Glutton Berserker ch.78

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Chapter 78 – Fourth Form

It’s been over two months since the fight with Tenryu in Gallia.
The end of the winter was near. But the spring seemed to be still far ahead..
It’s snowing badly at the place where I am now, it’s definitely a no-go for a horse drawn carriage.

Apparently…..there were vineyards on each side of the road, although it’s covered in snow now.
We continued forward along the snow covered path into a pure white plains.

I visited this place once before. It was with Roxy back then, so it’s from quite a while ago. It’s where I harvested some grapes with her, but I couldn’t really tell where it is now since the territory of Heart family suffered severe winters.

After passing through rows and rows of houses, I arrived at the front of the largest house.
It’s a nostalgic place. I never thought before that I would return here .

First, take a deep breath, and knock on the door.
There was no reply…..When the bad feeling rose up on my mind as I opened the unlocked door, the servants were rushing in panic. They don’t usually do this, so it’s easy to tell that there was something wrong.

However, even though I could be counted as a trespassing intruder, the nearest maid still called out to me.
As the maid gave me a look, she raised her voice in surprise.

[What’s the matter? You are, Fate right? Fate Graphite who came from the Royal Capital with Roxy-sama to harvest some grapes?]

I’m alone this time, but that aside, Maya-san who was the maid I met when I visited here before seemed to be afraid of something. First of all, it’s necessary to dispel her fear. Thus I started to tell my story.

[Roxy Heart-sama is save. She’ll return home after the assignment on Gallia is over.]

Maya-san’s face became relaxed upon hearing that. Then why did I come here? In the case of that question, I showed it to her.
It’s a natural reaction. So I removed my cloak and showed an emblem.

[This…what do you mean?]

[It’s just as you can tell. I’m sorry but, I want to see Aisha Heart-sama. Is that okay?]


Maya-san’s complexion changed as soon as she saw the emblem. In any case, I also ran out of words.
Judging from the situation of this mansion and Maya-san’s attitude, I could already tell.

[So her condition isn’t well, is she?]

[…yes. Her physical condition broke down yesterday evening. If the doctor didn’t come immediately…]

[I see….]

[At the moment, I’m trying to arrange some horse messenger to inform Roxy-sama. But]

There was a strong blizzard outside. It’ll be reckless to go out on a horseback at this weather.
I tried to cheer the depressed Maya-san.

[It’s alright. It’s exactly why I came here. I have a promise I need to fulfill to Aisha-sama.]


[Yeah, an important promise.]

From back then, it did took me quite a long time, but here I am.
My attitude which didn’t seem to accept a no for an answer, as well as the emblem I brought, pressured Maya-san to guide me to Aisha-sama’s bedroom.
The other servants we passed along the way stopped to stare at me, but I had no time explain.

When I entered the bedroom with Maya-san, Aisha-sama was lying on the canopied bed. Even with just a glance, I could already tell the urgency.
Around her, there were employees and an old man who seemed to be the doctor.
Everyone wore a surprised look at the intrusion. So I tried to explain myself.

[I’m sorry for the sudden intrusion, but I have little time. I’m Fate Barbatos. I’ve inherited the position as the head of the Barbatos family from Sword Saint Aaron Barbatos. I’ll be taking over the treatment of Aisha-sama from now on. It’ll be helpful if you people moved away a little.]

I showed the emblem with Barbatos family coat of arms on it to everyone as I approached Aisha-sama who was sleeping on the bed.
The old man who seemed to be the doctor raised his voice.

[Treatment!? I don’t know. Up until now I’ve tried everything I can….I think it’s….already]

The old man’s shoulder drooped. I put my hand on his shoulder, and reassured him.

[It’s still possible. Please look at this left arm]

[An arm without any scratches, why does it has anything to do with this?]

[I lost my left arm a few months ago. But I do have a power that allowed me to regrow it back.]

[Impossible….such thing is impossible. Impossible…]

The doctor could only distrust me for what I said. It’ll be not that easy after all… Being able to restore a lost arm isn’t something that make any sense in this world. Since he’s a doctor, I can actually understand why he doubted me.

However, I couldn’t afford to stop here. When I was about to force myself through, Aisha-sama regained her consciousness.
And firmly looked at me with her empty stare.

[…well…..Fate. You finally came….I’m glad.]

[Yes, because I’ve promised you.]

[Then…can you tell me the answer….from that time?]

I didn’t answer to that immediately,

[Before I do that, can you do me favor? I want to see Aisha-sama to be healthy first.]

[……but I…..already…… Understood.. When that time comes….please tell me the answer.]

[Yeah, of course.]

Since I already got her consent, the doctor couldn’t say anything else.
Then, I immediately took out Greed from under my cloak. The pitch black staff――his fourth form.
In order to master this, I had to repeatedly shed my own blood. Those two were devils and demons….both Myne and Eris wouldn’t accept any mistakes on my part while they taught me. I don’t really want to recall the experience, since it was THAT harsh.
In comparison to that, training with Aaron was a joyride.

[Greed, are you ready?]

『Yes, anytime. You already know this, but I’ll be taking 40% of your stats as per usual.』

[That’s a cheap price to pay.]

『Hahaha, if you say so. Then I shall take it, 40% of your stats!』

Along with the feeling of weakness, Greed started to change shape. The previously elegant and beautiful staff, turned into something horrendous.
The other servants were scared that they backed down. Maya-san, among the clamoring, hid her head while crouching.

I activated the secret of the fourth form, twilight healing.
There is no recovery magic in this world. But it’s now possible, with this method.
The requirement is using up 40% of my stats that had reached Area E. Also, this secret couldn’t be used to resuscitate someone who had already died. And if the physical damage that the target suffered was great, the stat cost will be even greater.

Even so, I can see the great possibilities from this form. For example, I could use it to save the life of an important person.

A scarlet flow of magic was invoked over Aisha-sama’s body, and a whitish flame covered her body. The treatment has begun.
Thanks to the flame healing property, her complexion started to grow better in a visible rate.
The servants, who were rather disappointed at first, now became relaxed after looking at her condition.


By the time the invocation is completed, Aisha-sama seemed completely refreshed. She touched her body, trying to comprehend what has just happened.
And afterward, she turned towards me, and smiled.

[I can see that you’ve been working hard. To think you’d be able to do such a mysterious thing]

[That’s right, Aisha-sama]

After laughing to each other for a short while, Aisha asked.

[Now can you tell me, your answer?]

[…..Roxy Heart needs you. As her immediate relative, I need you to watch over her wherever she goes. That’s why I came here. I’m no longer the Fate Graphite from that time. Right now, I’m Fate Barbatos, the head of the Barbatos family.]

Aisha-sama seemingly thought about something, but otherwise remained silent.
When I was about to leave the room, I heard a voice.

[About this, does that child know?]



When I closed the door behind me, I could faintly hear [This will definitely surprise Roxy. I’m going to need to see the state of the Kingdom now!].
I think I’d made Aisha-sama to be too healthy….While feeling a little uneasy, I left the mansion.

I came back to the snowy road, and joined the one who’d been waiting for me on the huge tree atop the hill. Her hair was pure white like the color of snow. On her back was a huge black axe disproportionate with her small young body.
She asked me with an expressionless face as I came over.

[Is the errand over?]

[Yeah, it was a good decision to rush in. I would’ve been late if otherwise.]

[Right, good to hear that. Then let’s go.]

We aimed for the Kingdom on the snowy road. Other than that, Eris had arrived there in advance.
If I let her wait for too long, I’d no idea what she’d do to me later on. I also get to meet that bar owner again, and I’ll be asking for that good wine he’d talked about back then.


This is the beginning of the Part 4

And with that, here are the name of each secret forms.

First form…… 《Bloody Ptarmigan》

Second Form….《Deadly Inferno》

Third Form…… 《Reflection Fortress》

Fourth Form…. 《Twilight Healing》


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