One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.46

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 46

[Ah right. Good timing. I have something I want to talk to you about.]

It was said rather abruptly.

Elize had the usual grumpy expression on her face and there was a trace of anger in her voice. Shingen decided to remain silent and listen. She raised her index finger then pointed to Shingen and said:

[……first of all, never ever stand behind me again.]

To that snarky remark, Shingen could only inwardly apologize. He’s also thanking those dry twigs. If it wasn’t for it, he would’ve tried to pin Elize, but after realizing she was Elize, it’ll be more likely for him……to be killed instead. She could definitely do that. Having thought about that, Shingen could only lower his head deeply and apologize.

[About that….sorry…]

Elize didn’t respond to that apology. She only continued after Shingen raised his head back up. She then raised her middle finger alongside her already raised index finger.

[Secondly, don’t disturb me. Don’t get in my line of sight. In short, don’t get near me. Or else, I might accidentally kill you.]

That last sentence was told in a more subdued voice compared to her previously grumpy tone. There was also anxiety mixed in.

Since she said it directly that she might kill him, Shingen was perplexed. At a loss for words, his mouth and mind couldn’t move. He simply stood there, dumbly staring at Elize.

With those sentences too, the conversation between the two of them ended. For Shingen, it was an awkward situation. A night breeze blew in the middle of that silence, making the feeling of loneliness more apparent. Apparently she really disliked him, although it’s not to the extent of wanting to kill him. Elize then left, passing by Shingen, since she had no further need for him.

Shingen drooped his shoulders as Elize passed by. It’s hard for anyone to not feel depressed after a member of opposite sex treated you this way. After a long sigh, he returned to the hall leading to his room with heavy steps.

There was someone at the corner of his eyes. Leaning against the wall and staring at him with sympathetic eyes, was Julienne. Shingen slipping out didn’t escape her eyes so she followed soon after.

Making a bitter smile, Shingen walked closer and greeted her.


[It’s sad and hateful, no?]



Seeing him drooping with a sad expression, Julienne walked over to Shingen and placed her hand over his shoulder.

[Well~ don’t worry young man. That fellow, she might always be cold about everything, but she’s a good girl at the root. I can guarantee that. She’s just confused.]

[Did I do something wrong?]

[Nn, I guess you did―――――]

As Julienne murmured, she started staring and comparing Shingen’s face with someone else she once knew. After she thought that she had confirmed it, she gave out a confident nod, and replied.

[Umu. Your face really resembles our master.]

[……then what kind of expression should I have on my face….?]

[No, it’s not about the expression. The problem is you having that kind of face, so to speak.]


Shingen felt that he was completely denied. It’s painful. Julienne, seeing Shingen, smiled and tapped his shoulder. He corrected his posture so that he’s standing straight.

[My bad, my bad. It was a terrible way to put it. Because your face resembles Maruto, it becomes a problem.]

[Ah, it’s that pattern again.]

Shingen could only sigh since there is nothing he could do about that.

[….then, the face is similar, but what’s wrong with that? Did she hate Maruto or something?]

When asked about that, Julienne quickly denied then replied slowly as if trying to find the right words.

[No, she didn’t hate Maruto. Rather, she owed him something.]

Then why? When asked, Julienne played with her fingers.

[…..that’s right. That girl perhaps had the image of our lord overlapping with yours. It confuses her. And she couldn’t accept it yet. Is it easier to understand now? Even I mistook you for Maruto back then…and I can still feel the sense of incongruity up to now.]

For these girls, Maruto’s existence was not simply a mere human, he was their leader, the center of a circle. All of a sudden, without any warning, that very center disappeared. And at the same time, a boy named Shingen came before them. No, rather than ‘came’, it was more like forced to be brought along.

In every country, when someone dies, they’ll be buried solemnly. There is no difference in Ardesil. The dead will be clothed in a beautiful dress or their uniform if they were soldier. After that has been done, the dead will be put inside the coffin along with some of their belongings, then buried in the church cemetery. The priest will pray for their peaceful sleep and scatters flowers upon the grave. Only then can a person be considered to be truly “dead”.

However, Maruto’s body cannot be recovered and there was neither provisional funeral nor grave for him. Nothing. The only evidence that he had died was his sword. Only that. And so, it’s hard for those who cared for him to believe it if someone were to say that he’s already dead. Simply impossible. It’s different for Ortashia who witnessed his death firmly with her eye. There is alittle chance for him to survive somewhere.

[――――――that girl wanted to kill Maruto.]

Shingen couldn’t help but frown, doubting the words he had just heard.

Maruto was the head of the White Wolf Knights so it’ll be normal if she didn’t want to lose him. But wanting to kill him, that’s simply weird. Shingen then decided to ask the reason.

[Alright. Where should I start…..]

Julienne started to talk about Elize’s past with her eyes staring distantly.

5 thoughts on “One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.46

  1. This was decent until author try to make an oriental guy has same face with a western guy in other make girls fall in love with him, image Durtete has same face with Marcon. The author should make Shingen win the girls heart by similar leadership, charisma, not by face instead.


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