Announcement + NegaTranslation Patreon’s launch

It’s finally the time for announcement.
This time, I brought good news and bad news.

This is related for the future from one of our project, so I hope you will read this post until end.

1. NegaTranslations is now available on Patreon.

Yes, after I put it in consideration for awhile, I decided to open one. You can check on the link below:

NegaTranslations Patreon

The main purpose of this patreon is so everyone can pledge and send your support easier without sending directly via paypal/ko-fi.

Unlike Paypal and Ko-fi, I’m gonna update the Patreon monthly. There will be also monthly Patreon post afterwards, so I can give my gratitude for the patrons.

At the end of month, the accumulate pledges from Patreon will be added into Patreon chapters. You can check the amount from the right-bar menu. It’ll updated every month, so feel free to pledge as much as you can. We’re always clearing our debt, aren’t we? 😉

If you can’t pledge, don’t worry, you can still getting regular chapters every week. 🙂

2. This is bad news for One-Eyed Female General reader.

Apparently, the author of this novel, abandoned the project. I tried to reach him/her however there is no response.


As you can see from pic above, the last update is August last year.

It’s kinda saddening since I can’t bring this novel to end. However, I don’t want to keep continue, but get cliffhanger in the end by the Author-sama. Thus after discussing it with my editor Shirayuki, we decided to drop the project.

I deeply apologize for the readers of this novel. We will posting our stocked-up chapters for the following weeks, so please enjoy them.

If anyone want to pick-up this novel, please feel free to do it.

3. New Project!?

Since we won’t continue One-Eyed Female General project anymore, I and Shirayuki have decided and picking-up a new title.

Unfortunately for you, we have already decided the next project. We will announcing the title next month. The first chapter will posted on the early October, so please look forward for it!

As the teaser, the new project’s title is available on our Patreon.
Only Patrons can see it though, te-hee! XP

That’s all. If you have any question, feel free to drop it on the comment section.

Well, have a nice weekend!
Enjoy the chapters~

34 thoughts on “Announcement + NegaTranslation Patreon’s launch

  1. Thank you
    just suggestion, isn’t better for you focus on current projects? of course it depends on what’s your new project XD


  2. Hey, sorry if it’s answered somewhere, I had a search but I couldn’t find anything. Is the Amayui Castle Meister translation still ongoing? I haven’t been following it, I remember there was a UI translation, then I saw your prologue translation where it mentioned you were in charge of the main story.


  3. How is the progress on the translation of Amayui Castle Meister? Last time we had any update it was in May and the translator said it was about 3/4 of the main story translated.What about now?


    1. I second this. i’m a bit curious if this is still being worked on. Would love to have another Eushully game translated


    2. I just finished one of the script which the biggest among them (12k lines) recently.

      I’m not sure with the progress, since the script is not being cleaned and edited yet. But, perhaps the main story progress is already above 70%. I’d say the overall progress is 60%? (remind you main story script is not included with character scenes)
      The other translator, airsblue, currently working on the rest of main story script.

      After this, I’m planning to tackle the character scenes scripts.
      That’s all I can say for now.


  4. Hey, I’m just gonna ask, when will you post the last chapters of ‘Sono mono, Nochi no…’?
    I’ve been waiting like forever


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