Gacha Girl Corps ch.42

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

The Fruits of the Gacha

[Ahh~, the matter of our room has been settled for now, I’ll be starting the distribution of equipment.]

So we ended up in that same room at our inn.

And, I have decided to sleep on the floor. If I really had to choose one of them to sleep with… I’d probably choose Noru?

Estel scares me, and it’d be bad for me if it’s with Shisuha.
(EN: for his lower body that is)

Well enough of that topic, we’re now back in our room and I’m going to start distributing the new stuff.

We retrieved Moffuto, which we entrusted to the inn earlier, and it is now atop Noru’s knees.

Shisuha’s eyes sparkled when she saw Moffuto, and is now patting it. Kuh, that cuteness is justice as expected. Makes me jelly.

[We got lots of different items this time, I’m looking forward to the distribution.]

[Fufu, we sure did. There’s also that new Grimoire, it’s going to be fun to cast magic with that.]

[That sounds nice and all that, but please don’t go around causing collateral damage with the wrong amount of output…]

Having experienced equipment distribution before, the 2 girls seem delighted to be getting more improvements to their gear.

Estel sounds pretty excited from what she is saying, which gets me a tad bit worried.

If she ends up causing destruction like what she did back at the Swampland hunting grounds, my stomach might not make it this time around.

[Umm… Is it really alright for someone like me who has just joined to be receiving equipment like this?]

[Nn? I actually delayed doing this til after we summoned you, so you get new items too. It’s going to make me feel bad if you sound so reserved.]

Contrary to us, Shisuha was looking apologetic.

I postponed doing this for her, so I’d rather she be happier about receiving the items.

Shisuha appears to be rather meek, maybe she feels it is too difficult to step into our circle due to the close relationship I already have with the other 2 girls. I’m gonna need to put in more effort to make that step easier for her.

And now back to the distributing, there’s a literal truckload of items this time so I handpicked only the stuff that I think we can use and materialized those items.

We got a bunch of new Ring of Protections, Life Jewels and other similar trinkets, I’ll be handing these out without combining them.

We don’t really have enough of the items to combine for all of us, so it would be more efficient to simply use them as is.
I asked Shisuha if she wanted a Bag for herself, she said the Shoulder Bag looks good so I gave her one of that.

With that the preparations are complete, it’s time to start distributing the equipment that have no dupes of.


Lion’s Heart
Increases resistance to Panic ailment during combat.
The perfect item for the coward in you?


[Muu… This…]

[Ah, that looks like it would be perfect for Okura-dono. We can make further progress in your special training with that.]

[Ara, it’s slightly regrettable that I won’t get to see the wimpy Onii-san anymore.]

[I wanted to see that kind of Okura-san too…]

Much like the Crest of Caduceus this is a coat of arms with a tiger motif. Does this work if I simply paste it on my armor?

A Panic ailment huh. I don’t really know how it works so does it just reduce the fear for me?

I wuss out often when a strong enemy comes rushing towards me, so I guess this item really is for me.

Though it’s awfully rude to be called a coward. I don’t need this sort of unnecessary flavour text!


Water Bottle
By consuming MP, it is possible to generate drinking water within.


[Uーmu, would this be usable?]

[Maybe it would be in places like the Labyrinth?]

This is a generic looking round blue-colored water bottle. We did get this from some of the earlier rolls, but we didn’t have many opportunities to use it.

I’d want to give 1 to each of us here for those oh shit moments. There isn’t enough for all of us currently so that’s not possible for now.


Gem of Affection
Recovery Magic Effect +20% MP +200


Ring of Affection
Recovery Magic Effect +10 MP+100


[These are for Shisuha.]

[These are beautiful… Okura-san, thank you very much.]

What I gave her was a necklace with pink slender jewel attached. And a ring that has a small pink jewel on it.

These are equipment meant for priests. When I handed them to her, she shows me an incredibly happy smile.

Uuu, unlike Noru and Estel who have “cute” smiles, her charming smile made my heart skip a beat. What terrible destructive power. Looking at it too much would be bad for me.


Corona Ring
Fire Resistance Additional Weak Fire Attribute in Attack


Chaos Ring
20% chance to inflict Panic ailment on target.


[These are for Noru. So a Fire attribute attack… And that Panic ailment too huh.]

[Mufufu, with this I can do magic attacks like what Okura-dono has been doing!]

[It’s fine and all that you are going to use it… But shouldn’t you get used to controlling your MP consumption first?]

A ring with the color of dense flames, and a jet-black colored ring.

Hーmm, these seem better suited for a melee attacker so I give them to Noru.

She was very pleased when she saw the additional fire attribute in attack effect.

This isn’t a staff so there’s no worries about it slipping out of her hand like what happened last time. (ED Note: refer to chapter 21) However she isn’t very proficient at MP control, so I give her some words of caution about that.


Increases range of vision.
Please check whether you really can see a thousand miles away.


Earth Elemental Magic Attack Power +100%
30% chance of lowering Action Speed of target.


[Hーmm, would an increase in sight range be compatible with Estel? And also the effect of this Grimoire is nasty.]

[Who knows? I’d need to use the item to find out. The buff to my earth magic is very welcome.]

These are a pair of glasses with small round lens and a yellow-ish soil colored book with bears on the cover.

Giving this sort of item to a back line type such as her is the most useful as of now.

So a new Grimoire huh. With this buff to her earth magic, would it make it easier for her to use stuff like the earth shackles easier from now onwards?

Maybe she wouldn’t need to use her Skill, to restrain something like the Asterios.


Magic Blade
Attack+ 150 Adds Defense Ignore to Attacks


[Ooh… This equipment is filled with hopes and dreams.]

[But this weapon doesn’t look to be very MP efficient.]

What appeared was a round tube like object..

So I thought “which part of this are you supposed to call a blade.”, then when I pressed the switch attached to the side of the tube, a rod of light extended out from the tube.

Awesome! This is one of those laser sword thingies!
(ED Note: think lightsaber)


Even if I considered the defense ignoring attack, this just doesn’t cut it when compared to the current Excali-bar. Feelsbadman.

It also requires MP to even use it at all.


Photo Application
Adds the Camera function to the Smartphone.
Do note that there will be sounds when in use.


Call Application
Adds the Calling function to the Smartphone.
Having conversations with a Transceiver is now possible.
The charge is free.

(ED Note: so you can think of the transceiver to work like a “walkie talkie” without this app)


[Uoohhh! The application that I wanted is finally here!]

[You mean the Photo Application? There must be something that you really want to take photos of.]

[Fufu, Onii-san. What kind of photo is it that you wanted to take so badly of?]

Hells yeah! Finally, I have obtained the Photo Application!

With this I can finally take photos of the girls. But it emits sounds huh…… Ah, i-it’s not like I will be inconvenienced by that.

I am 1000% not thinking of anything lewd, I am someone who has a “Pure” heart.


Goddess’ Embrace『Priest class exclusive』
Defense +400 Recovery Magic Effect +20% Widen Effect Range


[The name suits a Priest perfectly… eh?]

[This is somewhat embarrassing…]

It’s a white shawl.
(ED Note: so who’s getting married?)

It actually matches her outfit so there’s that. But Shisuha herself looks embarrassed as she puts her hands on her cheeks, likely due to the item name.

Yup, even I would feel embarrassed.

Enough of that, this gets her the Widen Effect Range buff. This is a good piece of equipment.


Adamant Helm
Defense+500 Increase Resistance to Ailments


Adamant Gauntlets


Adamant Sabaton
Defense+500 Agility -10


Adamant Shield
Defense+500 Agility -10
Defense Bracelet
Defense+400 Defending Speed +30%


[Hーmm? This is…]

[This is a complete Adamant equipment set.]

[This is a sign telling Onii-san to become a Tank, surely.]

[If Okura-san does become the Tank, I will work hard to heal you.]

This is a shining jet black-colored armor set. The shield is vertically oval in shape and around 1m long from top to bottom. The blue bracelet is part of the set too apparently.

T-this is… A complete set of defense-oriented equipment. It’s as if the gacha wants me to be the Tank wearing heavy armor.

If I really did it the party will certainly balance out nicely… but am I really up for the task?


Nibelungen Ring『Valkyrie』
Attack Speed +10% Move Speed +10% Attack power +50 Defense power +50 Set Effect『The 2nd Day』


SSR Nibelungen Ring『Siegfried』
Attack Speed +10% Move Speed +10% Attack power +50 Defense power +50 Set Effect『The 2nd Day』
PT Bonus: Attack Speed +20 Move Speed +10% Agility +10 Increased HP Recovery Speed Increased MP Recovery Speed


[W-what’s this!? I thought this wasn’t a useful item but now a bunch of extra things popped up.]

[Nnー? Does this mean there are effects that affect the whole party on it?]

[I guess I’ll let Noru equip them?]

[Uu, I don’t really like them because they make me stand out… But rather than that all my fingers are going to be wearing rings if this keeps up!]

The new rings are similar to the one we rolled previously, being rings that are engraved with gold letters. There’s 2 new ones this time.

Then there’s the Valkyrie and Siegfried prefixes which I have no idea what they mean.

The rings don’t provide much of a buff by themselves, but now there’s the party bonus added in. I wonder if getting the full set would give even more effects?

I hand them to Noru for the time being, so she now has 3 shiny gold rings on her fingers. They certainly do stand out.


Sage’s Wand ☆2
Attack power +2500
Target Magic Resistance -60%
Action Speed +10%


Excali-bar ☆15
Attack power +1890
Action Speed +120%


Pot Lid ☆9
Defense +650


Adamant Armor ☆2
Defense +800
Defending Speed +10


[Ah… My favourite Excali-bar has become broken. The same can be said for Pot Lid…]

[By the time Okura-dono gets a UR weapon, Bar is going to be better.]

[Fufu, my staff has been strengthened with Onii-san’s roll, I’m looking forward to future hunts.]

[I haven’t even done any of the hunting and yet I’m getting so much equipment, it’s making me feel bad.]

Lastly is combining the equipment that has dupes.

It’s already painfully obvious that combined UR equipment is ridiculous. You get an insane buff even if it’s only just +1.

The action speed buff Excali-bar is getting is also mighty nice… But that also means I won’t be replacing it anytime soon unless I get multiples of the same UR to combine.

In fact, Pot Lid’s stats are already way better than the Adamant Shield… If this goes on, I’m going to be a weirdo wearing Full Armor holding a Bar and Pot Lid with a ragged Cloth wrapped around me…



It’s a week of rerun in FGO US and JP.

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  1. “… yellow-ish soil colored book with bears on the cover.” anything with a bear on it or made in the shape of a bear gets/gives extreme stat boost of course (KKKB).

    Wait for the history books the describe a legendary adventurer who would go on to defeat the strongest monsters while using pot lids and metal bars as his weapon of choice on any battlefield.

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  2. The more I read this story, the more OP that Pot Lid becomes.
    The next form it will take is to be ‘anti-magic’, I presume.


    1. Sorry about that, Heroes is still new so I want to pump more chapters of that series.
      As for Glutton, it’s popular so I want to answer everyone expectation by releasing a chapter per week.

      The schedule for GGC should be back to normal once Heroes reaching chapter 20 or so later.


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