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Chapter 80 – Irreplaceable Place

Lanchester who sensed my murderous aura let go of his holy sword and shrunk his body down. So much for the big talk.

[So, one of the Great Five, isn’t it?]

[Wait! I concede, that’s why]

[That’s no good. If you as a knight doesn’t act like one, then I can’t show off my skill]

I felt sick just from looking at the pathetic view of Lanchester being frightened like that. He’d been the terror for those without proper job, and yet here he was, acting scared like this.
I didn’t feel like looking at such ugly thing for too long, so I swung the black sword Greed at Lanchester.


The slash that supposedly took Lanchester’s life, simultaneously with him stopped screaming, was prevented while producing loud sound of metal clashing.
It was a white spear. It had quite amazingly intercepted the black sword before reaching Lanchester’s neck. Although I wasn’t serious, having been able to stop my attack that easily…..those white knights aren’t pushovers.

In addition to that, the other white knight had brandished his spear onto my neck. And the spear tip is splitting my skin slightly.
Quietly watching a drip of my blood fell on the red carpet, I lowered my sword.
These white knights could actually hurt me――in other words, they had also achieved Area E.

Other Holy Knights who had been watching the scene while holding their breath, began an uproar.
The content was about how one of the Great Five couldn’t do anything to me. But yet, the white knights were able to stop me fairly easily.

One of the white knight struck the floor with the butt of his spear to silence the uproar. The Holy Knights quickly shut their mouth after hearing that sound. Judging from their pale face, it’s also the first time for them to see what these white knights are actually capable of.

Speaking of Lanchester, the king’s white knights helped him got up, and apparently having heard what had happened, he suddenly lost his fear and started shouting at me.

[You fool! Look! The King is helping me. You’re worth no less than horse dung to ……he!?]

That Lanchester who eagerly said abusive words to me…..
Received his judgment from an unexpected place.

It was the two white knights who he had thought were helping him. Each took an arm each, then pierced Lanchester with their spear..
Lanchester didn’t even have chance to scream, the two spear had destroyed his heart instantly.

The spears are then raised up, showing the corpse to the other holy knights. I could hear shuddering sound, as the red carpet was drenched in blood.

The Holy Knights showed surprised face as they never saw something as unexpected as this before. One of the white knight then opened his mouth. His was a neutral voice, it sounded like male but also sounded like female at the same time.

[The seat is now empty. I believe there is no objection.]

Most probably, if someone were to voice their disagreement, there will be another rain of blood happening here.
Adding to that, the white knight’s voice was filled with coldness that almost bordered on creepy.

No one dared to object. As for me, I was looking at the corpse of Lanchester which laid on the floor with pale face.
The white knights who had received the affirmation returned to their original post in a blink of eye.

Behind the curtain, the King who was still sitting on the throne gave a clap. Though everyone is barely able to see him through the thin cloth, he seemed to be aware of what had transpired.
The white knight who understood the gesture called me.

[The King is also welcoming your presence. We’ll be expecting good work from you.]

I knelt down and lowered my face. When I looked back up, the white knight continued to speak.

[Oh? That face….do you have something you want to say?]

[Although it’s inappropriate as I’m merely a newcomer, I have only one wish.]

[Then let’s hear it.]

Among the silent audiences, Aaron along with the other Holy Knights focused their sight on me, apparently not wanting to miss the next part.
What I’m about to say, I hadn’t actually consulted it with Aaron. Should I did that, he’ll most likely opposed it and told me to refrain from doing it.
Still, with the unchanged state of the capital I’ve witnessed since I arrived back here……Once that image floated back inside my mind, I just couldn’t stop talking.

[Those people without proper job in the capital, would you allow me to take them to my territory?]

As soon as I finished, Aaron’s eyes went wide, he tried to open his mouth, but refrained and laughed a little instead. If I wanted to do it, then I just had to do so. Hausen was still in the middle of recovering and needed more people after all. Moreover, those already living at Hausen were also people who had lost their way of living ――in other words, people without proper job.

Even if you didn’t have any useful skill, it’s not like you can’t do anything. You could still master something by putting more effort into it overtime. At that point one will be able to produce similar result to those with proper production skill. However, the current system didn’t allow anyone to do so.

I don’t know if it will work without trying it, but we could use more people..
Therefore, I dared to try securing human resources from the capital. This means a lot for me at least.
Then, if Barbatos’ territory thrived after accepting those without proper skill to get job, it will potentially attract more people from other Holy Knights territories to come. Yes, yes, it might prove difficult to do, but it’s worth a try.

That’s why we must get past the largest barrier first. Those who doesn’t have proper skill in this kingdom are all directly managed by the king. So it’s like we are trying to steal his property. This is why Aaron widened his eyes earlier.

The white knight seemed to be surprised with my outrageous request. However, the King didn’t say anything.
The silence lingered for quite a long while. I wondered if it’s impossible after all….I kept thinking while waiting for the king’s decision.

The King gave a little nod. That means….it’s accepted!?
After seeing the King’s reaction, the white knight began talking again.

[The King has given the permission. Barbatos’ territory will accept people without skills for proper job. Use the human resources well to quicken the recovery.]

[Thank you very much.]

I bowed my head whilst peeking to the side. Aaron winked lightly at me while also bowing his head. At first he was surprised with what I did, but Aaron thought that it’s also good in a way.

After the end of the audience with the King, Aaron talked to me while we were walking along the hallway.

[If it’s me, I won’t even think about bringing that up when having an audience with the king for the first time.]

[Securing human resources is an important matter. Also….no, this is my personal affair.]

[I see…]

After saying so, Aaron seemed to be reminded of something,

[Hey, Fate]

[What is it?]

[It’s about that Ritt Lanchester. If they didn’t stop you, would you have really killed him….]

Perhaps….I thought with a sad face.
But I didn’t answer immediately. And instead,

[It’s as that guy said, I’m not worth anything. Even if I become a holy knight, that part of me won’t change.]


[Now then, let’s return to the mansion. It’s been left unused for years, so everything should be covered in dust and in need of cleaning!]

[Hahaha, you are right. Then let’s hurry, I don’t dare to make that girl angry.]

A mansion left without care for years. Perhaps, Myne was seething in rage at the moment, waiting for us to return.
Anyways, I didn’t get to see any familiar holy knights during the audience. Roxy obviously can’t attend. She’s still in the process of returning back from Gallia.

There is my former employer the Burix. I killed the second son Hado with my own hand. The remaining son Rafal and the youngest sister Miria didn’t make appearance.
From what I knew from Hado, they were out on the mountain city in the east, and apparently hadn’t returned yet.
Rafal was a very cunning man.
On my way back to the mansion, I couldn’t help to think about that guy.


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43 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.80

  1. White knights. White angels. I have a terrible feeling that the sins of Gallia were able to make their way past their borders. And not the Sin Holders, but the ones who were truly sinful in that land.


      1. I believe that those two “Knights” were also a part of the experiment that made Myne’s friend turn into that monster, but perhaps those two were one of the “successful” one. Might just be me thinking too much into this, cause they could just be normal people who have transcended, but that would mean that Area E is nothing much at all.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm.. White Knight..
      Maybe they’re the holder of Heavenly Virtue.
      Because as far, as we see the only people who manage to get Area E are mortal sin user.

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  2. wow…something big, new, and mysterious just appeared like that, another area E, many of them…wow…
    thanks for the chapter


  3. hmmm…
    so even though they are also in Area E, but there’s the difference….
    not everyone who in area E is equal, like Myne with Fate, even though they are in Area E, Myne still can beat the shit of Fate easily….
    Area E is like people who already break the Level Cap in the game after clearing the quest and requirements to break the level cap… but the Area E itself has its own levels…

    and didn’t he just raised a bad flag?


    1. I think it is called Area E, because if a number on a calculator is too big for the screen to show it gets shortend a a number with an E at the end. I think it means something like, this number times 100.


      1. yes… but if you didn’t has requirement to unlock it, you never reach “Area E”…
        like Fate who ate the OP Slime continously but his stat just stuck at the stat limit…
        like system in MMORPG, you got level max with max stat [example: 999], then there’s update that can broke the level cap and stat limit by clearing the quests and achieve all the requirements.
        in Fate case, is his skill, after awaken the Gluttony skill, the limit broke and he finally opened “Area E”….
        but like i said before, even though they already broke the limit and go to “Area E”, there’s still disparity between them….


  4. “Area E” simply means “stats so high that that world’s system cannot display them in normal numbers anymore for the status page but instead needs to use the exponential description like 1*e+11 = 1⋅10^11 = 100,000,000,000”.
    The difference in “Area E” is simply based on the fact that 1 single number difference behind the “E” already means a 10-fold diefference: 1*e+10 = 10,000,000,000 to 1*e+11 = 100,000,000,000.
    So while looking similar the stats are worlds apart in “Area E”.

    Btw. does anyone else have the feeling that the “king” might actually be the owner of a mortal sin skill?
    We are still missing the mortal sin skill “Pride” after all.

    And maybe he might have a weapon with “Vainglory” (from the original 8 mortal sins – though that depends on how far the author goes back with the mortal sins’ historical backgound).

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    1. Hmm… Greed did said this once. The weapon named after the wielder. So I think the first master of Greed was The first Greed. Or something…. it’s kind of confusing since somebody is weapon and somebody is human being. But well, maybe after a sin holder die, they turn into weapon.


  5. This is just my opinion but I don’t think that the Area E is easy to archieve. Since the “Sword Saint” Aaron Barbatov doesn’t have it yet. Secondary, as the others already said, the only get to Area E must be some fearsome creature or have special skills. So I think the white knights (I think there is 4 to 5 of them) are people with heavenly power… or maybe they’re the Horsemen lol


    1. Thinking same.Perhaps because gap in level even in Area E but they could had just team on tenei.
      They knew that if they killed tenryu more stronger monsters will arise.(Myne did said that if tenryu dies,new incredible monsters will arise)


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    I’d say perhaps by staying by the side of the King who might be a sin-skiller holder, they were able to limit-break several times to eventually become a Level 2, or There might be special skills outside of the Sins. Others have suggested the Virtues, which are commonly associated ,so it could be that too, or it could just be they are level 2 because plot. It’s this novel afterall.

    What i’m wondering now is if Fate will ever level up Greed in the kingdom, afterall, once he resets it should take him Either 500 million stats or 5 billion stats to return to Level 2, where will he find that outside of Gallia. I assume his stat was really high, at least 1 or 10 billion (depending on the cap) when he used 40% to heal Aisha, allowing him to still stay in that domain.


  8. MC’s sure have it good, they can try and kill “important” people in front of the King without his permission and suffer no consequence,

    It’s definitely a valiant effort that he wants to take all the unemployed and homeless people into his territory but I wonder if he has considered things like housing, food, provisions, ability to support them before making this decision, since he didn’t even inform Aaron. Afterall, the territory has quite literally been dead for decades, and it’s supposedly just been winter where it’s difficult to grow things. With lost connections, no crops, no territory specialty, for someone as thoughtless as Fate…….. well not like it matters it’ll definitely work out somehow.


  9. Wonder if Seto and his dottir, will get invited to his territory, lol that’d be quite the turnaround.

    [Oh? That face….do you have something you want to say?]

    I wonder if it was just a translation thing but it seemed like those white knights could see his face or maybe the author forgot he’s wearing a mask. But it could be a feature of Level 2s since Eris could see his face. Though it’s not confirmed that she’s Level 2 yet. Even the King gave nobility to someone he doesn’t recognize and cannot identify on the street tomorrow, such a strange kingdom, unless he can see through the mask.

    One thing’s for sure, those white Knights were savage af lol.


  10. Finally, on becoming a noble, I wonder if he can handle what that means, since he starting to demonstrate some belligerent behaviour. Would he be willing the learn the etiquettes frequently shown for these kinds of houses, do all the jobs they are supposed to, like the stuff Roxy was always busy with but we were never informed in any capacity. Would he be willing to attend their meetings and summons with the whole lone wolf thing they want him to have.

    Here is the funniest one lol, would he hire someone to guard the gate, or will he be willing to DO HIS HOLY KNIGHT DUTY and guard that gate like Roxy. Hahahaha. I can just imagine him being back at that spot, he was awfully critical of other holy knights when he worked there, I wonder if he’ll be a hypocrite or actually stick to his guns and guard.

    Lastly I wonder what the scale of the Barbatos family is, are they a normal noble house? one of the 5 great noble house? or perhaps more likely a fallen one, but then was it previously 6 great nobles houses?

    Would be interesting to find these out, but without a doubt, I’m definitely most looking forward to THE RETURN OF THE BERSERK GATEKEEPER!!


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