Glutton Berserker ch.69

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Chapter 69 – The Invisible Violator of the Earth

【One who Violates the Earth】
Omega Slime Lv 440
Durability: 13360000
Strength: 9760000
Magic: 11983000
Spirit: 11248000
Agility: 5347000
Ability: Corrosion Magic, Strength Strengthening

If it gets to big, it’ll look cute. It as if it was trying to make that statement clear.
It can change its form to anything it liked. Currently it looked like a whale because that form made it easier to ‘swim’ underground.

Its level was quite high. In addition to that, it had over 10 million in stats.
It would be like battling against a holy knight. Besides, I felt an unusual pressure from this crown tier monster.

As it flew in the sky, Omega Slime’s body started to swell.
Greed loudly said through 《Mind reading》.

『Switch to the Demonic Shield! Quick!』

As told, I quickly switched to shield form, and just right then, the omega slime sprayed out a huge amount of liquid from its body.
It fell down like rain thanks to gravity pull.

As per Greed’s advice, I used the black shield as a makeshift umbrella. The rain fell so hard it transformed the ground.

[Oioi….this is]

I survived thanks to Greed. Even with my stats, that attack wasn’t something that I could endure.
The ground around me had melted into mud after the rain stopped.

『It’s strong acid. To think it will spew forth acid from the get go……that’s unexpected』

[You could’ve told me in advance.]

『I thought you already know, it’s a common knowledge that a slime body is made of 』

[That’s right….but I didn’t know it can be used like this. And this strange smell too.]

The melting ground smelled horrible. This rotten odor is very nauseating.
Could this be…..From the gap on the black shield, I used 《Appraisal》 to the corrosion magic the Omega Slime possessed.

Corrosion Magic: Corrosion attribute can be added to physical attack. Any object touched will rot.

Such a brutal skill. Perhaps this skill was used in conjunction to the acidic fluid it ejected from its body.
That’s why the earth had been corroded to such an unthinkable condition.

I see….the omega slime used this same combination to be able to ‘swim’ through the ground by melting rocks and ground.

In that case, close range battle is impossible. If its’ body breaks due to Black sword or black scythe attack, the acidic fluids will pour on me, and what’s left of me will only be muds without even a bone intact.

[It’s a troublesome monster]

『There are a lot of enemies you can’t beat by stats alone. How about it, you’ve learned a good lesson today』

[How high and mighty you are…]

I switched the prideful Greed back into bow form as the omega slime began to descent.
Against such a thing, I’ll have to clean up nicely. Now, what to use….

[Let’s end this quickly. Take 10% of my stats.]

『Oya? I thought you wanted to save up?』

Greed said that while grinning deviously. He almost sounded like a shady merchant.

[Shaddap. Come on now.]

『Well, I don’t understand why you’re being impatient. Very well, I’ll take it』

The omega slime wriggled its body in midair, trying to align its body to my position. It’s attempting to crush me with its colossal body. Its’ body was oozing with acid again.

It’s only natural for me to be impatient.

Greed began to absorb my stats. It felt disgusting no matter how many times I’ve experienced it. It’s like power was being drained from the inside of my body.

Greed didn’t care about what I felt of course. His form started to morph into something more violent.
The black bow that used to simple looking, now grew larger with a monstrous look.

I’m already quite familiar with this first form’s secret transformation. It’s just that, as the user, I couldn’t get used to it since I had to bear the cost to have it transform.

I entered my stance firmly, and took aim at the omega slime above me.

Black flames swirled around the magic arrow―――I’ve added flame attribute onto it. With this I should be able to burn off every strong acidic fluids that scatters about.

Now that I’m in semi-starving state, I can see the magic flow within the omega slime’s body. To be clear, its weak point.

I’ll shoot it down.
While scattering red sparks, the magic arrow turned into a flash of light and pierced the omega slime.
Along with blazing explosion, a huge amount of vapor covered the view.

Perhaps those came from the omega slime body which evaporated instantly.
I knew that it hit. However……..

『Did we make it?』

[Yes, it hit, but… seems like it deliberately got hit]

『Wahahahahahah, I told you already, didn’t I?』

It that attack killed it, I should’ve heard the inorganic voice announcing my rising stats and the skill I’ve obtained.
But since I’ve heard none, then it can only means that the omega slime is still alive.

But first let’s move away from this position. I kicked the ground and did a huge back step. Just a moment afterward, an immense translucent blue sphere dropped on where I was previously at.
At the same time, the ground is melting, causing a huge hole.

[Chi….so there is such a thing.]

『So it divided itself prior to taking the hit. I see, it used the separated part as a shield. That’s what the arrow had actually hit.』

[Has it dove back into the underground?]

『However, omega slime only has 1 core. You only need to hit it without being deceived by its’ separated part.』

[Easy for you to say.]

If I tried to shoot the core directly like before, it’ll just use body separation again.
In that case, I have to either try to close in, or use an attack strong enough to pierce both body all at once.

[If that’s what it takes, forget 10%, I’ll have to sacrifice at least 20% of my stats.]

『Fate really is fated to be poor. He’s even stingy in a weirdest thing.』

[Shut up]

Where has the omega slime gone anyways?
I tried following the magic flow on the ground…….dammit.

[I don’t know why, but it’s actually ignoring me and continue heading to the west.]

『Umu, there is the King’s army over there.』

I nodded as I turned westward. It wasn’t running away from me. It’s aiming for the king’s army right from the start.

Even though it’s a crown tier who supposedly have a high level of intelligence, why do it act that way?
I wonder…..its way of fighting is not something intuitive nor instinctive. It’s like….it smells like human.

I reverted Greed back into sword form and put it back into the sheath. So it’s like this.
I jumped into the air, and activated 《Grand Cross》 as I landed back on the ground.

At that point, 3 bodies of omega slime jumped out from the ground.
Purified by the sacred light.

『A surprise attack』

[Yeah, let’s pretend we lost interest to it, while still aims true. This nasty bitch’ craftiness is no different from a sly demon.]

『Eris already said this to you before. Don’t be reckless.』

That’s right. But let’s go ahead. It’ll be bad if that thing get a jump on the King’s army.
I went out to the west while periodically using《Grand Cross》as an annoyance to the omega slime.

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