Glutton Berserker ch.75

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Chapter 75 – Being Honest

As I watched Norden falling down as a corpse, the inorganic voice started to sound.

《Gluttony Skill Activated》
《Durability+2.0E(+8), Strength+1.8E(+8), Magic+2.1E(+8), Spirit+2.4E(+8), Agility+1.4E(+8) will be applied to your stats》

So this was Area E stats looked like. Ehhh!? There was no addition to the skill…….Under the onslaught of gluttony skill on my mind, I couldn’t help but to feel that there was something wrong with this Norden Alistair.

I didn’t know why, but I saw a white space.

I wonder why, but I felt like I’ve been here before. I tried to remember, but it stuck at the corner of my head unable to surface.
Looking around the pure white world, while trying to remember, a little girl suddenly appeared.
The girl was also white. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that she’s a part of this pure white world.
The girl looked at me, and sighed.

[There, I told you to not overdo it…..there is a limit with me alone.]

She said so, pointing the white ground under my feet. There was darkness under the thin membrane. Voices of people carrying grudges could be heard.

I instinctively understood, the world below was like hell. I saw it once before, I remembered now. This was the space I once saw in my dream.

I also knew the girl standing before me. This person was,

[You are…. The little girl inside the machine angel that I defeated.]

[En, that’s right. I’m glad you remember. This is the first time, I can talk to you properly.]

She showed a smile for the first time on her previously expressionless face, then told me her name.

[I’m Luna. That’s right! I need to thank you.]

[For what?]

Luna tilted her head while making a disgusted face, then said in a serious manner.

[Thank you, for killing me.]

What should I do, I was at a loss for word. Having killed her left both good and bad things for me, and one of them was that I felt a sense of guilt for killing her…..
When she thanked me, to be honest, I really had no idea if I should be happy about it.

[Don’t make such a face….if I say it’s good, then it’s good.]

[….even so I…. can’t say that it’s all good.]

[What a stubborn guy. Well, I knew that much about you since I’ve been watching from here.]

What’s with that…..I felt like my privacy had been invaded without me knowing.
Luna kept talking, ignoring how I really feel. This one-sided way of talking reminded me of Myne. Even their face looked similar.

[Wait a second, are you listening?]

[Yeah, so what is this place?]

Luna, seemingly alright with me not listening, answered me either way.

[This is the spiritual space where the souls of those eaten by the gluttony gathered. And this white space is the product of my power.]


[That face!? You don’t really get it, do you?! Fine, thanks to me creating this white space, you are less likely to be affected by the gluttony skill. Now is that the right attitude for everything I’ve done for you?!]

Could it be……in retrospect, the gluttony skill did calm down for a long time after eating Machine Angel Haniel.
Although I also did some training to withstand gluttony skill, I always thought that it was strange. So this is the reason why.
No way, she’s been protecting me all this time……..

[Why did you do it?]

[I told you already. As a thank for killing me. That was the reward. ………however, I’m reaching my limit. I can’t become your pillar anymore.]

With her red eyes, Luna sadly looked around the white space.
Without me noticing, while talking to her, the white space was shrinking.

[You should not eat the Tenryu. If you do, then I can’t help you with my power. You’ll cease to become yourself……for sure.]

But I couldn’t stop just yet. When I’m about to ask how to get out of this place, the floor below me disappeared, and I fell down to the emptiness.


It was a red haired stranger who get ahold of me when I’m about to fall into the darkness. He seemed older than me, and was quite tall.
He pulled me up by the hand, while seemingly under a very bad mood.

[Good grief….when you didn’t answer, I never thought that you’d be in this space. This me is at my limit. The prison around the Tenryu will dissolve soon.]

[That voice…..could you be Greed!?]

[Ah, that’s right. This former body is only temporary. If you want to say thank then say it to that girl over there. She’s the one who called me here.]


The seemingly annoyed Greed pointed towards Luna. I wonder if they knew to each other, and it’s weird to actually see his face.
But perhaps it’s because I always saw Greed as a weapon, so seeing his face right now was something new.

[Oi, don’t stare at me like that.]

[……could it be, this was how you looked in past?]

[Chi. I don’t really care about that kind of thing anymore. Come, it’s time.]

That’s, right. Greed should know how to return.

[Greed, lend me your strength]

[Naturally. That’s there reason this me came here in the first place.]

I then said to Luna.

[I’ll still have to beat Tenryu. I can’t just let the masterless Tenryu be as it is.]

Luna didn’t say anything else. She merely nodded.
Greed offered his hand to me, which I shook. We were wrapped in a glowing light, and before I knew it, I’m back at where I was――Gallia. I grasped the black sword firmly in my right hand.

[So we’re back…..]

『Right. This took me some time and effort.』


The Tenryu was still restrained by the crosses of light in the sky. However, the prison was weakening and seemed to be about to dissolve. If it deteriorated further, it would only be a matter of time before it’s broken through.

My eyes suddenly caught Norden’s corpse on the ground. Eating that guy didn’t give benefit other than stats. Being a mortal sin holder, he should’ve held some high level skills.
Greed answered to my doubt via 《Mind Reading》.

『That’s just a puppet. Apparently, Envy is actually the one in control. I wonder where that thing got such an ability? Controlling other people……Well, maybe from that person, of course』

[Then I can’t just leave it alone.]

I raised the black sword, planning to destroy the black bayonet, but Greed stopped me before I could.

『It’s no use, don’t waste your energy. A Mortal Sin weapon is indestructible. Even another Mortal Sin weapon couldn’t destroy it.』

[But, if we leave it be like this]

I hit it with my black sword, sending it flying across Gallia. If it flew away over there, the puppetmaster should have a hard time finding it again.

[There it goes, flying away.]

『Hahaha, I’m dying to know what Envy is thinking as it fly like that. Well done!』

In the sky, the restraints over Tenryu were finally broken. The Tenryu was released.
Losing its master, the injured Tenryu was furious, and it tried to get away. I knew it, if I let it be, it may go to the fortress city Babylon and wreak havoc.

[Let’s do it, Greed.]

Let’s go on a rampage for the last time. Raise everything to the highest notches, and bring down that monumental being from the sky.
I feel like it’ll be great if I can do that.


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    2. There is some kind of mix-up. For this option, the mix-up can be in one of 2 places. Either with the amount of stats absorbed by Fate, rather than E8, it should have been E9, making 1 billion the level cap for getting to Area E, OR Fate’s stat sheet shown when he hit the level cap. rather than 999 million, it should have been 99 million. It did show him absorbing stats in the 100 million on all 5 places, but perhaps after the 99 million he hit the level cap and nothing else was absorbed

    Events that support this option, include Fate’s surprise at the stats he absorbed from Norden, saying something like, so this is what stats from Area E look like (lol, though this might more have been because of the scientific notation), Norden being much stronger than Fate in the initial fight, and the fact that with this option, the stats still dictate strength.

    But in the end, the problem still remains the same, we are given barely any explanation on these things, and even given conflicting information and can only speculate.


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