The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.4

Weekly chapters (2/2)


Subjugation Part 2

Roku listened to the veteran captain, and doubted his own ears.

Ares’ order was to 『hold the line against the magic beasts’ encirclement』while he and his subordinate handled the two Land Dragons.

[That’s….isn’t it said that at least one army division is required to subjugate a Land Dragon!?]

He cried out unconsciously. The same thing also happened to the other recruits.

[Does Ares-sama want to kill us!?]

[We are working for him for god’s sake!!]

The new recruits spoke to each other while desperately defending themselves from the magic beasts.

In contrast, the hundred veterans handled the situation calmly.

[Focus on what lies in front of you!]


[You can leave the two land dragons to those two. But it’s important to not let any of these beasts to get to them. Also….Ares-sama ordered us『not to die』. Don’t be discouraged. If you dare to die, I’ll kill you myself!]

The veteran laughed while saying so.

The recruits observed the veterans. They didn’t even bother to check on Ares, and instead continued killing the magic beasts one after another with a stunning three-pronged attack.

However, the magic beasts continued to appear endlessly.

[Eeei! We’ll also go! Don’t let ourselves get left behind by the seniors!]

Roku told that to the recruit next to him, worked up his courage and charged at the incoming magic beast.


Sigurd stared at his target. The Land Dragon was one of the largest types among the draconic creatures.

He gave a quick glance at his master Ares. His back was the only visible thing….as well as the anger that he rarely showed to others.

Ares said.

[The『Demon King’s Artifact』has completely taken over……there’ll be no helping them. It will be forever stuck inside their body」


All traces of expression disappeared from Ares’ face.

[These Land Dragons are adult draconic beings. Someone else has forcibly embedded the artifact in them. How evil.]

Ares brandished his sword whilst saying so.

[There is only one way to set them free…Sigurd, I know it’s painful for you since you’ve been raised by the draconic creatures….but I beg of you]

While he was speaking, Ares is already charging toward one of the Land Dragons.

(Who on earth did this….no, I shouldn’t be worrying about that now. I need to focus.)

Dragon scales are harder than steel. Ordinary attacks wouldn’t work and would only serve to further anger them.

Sigurd poised his spear and took a deep breath. Then


Magical power began to surge out from his body. Enveloping his whole body with pale light.

(Aim for the head. End it with one decisive blow!!)

Once the target was set, he ran up to the dragon at full speed.

『Body Strengthening』was done by enclosing one’s body with magical power, and it improved Sigurd’s speed by leaps and bounds. When the dragon’s claw reached out to him, he simply dove right under it,

[TeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA! !]

He jumped into the sky.
The land dragon could only follow his movement with its eyes.

Once he was far beyond the land dragon’s reach, Sigurd set his speartip downward.

[Don’t feel bad. Rest in peace….!]

Sigurd focused his magical power onto the tip of his spear.

[Secret Technique!『Soaring Dragon』!!] (TL Note: Final Fantasy Dragoon-class’s “Jump”)

With that, he fell down toward the land dragon with tremendous momentum….aiming for the dragon’s head.

An explosion occurred, dust billowing up from the ground. The force was so extensive that it also knocked the nearby magic beasts down.

After the dust settled…..there was Sigurd standing there, and a land dragon whose head had been pulverized.


[He did such a showy move….]

Ares muttered in the middle of a smile as he turned toward Sigurd.

[Well then, I’ll have to finish my part too..]

He returned his sight toward his target land dragon.

In contrast to Sigurd, Ares approached the dragon in a slower manner. Although the dragon attacked with its claw, he simply avoided it by moving his body slightly.
This somewhat confused the land dragon.

[Now then……I know it’s painful…..but at this state, there is nothing else I could do…..So I’ll end it in a flash.]

Ares stopped right under the dragon’s neck as he said that.

[I promise you. The guy who made you be like this…..I..will…definitely…kill them]

Ares showed a saddened expression for a moment, before swinging his sword.

『Divine Sword Oldeus』blade sped up in the air upon the use of『Invisible Slash』technique.

The land dragon’s movement stopped. As if time was standing still.

A moment later, the head started to shift from the body.
Only after the head finally fell down on the ground did the blood start gushing out from the severed neck.

Ares watched the aftermath…..with a face that showed both anger and sadness.


Roku could not believe his own eyes.

Those dragons were swiftly slaughtered….with the strength of a single person each.

[Am I seeing a dream just now?]

While he was thinking about it….the situation around him had also started to shift. The magic beasts began to retreat all at once.

[What on earth…]

From behind the amazed Roku and co.

[Everyone….well done.]

Then the captain of the hundred veterans shouted.

[Well, the magic beasts have retreated. This is our victory! Now count the personnel. Is there anyone dead? If anyone dares to, I’ll kill them myself.]

[Captain….I don’t know if I should laugh on that or what….]

Everyone smiled upon hearing that random reply.

Relieved expressions….. And confidence from having survived the situation could be seen in each of their faces.
The recruit training this time…. Had also allowed the recruits and veterans to forge and deepen their bond.

Again, Ares couldn’t help but to smile upon looking at the veterans’ and the recruits’ interactions.

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