Glutton Berserker ch.66

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Xaga

Chapter 66 – Memories of the Pendant

I put enough power to break Roxy’s sword with this blow.
More than anything, I fear that the bored soldiers will join the battle if it gets prolonged. It’ll be bad for her, and it will also be impossible for us to continue the fight. However, as if trying to go against my speculation, she accepted my strike with her holy sword.

The crowd went silent due to their surprise when the two weapons clashed.

The warriors who couldn’t help loving me so much would probably be laughing in glee if they saw me getting pushed back like this. Yes, it was that hard of a blow I had taken just now.

Roxy had added something to her attack, and it’s obvious to tell from its appearance alone. She had imbued the effect of 《Grand Cross》into her holy sword just like I had.
I guess she too obtained some experience on her way from the kingdom to Babylon, and it caused a major growth in her ability as well.
Roxy laughed quite loudly.

[That’s too bad]

[Chi, however….]

I still have to try. It’s not over yet.
I will definitely push her back this time. If it’s just mere power to power colliding, my strength should be above hers.
The black sword and the holy sword clashed once more. Drops of perspiration started to appear on Roxy’s face as she exerted a huge amount of power I never thought she had. However, I still managed to push her holy sword back.


I didn’t expect her to let out such a lovely voice, and it made me feel slight guilt. Even for the crowd who were watching the battle started booing at me.
To them, I’m evil. Scarcely anyone will think of me as a good guy as long as I wear this skull mask anyways.
I should end this immediately. I kicked the ground as hard as I could, and jumped to the building behind Roxy.

Now that her stance had collapsed, I swung the sword in my hand to end the battle.

At that moment, a blue jeweled pendant emerged from under her breastplate.
That’s!?…………..I couldn’t move any further.

She had kept it properly…….
That blue jewel was a gift I presented to Roxy after we finished inspecting the city together when I was still working with her.
I still remember vividly that she promised to take good care of it after processing the jewel into a pendant. And even now, she still kept it…..

I lost focus of the battle, and even though Greed warned me via 《mind reading》, it’s already too late.

Roxy managed to recover while still in the air, while I swung my sword sluggishly.

I started to think that it was a terribly stupid move. Greed cried 『You huge idioooooot』when I was on the verge of letting him go. He certainly had a point, to lose focus during a battle was foolish.

Joining the crowd just now was Eris, who was watching and laughing gaudily. I bet I would never hear the end of it the next time I visit the bar.

As my sword fell down from the air and stuck into the pavement, I could already imagine Greed lecturing me like an annoying sister due to this. Thus I hesitated to pick him up immediately….

Looking up, there was the pointy tip of Roxy’s sword. It was decided.
I raised my hands, signifying my surrender.
Roxy seemed dissatisfied as she lowered her sword. She then put the pendant back under her uniform as if it was something precious.
Sighing, she approached me, still holding my hands up.

[Why did you hesitate just now?]

[It was an accident…. nothing much….]

[I see. It’s nice to win, but it’s not a satisfying battle. Would you want to have a private rematch?]

[……please spare me from that]

I simply couldn’t fight her after all. I understand this very well from this meeting.

[It’s enough. It’ll be rude if it’s more than this.]

[Ah, please wait a moment]

Ignoring Roxy, I got up and retrieved Greed back. And of course, Greed immediately said something via 《mind reading》.


[Uh, shut up]

What he said was still within my expectation. But let’s get out of here before hearing him out.
Roxy and I had made an agreement. I won’t need to go to the prison.
The loser simply needs to go. There is no merit in staying here.

However, Roxy stopped me. She even stood there, blocking my way.

[There is one last thing I want to ask you.]

[Not done yet?]

[Where did you learn swordsmanship? Your style is similar to that of Aaron Barbatos’. Your footwork, also the way you swing your sword.]

I wonder what’s wrong. Suddenly, her face turned really serious.
As such, Roxy continued.

[On my way to Babylon, I met Aaron Barbatos while he was in the middle of rebuilding the devastated Hausen city. He was a former Holy Knight. He told me that he choose to take up his sword again after meeting a certain man.]

Roxy stared at me as she said so.
Anyways, did she just say she met Aaron? Moreover, it’s after Aaron and I had finished liberating Hausen from the undeads. That means if I had chosen to stay there a little longer, I would’ve met Roxy much earlier.
Well, we’re heading to the same direction. So it’s only normal for her to come across Aaron too.
To my surprise, she offered me a hand. But I refused. Because once we made contact, 《Mind Reading》can affect her.

[Aaron did not tell me that man’s name. But he told me that this man had left for Gallia. And I was also told about this; that the man’s body contained a power that made him suffer. If you are that person….then I…]

[I don’t know, and even if that person was me, that’d be my problem. It’s not something you should care about. In Gallia, you should think about protecting yourself first.]

As always, she’s too gentle. Even when the danger is approaching…..
Even so, I was saved by that kindness. If I didn’t meet her, I would’ve been swallowed by the Gluttony skill, losing my ego and turning into a rabid monster who attacks anyone without regard.

[…………….you haven’t changed at all, have you? Still as straightforward as ever…]

Those words I let out unintentionally were drowned under the noise of the siren that resounded all over Babylon.
What….is this. The crowd around us started to make a fuss.
This is the first time I heard that siren ever since I arrived in Babylon. But unlike me, everyone else seemed to know already the meaning of this siren.

Apparently, so did Roxy. I could almost feel that heavy air coming from her.
I understood this feeling….. I stared toward the southern part of the city. The dark clouds were approaching from the direction of Gallia.

A male holy knight suddenly barged in, breaking through the crowd alongside several warriors. That man had long, silky golden hair. He was Norden Alistair.

19 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.66

  1. as usual lol. The conveniently timed plot device. Such a convenient siren. Anyways, what is this about a pendant lol, when and how did he get the money to get her a pendant.

    Still don’t really understand Roxy’s reason for that fight.

    Ah well, TENRYU INCOMING?!!!


  2. I wonder how much he told Aaron, and in turn how much Aaron told her. I know Aaron conveniently didn’t mention his name, even though there was no reason not to, since Fate never tried to hide it from him, didn’t wear the Mukuro mask even once in that village, and even directly introduced himself as Fate Graphite the first time he met Aaron. So that means he gave no impression that he was hiding his identity, and yet Aaron conveniently didn’t mention his name DESPITE mentioning something more personal, his understanding of Fate’s curse. Doesn’t that seem odd. Perhaps he mentioned it but Roxy is hiding the fact, thought that seems unlikely.

    Anyways, that’s besides my point, what i’m actually wondering is how much did Aaron tell her, since he mentioned his curse afterall.

    Did he mention that he was travelling with Myne?
    Did he mention that he was going to Gallia to protect someone? because though it’s unclear, aaron did warn him not to go to Gallia for the sake of someone else, so he might have told Aaron his reason for going, whether he mentioned Roxy’s name or not is unknown. If he did, it might explain Aaron’s strange reason for not giving Fate’s name despite giving up his curse.
    Did he mention that he was coming from the capital?

    The reason I’m curious about these is because, all of these info, plus seeing Fate’s appearance, and his sword, and perhaps his habit off talking to his sword, and even other mannerism might help Roxy suspect that he is Fate. Especially if she’s gotten word from her house that Fate has left.


    1. For once, I think the authors should be braver and let the other side figure it’s them, than go for the usual last gasp reveal.


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