Glutton Berserker ch.76

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Chapter 76 – Devour

Tenryu greatly inflated its throat, preparing for a roar. Judging from the direction, it’s aimed at the fortress city Babylon. Apparently, it’s still trying to fulfill the order even if its master was gone…..

I couldn’t let that happen.

[Greed, have you ever tried walking in the air before?]

『!? What do you mean?』

I didn’t give him a reply, and instead threw the black sword to Tenryu’s chin as hard as I could.
The moment he left my hand, Greed seemed to be shouting something, but it shouldn’t be anything important.
Originally, I didn’t want to do that, but I can’t use the black bow now with my left hand gone. Even if I had an auto recovery skill, it didn’t seem like it’s going to grow back. The bleeding had stopped though. It’s a weird feeling since I still had my left arm just a few minutes ago, but now there was nothing there.

The black sword flew away drawing a line in the air, forcibly closing Tenryu’s mouth who was about to let out another roar.
In that instance, an explosion occurred.
It seemed that the discharged energy crossed the critical point, and exploded inside its mouth.

Thank to that explosion, Tenryu limped away, gradually lowering its altitude.
Yosh, I should be able to reach it now.

Rather than jumping, it’s more like I kicked the ground so much that I left a crater on it. I approached Tenryu which was still in midair that way, aiming for the sword that is still stuck on its chin.

I build up power to my remaining right hand, activating martial arts technique――《One-inch Punch》.
Tenryu’s scales may be tough, but there shouldn’t be any problem since the technique targeted what lied beneath those scales. Starting from where I punched, the energy ran through and created a gorey and bloody explosion on the other side.

I took the chance to climb over Tenryu that had lost most of its lower jaw. My eyes looked around, and found that the black sword was still stuck on the remnant of the jaw that was now piece of bloody chunk of meat. Using the piece as a foothold, I got closer and retrieved the sword.

[Welcome back, Greed. How was the air walk?]

『Fate……I’ll remember this. Treating this me like a disposable throwing weapon……』

[I did retrieve you back properly.]

『That’s not the problem!』

That’s right, such a thing was unimportant at the moment. Tenryu stretched its extraordinary large arm to reach us. I took my time and activated 《Appraisal》while moving to dodge.

【One who Rules the Sky】
Tenryu Lv 1500
Durability: 2.1E(+8)
Strength: 1.8E(+8)
Magic: 2.1E(+8)
Spirit: 2.9E(+8)
Agility: 1.5E(+8)
Skills: Durability Strengthening (XL), Magic Strengthening (XL), Spirit Strengthening (XL), Auto Recovery Boost

Naturally it’s an Area E. This is the first time I saw a being with a 4 digit level.
Those stat strengthening skills were also (XL). I thought (L) was the highest tier, but as it turned out there was actually a higher tier than that. Well, as one continued to level up, the skills will also grow stronger. But since I can’t level myself up, although it surely strengthened my stats, these kind of skills are actually the less desirable ones.
Even so, I’m still looking forward to get those skills completely. This only made me wondering, is (XL) the highest tier, or was there an even higher tier? But for now……it doesn’t matter.

Better than that, it had auto recovery boost…. I see. So that’s why it can still fly despite having taken this much damage. Apparently it’s the next level of my own auto recovery skill.

I wanted to appraise the auto recovery boost further, but Tenryu didn’t give me any more time to do so.

More arms were attacking me. I listened to Greed while dodging.

[Wh, why didn’t Tenryu stop moving even if I look at it with my eyes?]

『Even if you have higher stats, it won’t work since it belongs to Area E. I told you already, Area E is a world apart. Various things can happen』

[Too bad….]

So it’s not going to work.
The arms landed behind me as I ran across Tenryu’s back. Although Tenryu seemed to be enraged trying to get rid the little nuisance off its body, it didn’t show any sign of falling down anytime soon.

In that case, I have to aim for the organ that let Tenryu fly in the sky――the six celestial wings.
One by one, I slashed them away with precision. Everytime it lost one wing, its altitude also dropped drastically.

[The one who will fall is you.]

I jumped off Tenryu after it lost its last wing, and watched it crash into the ground. To be able to bring down a being that was considered to be either a god or an angel was a rather satisfying feeling.

Now that the gigantic creature lost its mobility, it looked almost harmless to me. Apparently, the auto recovery boost had a limit, seeing that the mangled jaw and the severed wings didn’t grow back.

Although I managed to drop it to the ground, it’ll be troublesome if I let it off.
I grasped the black sword Greed firmly as I’m free falling.

Although having no lower jaw, Tenryu still attempted to release its powerful roar. As I thought the Tenryu was indeed a formidable adversary. It saw me dropping down in midair unable to dodge.

And of course Greed immediately warned me of this situation.


[No problem]

Simultaneous with the release of energy wave, I activated 《Herculean Strength》alongside one-handed sword mastery technique――《Sharp Edge》.
Herculean Strength can temporarily double my strength. However, it has a drawback of reducing my strength to 1/10 after the effect wears off, and it’ll take a day to recover from it. But it’s a perfect skill for this particular condition.

By doubling the stats of Area E, even a common technique like Sharp Edge showed a tremendous power that can even cut through Tenryu’s attack.

The high density energy wave was split in two, and dispersed into particles of light. Tenryu was also not spared from that attack. The sword continued to slash down until it hit the earth and caused a huge chasm as it dug deep into the ground.

The severed corpse of Tenryu fell down into the chasm which the bottom cannot be seen. Fallen from the heavens and into the depth of the earth….
Now that Tenryu was gone, it’ll be impossible to deter the monster of Gallia from coming. However, thanks to the chasm that split the two regions apart, it’ll be hard for monsters incapable of flight to crossover towards the kingdom.

It’s over. As I landed back on the ground, I could hear the inorganic voice.

《Gluttony skill Activated》
《Durability+2.1E(+8), Strength+1.8E(+8), Magic+2.1E(+8), Spirit+2.9E(+8), Agility+1.5E(+8) will be applied to your stats》
《Durability Strenghtening (XL), Magic Strenghtening (XL), Spirit Strengthening (XL), Auto Recovery Boost will be added to your skills》

Instantaneous pain suddenly struck the inside of my body. The reaction of Gluttony skill had indeed gone beyond the limit of what I can endure. It exceeded Luna’s power which suppressed the gluttony skill.

If I tried to fight it off, it felt like the blood inside my body would spray out.
It’ll be a matter of time. I just need to do it while I’m still myself.

I felt like I have to do it it now. It’s already the third time so far, and I think I got used to it to a certain extend. While my condition still allows me to.

[I’m sorry, Greed.]

『Fate! Wait! Stop it……』

[I….can’t hold on…..]

I could understand why Greed sounded perturbed. The unlocking of the new form, I could do it one-sidedly if I want to.
Unlocking the next tier, I could feel my power was drained out rapidly.
At the same time, the black sword was enveloped by light as it changed form.

What appeared was an elegant staff.
I wanted to get a closer look on it, but I couldn’t. I’m barely able to hold the staff properly due to the gluttony skill influence. As my grip loosened, I could hear Greed’s voice through 《Mind Reading》.
So you too….. It’s rare for him to sound that lonely.

By unlocking the fourth form, my stats should be very low now, that the soldiers or the monsters of Gallia wouldn’t have any difficulty in killing me. For a moment, I thought I saw something in the horizon. A certain someone who promised me that she’ll kill me if I were to go berserk.
It was a white haired, tan skinned girl coming from the south. With huge black axe in her hand…… there was no mistake, Myne.

The time has come to fulfill her promise.

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