Glutton Berserker ch.68

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Chapter 68 – Power to Change

After a while, the monster horde coming from the south finally came in contact with the waiting frontline of the King’s army.

The monsters mainly consisted of the green skinned orcs. There were also several monsters with proper titles among them though. But aside from Roxy, there were a lot of other holy knights participating in the battle, so I don’t think I’m going to need to intervene.

There was no reaction from the Gluttony skill either. So there was probably no considerable threat on that battlefield at the moment.

With a sigh of relief, I oversaw Roxy’s battle from atop of high wall, until Greed warned me of enemy sign approaching from the east.

『Something is closing in rapidly toward where the King’s army and the death march are』

[!? But there is nothing there….]

Looking at the direction Greed told me about, I saw nothing but the vast wilderness. I guess I can’t see it.

[Is it strong?]

『Yes, it is』

[In that case, I guess we won’t end up missing out some kills.]

If I can’t see it, then I just need to look for it.
If it’s really strong, there must be more to it.
If it’s something like the machine angel’s barrier, then I would have no other choice but to go.

『I told you not to be reckless, but I guess you won’t listen.』

[I thought you’d already get used to it by now? Well, let’s get started.]

I took a deep breath and calmed my mind, making my decision.
Even if it’s invisible to the eye, I’ll still eat it… Forcibly invoking Gluttony skill, I marched in with intention to kill.

My left eye was burning hot. It’s the sign that I have successfully awakened the Gluttony skill and entered semi-starving state.

『It seems that you can handle it better than before.』

[It’s thanks to the training Greed has taught me.]

『Fuhn, if it’s not because of me, I doubt that you can get this far』

Even under this state, my mind remained calm, so it should be alright. It’ll be okay as long as it’s just a short battle like before.

I looked toward the east with my eye that can see the magic flow now

[This is….]

Something huge was inside the earth…..swimming deep under the ground. It was moving in such a graceful manner as if it’s swimming in water instead of hard ground.
I wanted to use appraisal skill, but it’s still out of range.
Additionally, I looked around to see if there are more of it coming. But apparently, that’s the only one.

I redirected my line of sight back to the underground enemy. If it keeps going, it will slipped right under where the King’s army is. Can they detect it with the battle still raging right in front of them?
I don’t think they can. Even if I try to inform them, they won’t have enough time to respond properly. Death will come from under their feet before they could do anything.
And with size that huge, it will certainly do massive damage to the King’s army.

[I’ll stop it before that happens.]

『Already so eager when it’s just the beginning. There is no need to get too absorbed in battle.』

Certainly, I felt unusual heat and pressure different from that of usual battles.
But as Greed said, it’s not good to be too absorbed in battle. Worst case scenario, it could’ve loosened my control over the Gluttony skill.

[Let’s use ‘that’]

『Ho……so you want to try ‘that’ out? Very well.』

To attack that creature deep in underground, I’ll have to use the secret ability of the black bow――but it will take 10% of my total stats. Meanwhile, I want to preserve as much stats as I can.
For that reason, we created an alternative technique. And I have to be under semi-starving state in order to use it.
I got the idea from when I was fighting the undeads on Hausen alongside Aaron. At that time, thanks to the influence of Gluttony skill, Aaron managed to break his level limit.

I reckoned I could use this phenomenon to my own skill. Influence an offensive skill with Gluttony skill, for example, archery skill. Then, mutates the arts of that skill, allowing Greed to forcibly imbue it on the magic arrow.
And just like that…..a mutated version of Charged Shot……『Spiraling Charged Shot』was created.

Charged Shot is an art that can double the range of the bow. The mutated version Spiraling Charged Shot, is able to increase the range even further the more magic power I accumulated, and in addition to that, dramatically increase the arrow penetration power too.

『So you forcefully mutate the skill I can’t normally use, making it usable for me, thus increasing its power and effectiveness……that sounds interesting alright』

[I can’t always rely on Greed’s poor economy and unreasonable cost after all.]

『You just had to say that, didn’t you?』

That’s why I’ll just show it. It’s not just all talk after all.
Now that I had my red eye, I could grasp the enemy position even if it’s underground as if it’s swimming on my palm.
I took aim and put in magical power. The black arrow started to discharge similarly colored lightning.
Still not enough. I infused more magic power into the black bow. Crackling noise started to sound, and my hands which held the bow began to feel numb. It’s almost….there.

Now, before it swam beyond my line of sight.
Release the magic arrow that was teeming with my magic power!

It broke the sound barrier many times, cutting through the air, drawing a black line eastward. Then it penetrated the earth, disappearing into the ground without slowing down.

After a while, the ground trembled immensely. Just when I thought that it had settled down, the ground where the arrow had pierced through rose up, followed by an explosion not unlike that of volcanic eruption
And there, whilst scattering rocks and soils, a blue translucent huge whale emerged out.

[Did you see that? I fished that out!]

『Hahahahahaha、today’s a feast!』

[That’s right, you’ll never catch something like this on normal fishing spot]

I hadn’t managed to kill it yet. I had to stop it before it escaped back into the ground.
I jumped off the adamantite outer wall, then immediately kicked on the surface to leap a huge distance towards the east.
Whilst in the middle of landing, I accidentally laughed. Greed then asked me about that via 《mind reading》.

『What’s the matter? Suddenly giggling like that.』

[Nothing….it’s just that, in the old days, I would never thought that it was possible to jump off from such a tall place and survive]

『If you don’t get used to this kind of thing quickly, you’ll only embarrass me. I guess for the you right now, it’s actually something important.』

[I know that already.]

Demonstrating my strength and agility, I simultaneously jumped and started running as I made my landing.
The translucent whale is still jumping in the air.
There was still a 500m distance between us, so it would take dozen of steps before I got there. Thinking that while tightening my grasp on the black bow, I hurried on.

Good, now I’m within the range. Looking up to the sky, I activated 《Appraisal》.

[Let’s see what are you exactly.]

I couldn’t hide the surprise in my face as I looked to the display before my eyes. What kind of enemy is this……
In response to that, Greed told me.

『Well, it’s common in Gallia』


I can understand if it’s a crown tier with proper title. But, it’s actually better than that.
Had it grown so big because there are lots of food in the vast Gallia?
The monsters I knew up to now seemed cute compared to this.

Let’s confirm the stats of the unexpected enemy once again.

18 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.68

  1. HE’S STANDING ON THE CITY WALLS!!! HOW’S HE GONNA PROTECT HER FROM THERE?!!! I thought he mentioned that they took a route based on a prediction of where the horde will come from, how come he’s still in the city. Guess that got retconned in the same chapter? or is it a translation thing.

    Anyways, It seems like they chose to wait 4 hours and engage the monsters in front of the city? I’m surprised at this, I wonder what kind of advantage it provides them having the monsters get so close to the border. This location has to be the case or else why is Fate standing on the city wall, if his intention is to intervene if anything goes wrong, can he even make it there in time if they aren’t fighting close to the city. Even then, I still think it’s too far away. The border can’t be a few steps from the city, given that an army has sortied, along with a large number of warriors from the city, you’d assume that he’s currently several hundreds of meters away, possibly even a few kilometers away from Roxy, can he save her in time if she gets in trouble. It almost feels like since the danger wasn’t going to come from the battlefield, the author didn’t bother to have Fate take appropriate measures.

    This is my problem with his protect her from the shadows, he doesn’t have the appropriate skills required to practically achieve this. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t see him being capable of instantly arriving at her side if she needs his help. The arrow is the only feasible thing that can be used, especially since its a homing arrow. It’s the last thing giving me hope that Roxy wouldn’t just die if a situation arises, or worse his saving her won’t be some entirely plot-armour induced deus ex-machina.


  2. A land whale huh? From the exaggerated reactions, I’m guessing it’s stronger than the Haniel. Seems like he’ll need to sacrifice stats again, though I do wonder if he’ll be able to solo it, afterall he couldn’t beat haniel on his own and had to take a support role. Anyways, we have no idea what his current stats are plus he’s in his triggered state that always seems to match him up to his opponents regardless of his current stats. We are yet to get an explanation of how the starved state affects his stats, because he seems to just becomes strong regardless of his stats. Strong enough to match and compete with Aaron, Strong enough to match Haniel, despite the massive difference in Aaron and Haniel’s stats, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much the starved state buffs him. Seems to turn out to be a case where he’s as strong as he needs to be


  3. One thing that really bothered me was how quick he was to enter a starved state, given that starved state guarantees that he has to eat a strong soul. What if the entity that was moving was something he didn’t want to eat, but without any kind of planning he immediately made such a move, deciding I’ll eat it. It seems like that dream he had has been completely ignored and forgotten and had no impact on his thinking.

    Anything he eats is essentially consigned to HELL, I’d assume that it would make him at least think twice before activating a state that guarantees that a soul needs to be sent to that hell. I know he’s currently in a situation where he couldn’t see the enemy and needed to quickly confirm what it was, but the ease and lack of thought with which he used that starved state was very disappointing. Imagine if it was just some strong person that had an invisibility skill, what does he do then when the starved state is already activated? He already said Gluttony wasn’t interest in the orc army. *sigh* can only sigh at this MC.


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