Progress Update (September 2021)

Well, just as the title said, I just want to share the current progress of my projects.
At least I need to do this sometimes to show my gratitude for everyone who supporting me so far. 😀


Santairiku Eiyuuki
Vol.2 ch.23 is ready
Vol.2 ch.24 is ready
Vol.2 ch.25 is ready
Vol.2 ch.26 on editing
Vol.2 ch.27 on translating
Vol.2 ch.28 on translating queque

Glutton Berserker:
Ch.191 is ready
Ch.192 is editing
Ch.193 is editing queque
Ch.194 is on translating queque

The Story of Hero Among Heroes
Ch.179 waiting for RAWS

I Was Called Incompetent
Ch.73 is ready
Ch.74 is ready
Ch.75 is ready
Ch.76 on editing
Ch.77 on translating queque

Former Hero a.k.a Motoyuusha:
Ch.175 is ready
Ch.176 on editing
Ch.177 on translating
Ch.178 on translating queque

29-Sai Dokushin wa Isekai:
Ch.58 is ready
Ch.59 is ready
Ch.60 on editing
Ch.61 on editing queque
Ch.62 on translating queque

Gacha Girl Corps:
Ch.72 is ready
Ch.73 on editing
Ch.74 on translating
Ch.75 on translating queque

Sono Mono, Nochi Ni…

Sono Mono 2
Ch.12 waiting for raws

Takami no Kago:
Ch.110 is ready
Ch.111 on editing

One-Eyed Female General:
Ch.68 is unknown


That’s all.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


61 thoughts on “Progress Update (September 2021)

  1. hello, Raizu! I have raws for Return of the Former Hero up to chapter 261. I forgot that I downloaded them couple years ago, I think it is one of the most complete ones out there. Where can I put them, so that you or anyone interested can get them?


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