ground. It also dropped its axe so I retrieved that too.

And as expected, Estel is also suffering from some kind of recoil like Noru did back then after using her Skill.

Although it’s not as bad as Noru’s muscle aches, it seems she feels unwell because she isn’t able to properly control the magic circulation inside her body.

So I’m thinking of heading back to the inn after we finish updating our plates today.

[‘Scuse meー]

[Ah, it’s Okura-san. Are you done with the C-rank promotion request? You’re quick as usual.]

[Yep, also can you check this subjugation proof from another monster too?]

We arrive at the Adventurers’ Guild, then went over to the counter where Wizzy-chan is as I always do.

I then handed the 10 minotauros horns to her, along with the Asterios Horn.

It was a fairly strong monster, so I’m expecting a good subjugation reward.

But I would’ve appreciated it if they told me about it beforehand.

[Sure thing~. Let’s see, 10 Minotauros Horns and… Eh… This is…]

As she checked drop items that I handed to her, her expression went stiff the moment she looked at the Asterios Horn.

[Are you sure you encountered this monster there?]

[Hrm? We sure did.]

[The Asterios is a monster where multiple B-rank parties are recommended to hunt it. I have never heard of it appearing at that hunting ground.]

Wuh? Multiple B-rank parties she says… That explains why it was so strong.

Rather than that, I’m more concerned that it’s not a monster that normally appears at that hunting ground.

[So it’s not a monster that appears there normally?]

[Yes, that should be the case. Recently, there have been reports of the appearance of monsters at locations where they are not supposed to be found. It seems that cases of monsters moving away from their original territory have been increasing.]

What does that mean?

Come to think of it, back when that Cyclops appeared Grin-san said something like “Why is there a Cyclops here of all places”… If I remembered that correctly that is.

Then there’s that minotauros that appeared oh so unnaturally far away from it’s spawning area during our carriage trip to the Capital.

I wonder if these events are somehow related.

[The Guild apologizes for any inconveniences regarding this matter. A formal apology will be prepared for your party on a later date.]

[Alright, noted.]

It was probably a good thing that it was our party that encountered it, things would have went south if it was some other adventurer party.

Wizzy-chan took on a very sincere attitude as though her usual fluffy demeanor disappeared.

I get a bad feeling that this is turning into a bigger deal than I expected… It feels like I have only been getting bad premonitions lately.

After the serious stuff was done, we got our plates changed to the Bronze ones which is proof of being a C-rank Adventurer.

The Asterios horn that I also brought in turned into a 50,000G reward which is a pretty hefty sum, but if hunting for another one means rolling around on the ground again I’d rather pass…

After escorting Noru and Estel back to the inn, I went to sell the drop items to the general shop alone.

I have started to slowly sell small portions of our accumulated items on a daily basis.

The reason for doing this is because the shop isn’t able to afford all the items if I brought everything in one go…

I finish selling today’s portion, I then returned to the inn.

Today was a pretty bad day as I was sent rolling along the ground… I must give thanks to Pot Lid for not even getting so much as a dent from receiving that attack.

I arrive at the inn and when I opened the door our rented room, the sight of an unfamiliar silver-haired girl lying on the bed greeted me.

On her hands were 2 peculiar round plushies, and she was absent-mindedly staring at them.

Who is this again?

[Hafuu~, they’re shoo cyuuteー]

Oh… It’s Unmasked Noru.

Why did she take off her mask now of all times? I do remember her saying she’s too embarrassed to show her face properly to others…

I’ll leave the room for now, I’d feel bad if she started crying due to me seeing her face, I’ll close the door behind me and forget what I just saw.

Even I feel embarrassed if another person saw me fapping. I understand her feelings well enough.

At the moment I moved to close the door, Noru suddenly turned and looked in my direction. Her blue eyes met mine. (You can check ch.9 if you forgot how cute Noru is)

[Aa…. Aa…. Uwaaaaaah!? Why are you back alreadyー!]

[How is this my fault!? I’m the one who wants to ask why aren’t you wearing your eye mask!]

She was stunned while her mouth moved like a goldfish for a brief moment, right when I thought she was trying to catch her breath she suddenly screamed.

I wouldn’t have come back so early if I knew this was going to happen…

Guess I should start knocking the door from now onwards.

[Uuu, t, that’s… Even I want to try “being normal“ every once in awhile!]

[I, I see. Rather are you okay showing your face this much?]

Uumu, it feels really off when she doesn’t speak like she usually does.
(EN: noru has a “dearimasu” when she speaks, which doesn’t convert into english(and so isn’t translated). This line talks about how unnatural the MC feels as she speaks normally for these few lines.)

Noru gets up from her lying posture, and sits on the bed facing in my direction.

She panicked a lot less compared to what happened previously. Her cheeks are still fairly flushed though.

[Fuffuu, I did special training so I could get used to showing my face to Estel!]

[Hoo… Speaking of which, where’s Estel?]

[She’s taking a bath.]

She answered my question while puffing up her chest (boing). She looks smug.

I was wondering why I don’t see Estel around, she was having a bath.

Even so, that’s what the 2 of them have been doing while I was away huh.
(EN: he’s talking about the “training”)

Although it is something natural to us normal people, it is a big step forward to Noru.

I’d really want her to keep it up and be able to interact with others without her mask sometime in the future.

[So, what were *you* doing.]

[Ehehe~, aren’t they great? I was admiring my plushies!]

She shoved her hand towards me to show me the palm sized stuffed toy she had on her hand.

Uh, I don’t really know how to react even if you ask me “Aren’t they great?”.

She really does like this sort of stuff.

[If that’s the case, do you want the rest? There’s a whole bunch of ‘em from back when I whiffed the gacha.]

[Whut! For reals?!]

I took out my smartphone and accessed the Item column, I then dumped out all of the remaining stuffed toys that were there.

Stuffed toys with varying shapes appeared, one had a round pink body with a bird’s beak, another looked like a green caterpillar.

They weren’t all palm sized either, there were several that were big enough to be hugged.

…… Seriously why are these items in the Gacha. Since Noru likes them they aren’t totally useless, if not they’d be a real “miss” item.

They might fall into the category of items to raise affection… But that still doesn’t seem very possible.

[Ehehe, thank you very much.]

[You’re e-erm welcome.]

As she hugged the stuffed toys that came rolling out (from the smartphone), she showed me a big smile.

Guh, it’s vexing but that just looks really cute. Can’t she just make do without her eye mask already.

[Muu, I’m almost at my limit.]

She says that suddenly while her body started trembling.

She then takes out her eye mask, and puts it on as usual.

[Fuu, it has been awhile since I was able to enjoy myself so much.]

[… I really don’t understand how that system of yours works.]

After seeing Noru go back to her usual state, the feels from seeing her smile started to fade away. Give me my feels back.

Does she have some sort of time limit? She reminds me of the warrior of the stars…. (TL Note: Refers to Ultraman)


The events and gachas in various mobages:



Fate/Grand Order (JP)


Granblue Fantasy

Good luck for your gacha rolls!


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  1. I scored the 100 free rolls in Granblue yesterday. Got Heles, Anne, and Izmir out of it. 😀

    Then I pulled only a single 10 pull from the prize wheel today. I was all grumps about it. And I got the SSR Tiamat for my wind party. *Guts Pose!*

    I can’t wait for all the preliminary celebration for Granblue’s 4th birthday to end. The Gacha will be amazing, and I have 300+ worth of rolls to use. If Lucifer or Bahamut are in the Spark prize pool, THEY WILL BE MINE.


  2. Rolled SSR saber shiki in 2 X10 rolls.
    But whn I tried rolling for amakusa shirou but only got 2 SR astolfo, SR Fionne and an SR Emiya (my 4th).
    Then when I rolled for the Count, intead I got SR Martha(my 2nd), SSR Mordred (my 2nd), and SSR tamomo no Mae.
    Does this count as lucky or not?


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